Dior Mitzah Camel and Ebony Comparisons

Dior Camel and Ebony are compared below to Dior City of Gold, Dior Sienna, Chanel Khaki Rose, Chanel Particuliere, Dior Underground, Dolce & Gabbana Chocolate and MAC Dim the Lights.
To see how Camel compares to neutral nudes, like Dior Nude Chic and Dolce & Gabbana Nude, scroll down two posts (linked here).
I found Dior Camel truly unique. There wasn’t a shade I owned similar to it at all. Granted I don’t typically gravitate towards yellow-based shades unless it’s a gold shimmer. Dior Ebony wasn’t exactly unique as I found it very similar to Underground. The two are practically identical except when you scroll down to the bottom photo, you might be able to see that Underground has a slightly purplish base while Ebony is more neutral black/brown. In real life you can only see the difference if you look very closely. In the photos I doubt you will be able to tell the two apart unless you tilt your head, squint and try to look for the difference.

I hope these comparisons help. I’m not sure I would classify these new Dior shades as must-haves as they are fairly neutral and not exactly knock out colors. Still they provide a polished subtle elegant look to the fingers which I really like. Quint/quad comparisons to come soon. I didn’t get good swatch comparisons from this weekend so I will have to redo them.
  • Love it!!!

  • In love this colours!
    Fall inspiration!

  • Thanks for posting this. The color wheel is really helpful! I'm loving that Dior Siena. 🙂

  • LOVE Sienna!

  • Such pretty colors!

  • the color wheel is really helpful. i like the ebony moreso than the camel.. but the camel might be nicer on fairer skin. thanks again for the review!

  • Anonymous

    Dior Camel reminds me so much of MAC Brown Bag – an LE shade from a few collections ago. I loved that color.