Chanel Éclosion Quadra Eyeshadow

December 14, 2011

Chanel Éclosion Quadra Eyeshadow ($57 for 6.8 g/0.24 oz) is the a beautiful warm-neutral palette for spring. The shades have a beautiful refined shimmer – each color has a slightly different variation of sparkle. The colors are on the warmer side but not overly so. From the top left clockwise you have:
  • Soft satiny glowy pale peach
  • Sheer sparkly gold with slightly larger shimmer flecks
  • Rich shimmery reddish plum brown
  • Sandy gold-beige with a slightly multidimensional iridescent glow
I applied this on the eyes from darkest to lightest in a layering method and it created a soft but defined glowy eye look. The overall effect was very warm with the plummy brown shade. It has gorgeous reddish tones without being too red. It works perfectly with the Blush Horizon de Chanel. Here are a few more shots and swatches, first without flash:

There is something familiar about Éclosion but I couldn’t find a dupe. Perhaps it’s just that I find each shade resembles something similar to other separate quads. Here it is compared to Shimmering Dunes and Spices:

Swatch comparisons below. A side note: for some reasons my swatches look more shimmery/frosty in the photos than these quads look in real life.

Bottom line worth every penny. It’s classic, flawless and stunning.

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  • Mine came today. Along with the Rouge Coco Shine in Flirt and the Tiger Lily single. They're all so, so pretty.

    I'm still debating the blush. It's gorgeous, but I have soooo many blushes. I'll probably end up caving. LOL

  • Anonymous

    I think I have to get this. Do you reccommed purchasing now? or should I wait until after the holidays?

  • Gorgeous colors! My favorite is Éclosion!

  • Jen

    Is this limited edition or permanent?

    I probably won't get this until summer (I haven't even got Prelude yet).

  • Enabler!

  • Anonymous

    this colors seem to be in line with the edward bess berry chic palette, no?

  • beautiful pictures! I loved playing around with this quad, so happy it's perm!

  • It looks amazing! I love the warmth in the colors.

  • At first glance I thought the colors to warm for my style. Thanks so much for comparing them to Dunes & Spices, next to them I could appreciate the cooler tones in the pan and will order them! Much thanks!!

  • Anonymous

    I have just bought this (?) year's Asian limited edition Rose Envolee and then saw your review. It seems to me that I should not be so unpatient since two quads are quite similar according two your swatches but I like the quality of US formula and colours of new quads much better. Could you pls compare two quads? What do you think is it worth buying Éclosion if one has Envolee?

  • I'm looking for a good peach that would be suitable for my skintone. I'll have to check this out. It's gorgeous!

  • J.

    Im really loving these shades, gorgeous colors!

  • Jen – I'm not sure if this is limited edition, I tend to assume yes, but only to be on the safe side.

    Anonymous 1: If you're unsure I would recommend waiting a month to purchase so you can see what the other lines will come out with, I don't forsee it selling out as fast as the blush.

    Anonymous 2: good eye! Yes perhaps it is similar to EB berry chic but not quite as purple/pinkish. I think the Chanel is more neutral and easier to pull off.

    Anonymous 3: I originally did a comparison to rose envolee but found them quite different so I did not include. Thanks for the question though, I will put the comparison up soon.

  • Eileen

    Hi Olga (Anon 3),

    I have Rose Envolée and Éclosion and the two quads produce completely different looks. Whereas Rose Envolée creates a soft, slightly cool, crystalline look, Éclosion is a bit warmer in overall tone and delivers a peachy-pink satin look. If Sabrina posts comparison swatches, you'll see what I mean. They are not even similar.

    I should mention that I also have Dunes and Spices and find no similarity in hue there, either, as Sabrina's wonderful swatches clearly show. I'm pleased to have all four of the quads as they create different looks 🙂

  • I was thinking it looks similar to Rose Envolee and I'm happy it's not, so I can buy it without feeling guilty, lol. Really pretty quad, loving the blush as well.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Eileen!
    Thank you! It means that I have chosen the right thing:)


  • Very nice colors and this one would be very handy to travel with also.I like earth colors as it suits my skin tone.It is very important to match the cosmetic range with the skin color.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for the review. Such a beautiful quad. Chanel quads are my favorite quads on the market for many different reasons. Main reason being is that you can use all four eyeshadows together, and not look like a clown.

  • dim

    is this recommended to wear with ivory-beige wedding dress if you have brown hair and eyes?