Chanel Rose Envolée 31 vs. Éclosion 34

December 17, 2011

As promised, a comparison between Rose Envolée 31 (from Le Blanc, an Asia Exclusive Collection and Nordstrom Anniversary 2011 Exclusive) & Éclosion 34 (from Spring 2012). The underlying theme of both quads seems to be similar. Rose Envolée 31 is more pink/cool while Éclosion 34 is more peachy/warm. Do you need both? I don’t think so, but since Rose Envolée was limited to Nordstrom for a short time so other counters did not have this quad to show customers a side-by-side comparison.

Those new to Chanel might ask why one quad has round pans while the other square. The round-pan quads are made for distribution in Europe, Asia and Canada (I think) while the square-pan quads are made for distribution in the US. Other differences:


  • baked formula which means a harder texture
  • typically more chalky in finish
  • comes with white tipped applicators
  • net weight is 1.2 g / .04 oz


  • more finely milled smoother finish
  • comes with black sponge applicators
  • typically more pigmented and non-chalky
  • net weight is 6.8 g / .24 oz

Both Rose Envolée 31 vs. Éclosion 34 were made in France. Some of my other quads have been made in USA. Swatches below:

My preference has always been for the US formula, so if I could only have one, it would hands down be Éclosion. It’s warmer but not too warm.

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  • Sounds like I am a square pan kinda gal. Both have lovely colors.

  • Eileen

    Thanks for posting the comparison, Sabrina. I never had any concerns about them being similar, but obviously a few readers did. I find they produce completely different looks and am pleased to have them both. Rose Envolée is cooler, more translucent, and crystalline in appearance. It actually works quite well for winter as it has an icy, delicate pink look about it. Éclosion's colors are richer, more saturated, and warmer. The look is one of peachy-pink satin and glows like the sunrise that inspired it. If I had to pick just one, I'd pick—both! LOL

    Apropos the round baked shadows, some women complain that they have a lack of pigmentation and produce fallout. That's an application issue and not really a problem with the shadows. You need to pack them on; not sweep. If you try to sweep them on with a brush, you'll get minimal color and some fallout/dust. Instead, pat them on with a brush similar to a MAC 239 for the best color payoff. No matter how you apply them, though, the round baked shadows do produce a more transparent effect.

  • It seems like Eclosion is the more "golden" and easier to wear of the two, though Rose Envolee is delicate and pretty in its own right!

  • Thanks for this Sabrina! I have Rose Envolee, but I will still get Eclosion. 🙂 They're both so pretty. 🙂

  • Eclosion definitely looks like the one to get. The whiter shade in Rose Envolee looks like it's too frosty and I'd get more wear out of the other palette. They are really really similar though… Hard decisions!

  • Thanks so much for this comparison post! Great pictures. I really appreciated input from Eileen as well. Sounds like Eclosion would make a nice addition!

  • That's interesting, Sabrina. I much prefer Éclosion. It's warmer and "friendlier" to my eyes (ditto, Dovey). While I understand the perceptions that they are similar, that doesn't concern me at all (ditto, Eileen). 🙂

  • Nita

    Wait – so let me get this right. If I'm in Asia, I'll be paying the same price (or more) for an inferior product that 1/6 in weight than the U.S. version?

  • From a design standpoint, I've always preferred the square pan and it's got more pigment? Well that's an added bonus!

  • Eileen

    Hi Nita,

    The Euro product is not an inferior product; it's just different. Most women in Asia and Europe actually prefer their version over the US one, whereas most women in the US prefer their version. Which formulation we prefer will be determined by the look we expect to achieve, what we're accustomed to using, how we apply it, and the standards of beauty within our country.

    As for weight, that is a very misleading way to compare the two because the formulations are so different. The so-called baked Euro formula is drier and more powdery (lighter). The US formula is moister and denser (heavier). If you stroke your finger across a pan in the Euro formula, you'll pick up much less product than when you stroke your finger across the US product.

    Now, all that being said, I must admit I prefer the US satiny formula in general, but I have several of Chanel's quads in the Euro formula and love them for the translucent looks they create.