Le Métier de Beauté Ken Downing’s Bodacious Bordeaux Lip and Nail Duo

September 11, 2011

This fall Neiman Marcus Senior Vice President and Fashion Director Ken Downing worked with Le Métier de Beauté to create three matching lip and nail sets in rich, bold and romantic shades ($49 each). I was hoping to be able to purchase the nail polishes separately since I rarely wear reds or dark shades on the lips but decided to try something new and picked out the Bordacious Bordeaux/Wine on the Vine duo which has the softest lip color out of all three sets.

Bordacious Bordeaux Nail Lacquer is a deep wine magenta that layers into a deep wine cream. The texture is fairly thin making the color slightly transparent. It required three coats for full coverage. I love that Bordacious Bordeaux is the perfect medium wine shade – not too vampy, not too red, not too brown. The thin texture took a bit of work for me to get an even application. Three coats evens out everything nicely.

Wine on the Vine Moisture Lipstain is a shimmering reddish pink stain. The texture is that of a soft lipstain and molds well to the lips so you can barely feel anything on. On the hands it looks like a soft red without any visible shimmer. On the lips it goes on quite a bit brighter for me. I don’t know that it will look this red on most women, anything with fuschia or bright red shimmer tends to pull very bright on me for some reason. Being a stain formula I find these last longer than the average lipstick. Here it is softly swiped on my lips.

Here they are swatched on the arm side by side.

All three sets are beautiful and classic for fall. Even neutral lovers like myself will find that they are fun and nice for something different. The lips are all darker than I’m used to but the colors are lovely for evenings out or special occasions. Best Things in Beauty has a few other shades swatched and reviewed that I recommend you check out as well. I like these sets but my heart still belongs to their eyeshadows and lipglosses which I feel have some of the most gorgeous complex eye-catching shimmers that are wonderful for layering. The upside of these lip/nail duos is that they require little tweaking. They work well just as they are.

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  • I was hoping to just purchase the nail color too, but once I tried the lipstick I was sold and bought the set. It's much more sheer than it looks and is perfect for Fall.

  • I love the clean wine color of the nails. Very, very pretty. I think it's definitely red season now =)

  • The nail polish is gorgeous!! I do like the lipstick as well. Seems to have a orange undertone when on the lips. Pretty!

  • Oh Sabrina!! These are absolutely gorgeous and they look great on you. The pictures are fabulous!

  • Beautiful!

  • The nail polish is very beautyful. I love this colour.

  • That nail polish is simply perfect for me.

  • Bordacious Bordeaux Nail Lacquer very beautiful)))

  • Both of these shades look fantastic on you. The nail polish is the best red shade I've ever seen you wear, and the lip stain really perks up your complexion.