Diorskin Nude Glow – Healthy Glow Summer Powder in Aurora 001 and Sunset 002

April 22, 2011

The summer collections this year have some of the most beautiful bronzers I have ever seen. I’ve been trying to find Aurora and Sunset everywhere – it appears Saks received their items first in the US and finally Nordstrom just received them this week. (On Saturday Aurora and Nude Tan Quint were both sold out already.) Being the bronzer-obsessive woman that I am, I jumped on both bronzing powders, Aurora 001 and Sunset 002.

The Diorskin Nude Glow Healthy Glow Summer Powder couldn’t be better named. They both give a warm healthy glow. Each shade has a beautiful woven pattern with four different shades in each. Both have visible shimmer and if you swipe your finger into the palette you will see a highly pigmented frost. On the skin, however, the shimmer tones down and you get a beautiful glow. The shimmer, to me, is barely detectable on the face.

Aurora 001 is the lighter softer version with soft peach and different shades of brown and tan. It’s fairly warm, not quite peach, not quite brown, but a peachy-brown hybrid.

Sunset 002 is darker, warmer, deeper and it was borderline orangey when applied with a heavy hand – but I have gotten a bit of color so I think this will be gorgeous on Chanel Beiges/NC35’s (not quite there yet, but almost!). A bit of blending out and it looks just fine on me but I don’t mind a strong bronzer. I always want to be more tan, and unfortunately I’m really fair right now!

Side by side, blurry but hope you can see the undertone:

I couldn’t find any dupes. The woven pattern makes this easy to mix and blend all the colors together so you don’t end up with stripes on the face. Plus the combination of colors makes both of these unique.

Comparison Set 1: MAC Shooting Star MSF, MAC So Ceylon MSF, Dior Sunset 002, Dior Aurora 001, MAC Sunny By Nature MSF, MAC Warmed MSF, MAC Gold Deposit MSF

Comparison Set 2: Le Metier Maldives Magic, MAC Refined Matte Suntan, Dior Sunset 002, Dior Aurora 001, MAC Refined Golden, NARS Irresistiblement

Lucky girl CafΓ© Makeup has been able to play with Dior Summer for a few weeks since she found them in Paris. Definitely check out her series to see what Aurora looks like on Liz and Amy’s arm (both are lighter and cooler toned than me).

Overall I love both. I think once I get to be at NC35 I will be able to wear the Aurora 001 and have it show up. Sunset 002 is darker and more orangey but not too orangey for me. If you’re fair like Chanel Cameo or MAC NC30 – it may too much for you.

For reference, I’m currently Chanel Shell Teint Innocence, in between MAC NC30-35. My arm underneath is probably closer to a NC30 because the sun does not hit that area.

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  • I got Aurora yesterday and am wearing it today, it's really lovely!

  • I love the look of Aurora…I'm probably a bit pale for it now but think it would be lovely with a slight tan. Thanks for reviewing!

  • Yu

    These look gorgeous! I'm like you, somewhere between NC30-35.. sadly I can't find these in the UK yet, I hope they release them soon!

  • Hello Sabrina,
    Do you recommend getting Sunset if it is used on a NC30/Chanel Teint Innocent 40 and above? I'm not sure if Aurora will show…
    Thanks! x

  • Aroura look so beautiful. Seeing it on CafeMakeup has made me want it all the more! Go Dior!

  • These bronzers have become the most-anticipated event in my makeup life! This week, I visited the Dior counter at Nordies and was told — "this weekend." But the sales associate did not look very certain. A trip tomorrow is scheduled, or maybe one this afternoon.

    I'm NW20-25 and think that the Sunset will be lovely. At this point, I have few bronzers because many turn orange on me or look too brown. But I have eyed this one since it first popped up online.

    Thank you for the review and swatches! It is unlike anything else, except for the NARS Irresistiblement (irresistible) but that finish is different, a little too matte for my liking.

  • I'll have to test this in person – hoping it'll do something for my NC 42 skin.

  • I noticed they haven't made it to the Saks, or Nordstroms website. Do you think they will post them on the websites or they are already sold out everywhere?

  • Oh my.. I want everything!!!

    Love Aurora shade;)

    Happy weekend!

  • Hi ladies, just a quick note to address the questions.

    Poseylass – my SA is about what I would guess is a NC45ish and Aurora showed up on her.

    Diane – I believe it will be online May 1st. According to Dior.com, it will be on Dior's website by then so don't worry, I don't think much as sold out except for the Saks in Beverly Hills which I believe is a high volume store.

    HTH some!

  • Katie

    Hi Sabrina,

    This isn't exactly related to Aurora, but is related to bronzers. How does Le Metier's Maldives Magic compare to Edward Bess' Desert Sun bronzer? I already have Daydream (LOVE), but wanted a darker bronzer. Any insight you have would be appreciated! And thanks for such a lovely blog…I read it every day!


  • Katie, Maldives Magic has been compared to Daydream here:

    I personally find Maldives Magic too dark and a bit muddy looking on the skin.

    If you want something darker than Daydream check out Edward Bess's Desert Sun, reviewed here:


  • As usual, a fabulous and informative post! For those looking to purchase, Dior has both shades available on their website now. You can use promo code "glam2" for free shipping. Hope that helps!

  • Great comparison pics!! I'm a little confused though, the Sunset looks lighter than Mac's Sunny By Nature MSF, I'm NC25 and I can wear Sunny By Nature as a bronzer, will Sunset be too dark, because in the pic it doesn't look that dark.

  • Melissa

    Hi Sabrina!

    I am really debating between Aurora, Chanel Bronze Corail and the Lancome Desert Rose blush. Though different, they all seem to have the same general effect (subtle, shimmery, bronzey blush). How do you think they compare? (Also, do you think MAC Earth to Earth compares to any of them?)

    Thanks so much for any input! How I wish I could just get them all, sigh… πŸ™‚


  • Julia

    Sabrina- would you recommend Dior Aurora or Chanel Bronze Rose for someone with fair, cool-toned skin?

  • @ Sabrina, thanks for the beautiful pictures and comparisons. I am leaning towards Aurora rather than Sunset because I prefeer the peachy color to the orange undertones. It was really helpful to know that your NC45 SA could wear Aurora, I'm NC 43.

    @Dontcallmejessie thanks a bunch for the heads up on the product being on Dior.com, I just placed an order! πŸ˜€

  • Gosh, the Sunset is already sold out at the Dior.com website.

    For anyone wondering about skin tone and the Aurora, I'm NW20-25 and decided against it because it is too close to my peachy-pink undertones, and I wear a more dramatic bronzer.

  • Hi Sabrina,

    Aurora looks beautiful! How do you like it compared to Chanel Rose Bronze? Thanks πŸ™‚

  • just beautiful! i'm a huge fan of the dior skin nude foundations – hope i love the glow powders just as much. thanks for sharing sabrina and happy easter xo

  • Betty

    I loved ur swatches thanks, actually i dont own so many bronzers and im looking to buy one right now, I was thinking on EB reading ur reviews,im a light dark skin tone can u recommend me please in ur opinion the best bronzer to buy right now? thanks so much ! love ur blog.:)

  • I also think that these are one of the prettiest and probably most wearable bronzers that I have ever seen.

    Fair ladies like me, often have issues finding a bronzer that doesn't make us look like grilled chicken. πŸ™‚

    So, I totally can't wait to pick up Aurora 01!

  • Your review has sent these bronzers to the top of my wish list! Love, love, love.