Guerlain Les Bois de Rose 04 Écrin 4 Couleurs

August 6, 2011
Guerlain 04 Les Bois de Rose is an iridescent quad with a soft pearly white, medium cool rose frost, taupe-grey-mauve shimmer, and a plum brown. The texture is soft and easily blendable. I’ve had good experiences with the prior releases from Guerlain, but found their older quads a bit dryer in texture making them hard to blend and requiring heavy application. The new Écrin 4 Couleurs appear to be much softer and smoother in texture, yet have excellent pigmentation.

The shimmer in this quad is on the medium-to-high side, some might find this too frosty. It’s almost as sparkly as some of the Bobbi Brown Metallic Shadows but not quite as metallic-like. I applied this today over UDPP on the eyes using the sponges on one eye and my regular brushes on the other. The sponges work just fine but I prefer the brushes for a better application.

1. Apply white shade on lids (about 1/2 way from lash up to middle of eye)
2. Apply the right taupey shade on outer corners inward to middle
3. Apply rose frost from inner corner (part closest to nose) and blend towards outer corner mixing with the taupe
4. Apply the darkest shade to line and smudge along upper lashes

I’m sure there are similar colors out there, but I couldn’t find a quad from Chanel or Dior that was exactly the same. I did pull out my Armani Eye Mania 05 and Dior Pink Idol quint to compare for you. Those weary of pinks because of getting that pink-eye look need not worry with the Guerlain. I avoid pinks like the plague but the Guerlain Les Bois de Rose works beautifully.

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  • Need!

    …and I want that Dior quint as well, oh my goodness, do I want that Dior quint.

  • Eileen

    This is one of the quads that is on my to try list. Judging from your swatches, the rose shade actually appears to be a warm rosewood color which is being tempered by the other rich brown shades in the quad. I don't think anyone would have to fear the dreaded bunny rabbit look with this quad. It's a far cry from the bubble gum pinks of the Dior and Armani palettes. Les Bois de Rose's overall effect seems to be brown enriched with warm rose and is a really pretty alternative to autumn's usual brown and russet combination. I can think of a lot of ways in which to arrange these lovely colors.

    As always, Sabrina, great swatches. Originally I was a bit concerned that Les Bois de Rose might be too similar to Rue de Passy, but I can easily see that that is definitely not going to be the case. One more week until they hit counter in my neck of the woods! I can hardly wait 🙂

  • so gorgeous… I have a feeling I'm in trouble with these…

  • You were right…I totally love this!! Would love to see it on your eye. You described it so well, I can really visualize it. Definite love.

  • Ava

    So richly pigmented – can't wait to swatch it myself!

  • I'm starting to think makeup is just pure Evil, LOL only cause I buy way too much! I need this palette 🙂

  • sooo beautiful!!! i think i need this. your blog is so dangerous to my wallet! x

  • I can't wait to try this one 🙂 I want to go back next week & pick one more, but I'm not sure which! The Armani & Dior are gorgeous too! You have such a great collection 🙂

  • Thanks for the swatch! Love love love the color….I think lancome made some similar colors as well..but nevertheless this is so much more pigmented..pretty!


  • I love this review!! I love Guerlain and I wanted to know if I need to stock up on the old quads, before they disappear. I see that I don't have to do that. This one looks perfect.

    My lust for makeup has been a little down after the terror attacks in Oslo/Utøya and this just brought my lust back. Yay!

    Love your blog, Sabrina!!

  • the palette and swatches are so beautiful – all four of the colours are very wearable. must stop by a guerlain counter very soon. thanks for sharing.

  • Loving these shades.. So pretty!!! I don't own a single guerlain eyeshadow.. I really want the 187

  • These quads are gorgeous, down to the packaging. I'm glad to hear the applicators are useful, too. I love color combos like this; it's strawberry chocolate!

  • What gorgeous swatches – thank you – adore these colours!

    Love your blog, so glad I found it! Now following 🙂

    Nic x
    beauty blogger

  • Beautiful! Me want 🙂 Thank you for sharing.