Le Métier de Beauté Antiquité Poupée Kaleidoscope – Bergdorf Goodman Exclusive for Holiday 2011

December 4, 2011

Many thanks to the NY bloggers who gave us sneak peeks, swatches, and even a few eye-looks of Bergdorf Goodman’s latest holiday Kaleidoscope from Le Métier de Beauté, Antiquité Poupée ($95, limited edition, exclusive to BG). I was hesitant to buy for several reasons, mainly because it contained a warm matte rust shade and also because it was not available for sale online. The Black Panties and Josie pushed me over the edge though, both assuring me that the reddish color warmed up the eye look and was easy to pull off. It looked stunning on Messy Wands as well. I typically try to avoid any eyeshadows and liners that contain red but decided to give this a try and ordered two kits (one as a gift). The colors and descriptions are as follows (thanks to The Black Panties for providing the names for us):
  • Dusty Rose – a soft shimmery pink with a subtle gold shimmery sheen
  • Burlap Sorrel – a warm shimmering taupe
  • Tarnished Russet – matte rust brick
  • Ember Ash – a deep shimmering blue-grey

Close ups of the shades #1 Dusty Rose and #3 Tarnished Russet

Close ups of the shades #2 Burlap Sorrel and #4 Ember Ash

I applied it the second I received it using the Couches de Couleur layering technique, starting with the top shade all over the lids, then working my way down, applying the remaining shades in a gradient towards the lashline. The result: a truly stunning smokey eye. I was really amazed at how wearable the rust shade was when layered over the pink and taupe (although I dusted it with a loose fluffy brush to apply sheerly). I’ve tried to show it layered in a few swatches here. The pigment is rich but easily blendable. The shimmer is exquisite. Texture is soft, luxurious and easy to blend.

When I reviewed the Come One, Come All Kit, one of my readers mentioned she purchased the new Antiquité Poupée and said the taupey shimmer was the same as the taupe in Come One, Come All and Splendid Frost. I pulled out all my Le Métier kits and singles to do the comparison myself. Unfortunately, to my dismay, I discovered that my reader was right, the Antiquité Poupée has a repeat taupey shade compared to other previously released kits. I now have 3 of the same shade among 3 different kits. Not a complete deal-breaker for me, but still, I had hoped for something truly unique and different, something more silvery/grey. Here are comparisons for all four shades.

The more I wear this kit, the more I fall in love with it. The color combination is pure genius, especially considering the fact that I have never been able to pull off warm reddish colors. It’s suitable for a daytime look to wear to the office yet also perfect for night by adding a bit more of the darker shades to give a smokier effect. Yes, this kit contains colors that are similar to other existing shades from Le Métier (including the one true dupe in the taupe color), but I still like it. I am now no longer afraid to wear reddish eyeshadows, but my heart still belongs to neutrals and I am hoping that future Kaleidoscopes from Le Métier will include more neutral or cool toned shades.

Bottom line: Was this worth another $95 (times two for two kits)? Almost. One of the two kits I received had a packaging flaw. The glue used for the pans seems to have been so hot it melted the plastic bottoms causing it to shrink which made the actual shadow pans pop up (they were uneven). I was worried that I would damage the product if I didn’t open super carefully so I proceeded to spend over an hour using my blow dryer, flat iron, screw driver and scissors to try and depot/melt/flatten the plastic casing. (This is something I do not recommend, thank goodness there were no shadow casualties. Hours later it was fixed with only a few melted spots on the sides. FYI, the one photographed was the kit that was perfectly intact, the swatches were from the one I fixed.)

Overall I am pleased with this kit. I would have never thought to layer these four colors together and the convenience of having all four shades in one kit is a huge plus. I am really astounded at how beautifully these colors layer together for a pretty smokey eye. The texture of Le Metier’s shadows is hard to beat (in my opinion). If the taupe been different and unique and if the packaging hadn’t been flawed for 1 of the kits, I would have been 100% in love, but I am still one happy girl to be able to own Antiquité Poupée.

From what I’ve read on Twitter and Facebook, I understand this kit sold out immediately, but BG still might have a few more left coming in. If you’re considering this at all, I recommend calling the BG counter ASAP. If you missed out, the upside is that I believe you can achieve a similar effect with other shades from Le Métier de Beauté.

Did you purchase Antiquité Poupée? What were your thoughts?

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  • I bought one after seeing swatches and I'm in love with it. The red scared me too, but I'm so glad I made the splurge. 🙂

  • This looks gorgeous, I haven't seen a Kaleidoscope I haven't wanted desperately yet. They are just perfect.

  • Jen

    Are the pink and taupe available individually? Those are the only ones I'm interested in.

  • Liz

    I was very concerned about the rust color but I got it today and tried the kit. I like it a lot. Now that I have this one I can't wait to see some swatches of Capitol kaleidoscope.

  • I didn't purchase this one, but it looks great – the combination of these shades is unexpected and lovely! 🙂

  • Really stunning! Too bad they're no longer available in Europe!

  • LuckyRedLisa

    This Kit is another Le Metier home run for me. The Rust looks so scary, but is truly what makes the palette. I never thought I could wear red-ish toned e/s, but given the combination with the other shadows, the texture, and the recommended technique, it is amazing. I also just got Come One, Come All, which may be my most favorite palette from any line ever. So, this is a lot to live up to! The taupe is a dupe, but I have mixed feelings about that. I've been kicking myself for missing Splendid Frost, mostly b/c of that taupe. Not to mention, it is such a GORGEOUS taupe, so if I had to have two of something, I'm glad that's it. This was definitely worth it for me, even though I have dupes for all but the rust!

  • The colours look gorgeous – really wearable! You can't get it in Australia so I've missed out so far… 🙁

  • Wow that's a gorgeous palette! I'm all for the taupe and soft pink shade. Next time I need to pay a little bit more attention to the announcements on LMdB releases. Thanks for the lovely swatches Sabrina.

  • Anonymous

    I got mine week ago. It is my first kaleidoscope so I do not mind any repeating shades.

    The shades themselves (rust and the blue one) are totally out of my comfort zone, something I could never wear.
    SA applied this on my eyes and it was the best soft somey eye ever. The color was something I never seen before. It was a must have for me.

    I was busy this week and didnt have time to play with it, but hopefuly nest week I can master the technique.
    Agree that the red rust shade is what gives the color such gorgeous and unexpected twist.

    If you still have opportunity to buy it do not hesitate.

  • What cool color combination! I would be drawn to ember ash and burlap sorrel as basics, however the addition of tarnished russet really makes things interesting!

  • I love how the palette looks layered together like in your swatch. Beautiful. But.. I think I will pass on this scope (not that I could get one anyway lol) and try to get one of the other more red-leaning shadows to experiment with instead.

    I have a similar issue with my Splendid Frost scope that you did with the packaging. The first pan was popping up so when I slid it closed the top of the shadow was scraping against the case. Agh I think I will need to find another home for that shadow to save it from more scraping (was getting eyeshadow all over my hands every time I opened it). I'm a little too scared of trying to melt it back into place.

    Thank you for your review! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Could you please review the Oscar dela Renta palette you show in one of the picture?

    Thank you for a wonderful blog.