YSL Volupté Sheer Candy in Lush Coconut 01

July 17, 2011
YSL Volupté Sheer Candy ($30) is one of the newest lipstick/lipbalm formulas from YSL. It comes in 6 different shades (all shades seen and reviewed on Karla Sugar and Best Things in Beauty) and is designed to give a sheer but hydrating tint of color to the lips. I saw these at Sephora about a month ago, had a gift card burning a hole in my wallet and decided to give the light beige-gold, Lush Coconut 01, a try.

Lush Coconut is a pale beige gold shimmer in the tube. On the hands and lips, it’s so sheer, nothing shows up. Just shine. I know these are meant to be sheer, but I was rather disappointed with the finish. For $30, I could have achieved the same effect (hydration and shine) with something much more cost-friendly. The darker and brighter shades do give a tint, but from what I saw/tested, you can also find cheaper drugstore chapsticks that will do the same trick for a much better deal. The formula isn’t long-wearing. It has a somewhat slippery texture and feels like it will slide right off the lips within 2 minutes (even though it does not). Are there any pros? They do have a delicious mango-candy scent, however I wasn’t really keen on the taste from it sliding off my lips within minutes. The packaging is the most beautiful out of all the Rouge Voluptés with the silver tube (instead of the gold). These deliver a high shine which is nice, but it’s not enough to win me over.

Here it is compared to Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Canotier and YSL’s Rouge Volupté Perle in Beige Caress. I prefer Chanel’s even though the swatch looks sheer, on the lips there is a better finish with the Chanel.

Bottom line: Save your money unless you like super sheer and pretty packaging. Normally I like sheer, but I found this one just too-sheer to feel worth the price. Perhaps you will have better luck with the reds in this collection. Still, I think you can find better for cheaper in other brands. MAC Lustres are just one type of sheer lipstick that comes to mind. I did swatch Lush Coconut on my lips for this review, but it looks clear so I decided not to publish the lip-swatch photo. * Update* Per request, I’ve uploaded a lip swatch.

Some might wonder if these might work as a finishing gloss over a lip pencil. Perhaps it would work. I personally would not try it, especially in the summer time. Given the slip of this lipstick, I think that applying these over lipliner would not extend the longevity of the wear. I would be worried that it would make even long-lasting lipliners bleed.

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  • I so want this, it's a really gorgeous shade and being sheer is a plus.

  • YSL does such a great job with their packaging. 😀 It's beautiful!

  • Too bad the lipstick looks so pretty in the tube. No more sheer lipsticks for me for awhile.

  • Amy

    Wow Sabrina, your photographs are looking really, really good! I'm sorry that the lipstick isn't a winner, but your pictures are gorgeous! Nice swatches, nice work!! 🙂

  • I guess with the $30 price tag, packaging and looks is all that we'll get. Thanks so much for the review!

  • I love the packaging but I do agree with you that it's too sheer for the cost, something cheaper would do almost the exact same job!

  • but…but….but it's SO gorgeous =( I'm so distracted by the pretty things = lol

  • I'm really surprised this is called lipstick in the first place. I mean, this isn't sheer, it's clear! LOL 😀

    The packaging is lovely though, but it won't make to spend $30 (it's even cheaper here in Croatia, probably approx. $45!).

  • Love the YSL packaging…but man I was really looking forward to getting me one of these but maybe I'll look for something different. The Chanel Rouge Coco Shine swatch looked really nice! ^_^

  • What a shame. It's such a beautiful product in a gorgeous tube. And I agree your photos are amazing, Sabrina. It made me want to buy this, despite your lukewarm review!

  • Anonymous

    I got Sheer Candy 1 as well after getting what I THINK is 5 – it's hot pink, anyway. I love my pink one – very sheer but still delivers in terms of colour, and it tastes AMAZING. Lush Coconut was kind of a disappointment though… wouldn't really recommend. It's basically a stupidly expensive lip balm.

  • I actually really like these. I have this shade and the hot pink one and I love them, shiny, sheer shades and great watermelon scent.

  • It's a shame that you did not like it because I loved these lipsticks a lot. The red and pink one are not that sheer by the way.

  • Sophia1105

    Thanks for the honest review on this. It's one of the many things that makes your blog so special. I was never that overwhelmed with YSL l/s, despite all the love they receive.