A First Look at Tom Ford’s New Lip Colors

August 31, 2011
Tom Ford’s newest lipstick shades have arrived online at Saks.com. See the full lineup of the new shades here (plus what’s being phased out and what’s staying). I eagerly ordered some neutrals sight-unseen in Spanish Pink 01, Pink Adobe 02, Indian Rose 04, Nude Vanille 12 and Sable Smoke 14 ($48 each for 0.1 oz/3g). There are a few changes in packaging. The lipsticks still come in a heavy weight rectangular twist-up tube but now come in a dark mahogany & gold finish (rather than the white). Without direct light shining on the tubes, they appear to be pure black. Another change is in the engraved lettering on the top. They now say TF instead of Tom Ford. I was able to order two of the original shades online at Saks.com last week – if you’ve delayed your purchasing on the older packaging and shades, act fast! It looks like they will be pulled very soon.

White original packaging versus the new dark mahogany packaging:

*Update* One shot for Amy to compare the Tom Ford packaging to Edward Bess, Chanel, Burberry.

I have not yet had a chance to swatch or play with these. Upon opening all 5 you can tell that they have the same wonderful vanilla scent as the original shades. All the new ones I picked out are cremes with the exception of Indian Rose which appears to have a slight shimmery sheen to the tube. My first thoughts were to wonder if I had lost my mind in ordering so many neutrals all at once sight-unseen. I suspect that Nude Vanille will be a challenge to work with simply because it’s on the lighter side. At this point in time I’m not sure whether I should just leave it untouched to re-gift it or take a risk and swipe it to see if it will work. Given the luck I’ve had with Pink Dusk, I suspect the others will work well with my coloring. I will need to play with these in the next week or so to see.

I apologize I don’t have swatches yet but I’ve been a bit short on swatching time. I haven’t compared any of these to other shades (Pink Dusk included) so I can’t give any assessment at this time. They literally just arrived and I wanted to give a little sneak peek of these in hopes that it will help you know what to expect with the new neutrals!

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  • Thanks for the sneak peek! They all seem to be lovely!!

  • Eileen

    The Nude Vanille looks like the type of shade we would have worn in the mid-1960s when it was all about bold, graphic eye make-up (think Twiggy, Peggy Moffitt, etc.) and nude lips. I certainly would have worn it in 1964. In 2011? No. Tom Ford has an impeccable esthetic, but sometimes he get's a bit too retro for my taste and it seems a bit contrived. But then, he wouldn't be Tom Ford if he wasn't willing to take chances, would he?

    His new lipstick collection is gorgeous, though, overall. I was hard pressed to leave the counter with just one, but since I've become more of a gloss/balm person, I bought just Indian Rose and love it. The new lipstick is of the same extraordinary quality as the old and will make his fans very happy.

    Great pictures, Sabrina. I know were all looking forward to your swatches.

  • They look so elegant *sigh* Can't wait for your swatches πŸ™‚

  • *jaw drops to the floor* i cannot wait to see your swatches! πŸ™‚

  • I see several colours I love here. Now I just need to wait for them to arrive at Selfridges! Thanks for the post!

  • What a lovely looking line-up!

  • Walls

    Thank you, Sabrina! Looking forward to the swatches!

  • They look beautiful!

  • Love the neutral shades, perfect with dramatic eyes. Thanks for the sneak peek:)

  • I wonder if Nude Vanille might be taking the place of Vanilla Suede as the "transformer" shade.
    Vanilla Suede had a slightly different texture meant to be used by itself or by mixing it with the other lipsticks (mostly to tone down some of the bright shades like True Coral to make them more "every day'). I remember when my SA showed me iwas impressed. It looked like a different lipstick and not like a muddy mess that happens many times when mixing shades.
    I am so excited to see your swatches and reviews! I haven't pulled the trigger on any of the new shades yet! *gasps*
    thank you for the gorgeous pics!

  • Divaesquire14

    These are stunning Sabrina!

  • Anonymous

    Do these still have phthalates in them like the old formula?

  • Rei

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw these pictures! Love the packaging and all the neutral shades you picked. Can't wait to see your swatches πŸ™‚

  • Thanks, Sabrina, this is very exciting! Pink Adobe looks like it will be mine. Not your Pink Adobe, of course. I'll get my own … unless you are in a re-gifting state of mind, hee. πŸ˜€

  • Their all so pretty!!!

  • Ah, Nude Vanille. They look wonderful all lined up with the old packaging mixed in! Like everyone else, I'm looking forward to your review =)

  • i want them all … silly but true, often when i can't decide which colour i want i choose one depending on the name .. and spanish rose sounds so romantic
    thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    I'll buy the nude vanille off you if you don't want it! I can't buy them in my country. beautiful. thanks for sharing.

  • Packaging isn't girlie enough for me but the actual bullet (and vanilla scent) sound devine, and I've heard great things about the formula. Can't wait to see your swatches!

  • Anonymous

    Gosh,I just wanted to say how beautiful your photography and arrangements are! You have such exquisite taste.

  • Must get! I was wondering though, is the formula still the same? Assuming just the packaging and colors changed. The formula on the first release was wonderful.

  • these look amazing, i seen the pictures in i-D magazine this issue and they look amazing!