Bobbi Brown Bronze Tortoiseshell Eye Palette

July 1, 2011
Bobbi Brown has 2 different neutral eye palette options with her Tortoiseshell Collection: Sand and Bronze. I opted for the darker version, Bronze Tortoiseshell ($60), although both were equally gorgeous. The palette comes in a two-tiered brown mirrored compact and I love that the packaging is beautiful, simple and sturdy with no frills. These palettes have a good mix of textures ranging from matte to shimmer to sparkle. I think Bronze will be an extremely versatile palette that will allow one to create a wide range of looks.
The Bronze Palette is the warmer/darker option of the two in Bobbi Brown’s Fall collection. I find it neutral-warm, leaning more towards warm. The shades in the top layer of this palette:
  • Banana is a matte yellowish cream (doesn’t show up on my arm, but mattes out the lids)
  • Gold Nugget Sparkle is a bright gold with micro sparkles (I normally don’t like Bobbi Brown’s sparkle eyeshadow formula but this one is lovely)
  • Olive Sparkle is a sparkly olive-gold (same lovely olive with gold flecks, subtle enough so the sparkles aren’t like glitter)
  • Bronze Metallic is a soft warm bronze (not to be confused with her Bronze Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow which is more golden)
The bottom layer colors include:
  • Tiger’s Eye Metallic is a shimmery orangey amber
  • Espresso is a matte dark brown
  • Copper Cocoa Shimmer Wash is a shimmery warm chocolate
  • Amber Shimmer Wash is a soft peachy orange-gold

When I saw the preview photos pop up a few weeks ago, I immediately dismissed these thinking they would be repeats of prior seasons. Both Sand and Bronze are indeed similar to past creations, and while I’m not a fan of palettes that have more than 5 shades, they are good staples. I wouldn’t call these must-haves. However, Bronze does have a gorgeous palette of shimmers with a few new unique shades. This is very “summery” which I find season-appropriate for right now. Add the fact that I liked 6 of the 8 shades in this palette made it a very easy sell for me. To date, I’ve only had a chance to do one look with this using the top four shades layered and blended together with Espresso applied with a damp brush as a liner. I’m looking forward to experimenting more with this.

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  • I am trying to resist this palette, but it is gorgeous! I am fair but I love warm colors. I may cave since I love BB and her classic simple style.

  • This palette looks so gorgeous =) All the colours are stunning, I think amber is my fav!

  • The palette is very pretty and I love the Tiger's Eye shade. I'm just wondering how many neutral palettes do I need? Is there such thing as too many? LOL probably not.

  • This looks like a great palette to transition into fall and I'm such a huge fan of Tortoiseshell glasses, I might pick this up on that alone!

  • Sophia1105

    Thanks for these swatches and your thoughts! I had thought the cool would be more appropriate but in looking at your pics I'm rethinking that. After many unfulfilling liaisons with other lines, I always return to BB for her ability to provide what works without too many bells or whistles.

  • I love the tortoiseshell packaging – what a great idea! My favorite color from your swatches is definitely olive; what a pretty golden greyed green.

  • Great review! I love your photos and swatches so so much! I'm going to experiment with the bottom four shades today. Wish me luck! lol

  • This is so pretty hehe, I think I really must get it now. It'd only be my second BB palette so there's not that much repeat for me (I have Espresso and I think Copper Cocoa looks similar to Velvet Bronze but I think I can live). I love palettes like this. =)

  • This palette has a lot more depth than I thought! PS – you always have such beautiful swatches πŸ™‚ Thanks!