NARS New Order Highlighting Blush Powder and Laguna Multiple for Summer 2011

May 8, 2011

NARS has released quite a few items this summer including their Summer 2011 Collection, Portrait of Paradise mini collection, Makeup Your Mind – Express Yourself Book, a number of kits to go with their new book (on Nordstrom.com) and a new I Will Survive Kit (with a new exclusive Deep Throat Lipgloss).
In addition to the two duos, I also picked up New Order Highlighting Blush Powder ($27) and the Laguna Multiple ($39). My thoughts are mixed.

Swatched on bare skin (no base):

First up: New Order Highlighting Blush Powder. I had high hopes for this from the promo photos and descriptions. Negative reviews have been floating around various blogs with detailed descriptions, photos and swatches explaining why this blush is less than fabulous. I should have listened. There were no testers at the counter and when the sales associate opened the compact for me to see, it looked like magical fairy dust. The shimmer did not look chunky. I thought, maybe I can make this work for me, even if it’s just on the eyes. Turns out – I can’t. There is barely any color to the pink base and the shimmer/glitter while not chunky, is simply too much. It reminds me of the Night Series eyeshadows. The glitter just falls off the face & flies everywhere.

On the eyes, I applied it over a wet base (MAC’s Bare Study Paint Pot). It shows more promise on the eyes yet still mainly shows glitter. This blush had the potential to be huge if it was anything like Albatross in finish. For me, thumbs down. I don’t want to return it because it’s simply stunning in the compact. I keep thinking there will be a way to make this work. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a way.

Next: Laguna Multiple. I used Laguna Bronzer daily through my college years. I’ve loved the Laguna Illuminator. Of course I had to try the Multiple Version which I find very close to the powder. The shimmer is very noticeable although not as shimmery as South Beach or St. Barts. It blends out a bit more so you get a visible tan, but not frost.

Compared, L to R: St Barts Multiple, Laguna Multiple, Laguna Illuminator, Laguna Bronzer Powder (swatched heavy over moisturizer), South Beach Multiple

New Order and Laguna:

Have you tried either of these? Thoughts? Have you been able to make New Order work for you, if so, please share!

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  • I have read some negative reviews on the blush as well but damn…it still looks really nice! (I probably won't buy it since I am not a great fan of Nars' dust-magnet packaging.)

  • Nev

    I agree with you Sabrina. This highlighter/blush isn't easy to use. I managed to snag an untouched tester at my counter and I played with it for a while. The previous media photos made it looks like a pretty spring pink. On me, it was borderline frosted pink with large pink chunks. No matter how I tried to sheer or dot it onto my skin, it just wasn't convincing me to make the purchase.

  • I saw the new NARS blush at sephora y'de n it was a glittery disaster!!! Did pick the DIOR Aurora from NM though…thanks to the comparisons you posted, the decision making was easy!! The bronzer is sold out almost everywhere!!!!

  • NARS Super Orgasm had the same glitter fall out. I don't know why they're so into loose glitters! lol But the New Order pink looks really beautiful in photos. πŸ™‚

  • Hi Sabrina, I was at my local Nars counter yesterday & the SA agreed that New Order is difficult to work with. She said she uses it over a cream blush to give it something to adhere to(the one she used was Penny Lane. I haven't had a chance to try this myself yet, though! πŸ™‚

  • Oh my goodness 'new order' is breathtaking in the pics. Too bad I haven't heard much positive reviews on it.

  • Your photos of New Order Highlighting Blush Powder make it look really tempting, but I think I'll pass. A glitter fest that otherwise doesn't show up isn't a look I'm going for these days!

  • Oh no – I just got South Beach, which I adore and now I'll have to add the Laguna multiple on my shopping list. I'm still on the fence with the Laguna Illuminator – I feel like it doesn't do much for me like the bronzing powder.

    I stayed away from New Order, I already knew that it would do NOTHING for my dark skin, just like Super Orgasm.

  • I'm still hoping that New Order behaves better in person, because the color looks lovely in your pan pictures! My face is on the thin side so it can handle a good bit of shimmer (it helps my cheeks appear a little fuller). However, you're usually right about things, so this will definitely be a try-before-buy!

  • I tried NARS New Order blush at my local Sephora and was disappointed as well. My first thought was, "What a glittery mess!" I'm still considering whether I should pick up Laguna. I like it, but it's not a must-have for me.

    Makeup Magpie: That's a good idea from your SA on how to get that blush to adhere.

  • I bought the New Order blush and I love it. I got my makeup done at a Nars counter and the MUA used the Orgasm Illuminator as a base and the combination looked great. I tried the look again on my own and I was still very happy with it. However, I haven't tried to use New Order on it's own, so I can't comment on that. For those who are interested, I would strongly suggest trying it with a cream base before writing it off.