Armani Holiday 2011 Eyes to Kill Silk Eyeshadows 17, 18 and 19

November 27, 2011

This year, the Eyes to Kill Silk Eyeshadows from Armani for holiday are all about the sparkle. Three new shades in the small twist-off cap pots are $32 each for 4 g/0.14 oz:
  • 17 a highly metallic silver sparkle
  • 18 an intense sparkling pale gold
  • 19 hybrid silver-gold shimmer

I’ve been a huge fan of these cream-powder shadows and loved the other Eyes to Kill shades (see Holiday 2010 here and the March release here) and did not find them too intense with the sparkle factor on the eyes. The newest colors this year are much more sparkly and more appropriate for going out or holiday parties.  For the other shades I own, I use both fingers and brushes to apply. With the new holiday shades, I found that regardless of how light I tried to apply, all the shades were extremely sparkly. Blending or patting softtly still resulted in sparkle overload.

In terms of colors, I found that #19 was the most wearable with a slightly more subtle shimmer (but still intense). I would not feel comfortable wearing any of the holiday shades to the office.  Perhaps the Gold #18 if I muted the sparkle with a satiny shadow on top. (Note the finish isn’t creamy at all so I wouldn’t recommend using these as a base. The texture is slightly creamy but they act more like a powder.) If you’re looking for a subtle refined glow, I would recommend you opt for Laura Mercier’s Metallic Creme Shadows or Bobbi Brown’s Cream Shadows instead. Here are close ups of the shades plus swatches:

Swatches with two different views, these were all applied with a cream shadow brush (Bobbi Brown and Becca brushes were used to swatch):

Overall lovely and perfect for going out, but the shades are intensely sparkly and might be too much for some. For me, these definitely are not everyday products to wear. #8 looks chunky and loaded with sparkles in the swatches but for some reason it’s quite a bit easier for me to pull off compared to the new holiday shades. If I could only pick 1 shade it would be #19 because the mix of the silver and gold make it more wearable (less contrasted to the skin/eyes). I personally prefer the palettes that were released with the collection because they are more wearable. If you need intense sparkle that lasts, you will love these. The lasting power is very strong. If you’re not a huge fan of a super sparkly (borderline glittery) eye, then I would recommend you pass and opt for the MadrePerla palettes (reviewed here) or something like LM’s Metallic Eye Creams.

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  • Wow I love #19!

  • Oo they're all so pretty!
    BTW I noticed you changed your feed settings in Google reader, making it only show a few lines of your posts so that a reader must click on the article to read more. I really can't do that at work so I like to read the full article in my reader so I don't have to. Could you please change it back? Thanks!!!

  • Great review and swatches as always.
    I was planning on getting #19 but I didn't know these were so glittery.

  • Connie

    Your photos and swatches are always perfect! I only bought shade 19 but I also found it to be much more glittery than the perm shades which means I'll get minimal to no use out of it.

    Will you be trying out the new designer lift foundation?

  • Anonymous

    HI Sabrina,

    I have been thinking of getting #8 for a long time but hesitate because it seems to sparkly when I swatch it on my hand… do you feel comfortable wearing that to work? and do you layer it with other eyeshadow? Thanks.


  • Prettyaspeaches – your question will be addressed in an upcoming post.

    Connie – I might try the new designer lift foundation eventually. Right now I'm smitten with D&G, Koh Gen Do and Chanel, so I have quite a bit to work through before I can justify another one (I'm scared I'll fall in love with it).

    Daisy – #8 is quite frosty but not glittery, I find it more wearable than the holiday ones and can wear it to work with a bit of blending.


  • Sabrina, I have a question about the colors. Wuld you say that the silver is more or a blue silver or white silver? It looks like it leans toward blue but I'm on my iPad, so who knows. And I'm wondering about number 19…with the mix of gold and silver, does that give it more of a platinum type color as compared to the silver? Thanks for your help!

  • Polarbelle, I find the silver to be more of a pure silver, slightly brighter, and on my olive skin the contrast is borderline blue-ish, but it's more of a bright-white-silver. I think the 19 is a good mix of silver/gold but it definitely leans towards more silvery. 19 v 17: 17 is brighter and bluer. Did you check Karlasugar's swatches? She just put them up as well and did a heavier swatch which may help.

  • I need to go and get 4…not sure why I haven't yet. Gorgeous.

  • 18 and 19 look really lovely! I'm not a silver person, so 17 is just okie to me. But it's pretty pigmented I can see.

  • Paige

    I am so glad to find your review. I was going to hunt down #18 but since it is very sparkly for everyday wear, I'm going to skip it. Thank you for saving me the time and money Sabrina.