Edward Bess Quad Royale in Summer in Capri

October 28, 2011
Edward Bess has several new exciting products that are being released for fall and holiday. His new face quad called Summer in Capri ($45 for .25oz/7g) has recently been released in-store at Bergdorf Goodman and online on his website. It’s a beautiful highlighter with four shades of tan and peach all of which contain a lovely subtle pearl glow. The powder is encased in a rectangular black mirrored compact complete with a face brush for application. The texture is soft and the powder is finely milled and applies beautifully on the skin to give you that subtle glow from within.

On my face it adds a lovely beautiful soft light peachy glow. The luminosity resembles Chanel Poudre Douce with a slightly more contoured finish since the Edward Bess Summer in Capri has two shades of beige/tan. I really love the little brush that comes in the compact. The handle is beveled to a point which makes it easy to hold and the brush head is wide enough to cover the whole cheek with two sweeps. On the face I’ve worn this over his Daydream Bronzer to add a subtle glow and I love the way it makes the skin look. Each shade individually also works on the eyes (I love it layered over his Sunlight cream highlighter) as a lovely all-over lid color. My favorites for the eyes are the bottom two shades layered together for a very subtle contour.
Best Things in Beauty has a lovely review and managed to get all four shades to show up in her swatches (something I was not able to do). Here is my swatch on the arm (which was very difficult to photograph).

Blended all together on the arm (blurry, but the best I could get):

Out of all the new holiday highlighter options out there this season, I say hands down this is the highlighter of choice for me. Do note that this season seems to be the season of highlighters that offer a very subtle subdued glow. If you’re looking for something more visibly shimmer or glowy you may want to shop your stash as most of what I’ve seen this season from Chanel to Guerlain and even MAC seems to be more on the subtle side. Edward Bess Quad Royale in Summer in Capri shows up on my skin and is easily layerable. Adding a few more swipes on the cheeks over a cream blush makes it show up even better. Due to the subtle glowy finish and lightness of the colors I’m not sure how it would work with darker skintones. I personally adore it and highly recommend. It is a face powder that will work year round for any occasion.
Have you tried Edward Bess Summer in Capri?
P.S. I know I’ve been a bit slow in blogging this week. I hope to catch up this weekend!

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  • Omgosh this looks lovely! I've never looked at EB before bec I thought it was out of my price range but this is much cheaper than the Chanel and Guerlain h/l.

    Thank you for sharing this πŸ™‚

  • Finally, a true subtle highlighter that works for fair skin! I can see this working on the eyes too. Sounds like a must have for me, thanks for the review!

  • Omg, I love it. Such a gorgeous highlighter. I hope Edward bess will be available in some Chicago stores soon.

  • Nikki

    Hi Sabrina,

    I was in Bergdorf last week and saw this, but they were out of it. After a little mix-up mine should be arriving shortly. Also, I met Edward for the first time and I told him how you were my favorite blogger. πŸ™‚ Thanks for introducing me to a great brand. Keep up the wonderful work.

    P.S. I just picked up his Black Sea Deep Hydration Cream. I only used it today, but I like it so far lol

  • Hi Sabrina! You've managed to capture the four shades really well and really enjoyed reading your review. Being deep skin toned (MAC NC43, Chanel Vitalumiere 51) I can say that this does show up on my skin and is very flattering too! Subtle and polished! I've used this compact with all four colors swirled together and then I go back to the coral shade on the apples and the pearly shade on the bottom right on the tops of my cheekbones, down the nose and under the brow. I love it! You hinted that he has great things coming up for Holiday, sounds exciting, would you care to elaborate?

  • Eileen

    Lovely review, Sabrina. This is absolutely gorgeous! As an older woman well into my sixties, I'm really loving the subtle glow of this year's highlighters as opposed to some of the more glittery or frosty ones we've seen in past seasons. I was particularly thrilled to read your review because I just ordered this highlighter on Tuesday πŸ™‚ Now, after reading your review, I can hardly wait to get it. Thanks to it's versatility, I think it's going to be in heavy rotation.

  • this is such an amazing looking product. I love EB shadows, so I'll definitely need to check this out!!

  • This is so pretty! I wonder is it similar to chanel joues contraste in espiegle (out in Spring?).

  • this looks amazing! thank you for posting about it. as someone with a cool, fair complexion, i'm always searching for a highlighter that won't go orange on me. thanks! love your blog! do you know if it will available at neiman?

  • Gorgeous – I'm wondering how it would look on me since I'm darker than you are. I am definitely interested in this – if only there was a EB counter here in SF.

  • Eileen

    Hi Lexi,

    If you haven't already, take a look at Lakshmi's comment above. She's MAC NC43.

    Hi Baby in the Corner,

    I have the beautiful Espiègle and it is a full on peach blusher. I haven't received my EB yet, but I've seen my friend's and it is much lighter, more neutral with a bit of peach, and is definitely a highlighter. In short, they're not dups.

  • jo

    I just called BG to order this and she said they have a new South of France highlighter as well. I ordered it sight unseen. Can't wait to get both. Do you have any more info on the South of France? Thanks for the great review and pretty pictures. I love the Daydream bronzer and can't wait to wear this over it.

  • Thank you ladies for stopping by.

    Nikki, how exciting you met Edward Bess!!! Thank you for mentioning my blog, that was very sweet of you.

    Lakshmi, thank you so much for your input. I know the tan skinned ladies will love this info. For the new things coming out, he just launched another Face Quad South of France on his website plus two new palettes. I'm expecting them in the mail soon.

    Baby in a Corner, I agree whole heartedly with Eileen's assessment.

    Eileen, thank you!

    Jo, I am expecting South of France soon, I'm really excited for this. I am hoping by tomorrow. Stay tuned!

  • his blushes have a beautiful finish to it. Its not like the MAC blushes which do tend to be a bit chalky. The best blushes so far I have tried are the Tarte amazonian clay and "the balm".

    the EB blush adds like a nice hint of color and looks very soft from your swatches. I can see it quite nicely on your skin.

  • Oh wow this is such a pretty shade!!!

  • Why have I NOT purchased this yet!?! Sigh. I hate being broke.