Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Launch Event at Nordstrom

April 10, 2011

Various Chanel Nordstrom counters all over the country have been having a special launch event for the Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks. I love Chanel events because I always leave with great tips, tricks and ideas on how to use new and existing shades.

Today the artist asked me what kind of look I was interested in. It helps to give the artist some direction so they know where to start. They almost always like to try new colors on you (“new” as in don’t own yet) but since I have virtually all the Chanel quads she decided to use Kaska Beige to show me how to do a subtle smoky eye. The face chart of what she used:

Skin and Face:
Ultra Correction Line Repair Fluid SPF 15
Base Lumière Illuminating Makeup Base
Vitalumière Aqua in B20 (see swatches here)

Concealer as a base (didn’t note which one)
Kaska Beige Quadra Eyeshadow
Ébène Stylo Yeux Waterproof (pure black)


Terre D’or Soleil de Tan Bronzer (soft bronze)
Tweed Corail Bronzer (coral & peach blend also shown here and here)


Deauville Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick (pinky-mauve-brown)

The look was subtle but polished. I loved how she did the eyes. In my experience, few artists know how to do Asian eyes without creases. What she did with Kaska Beige:

  • Step 1: Apply a concealer base to even the eye
  • Step 2: Dampen a small eyeshadow brush and apply the darkest plum shade on the eyes from the center of the eye outwards to the outer corners (in a smudgey messy way), it was applied about 1/3 up the bottom lid from the center out
  • Step 3: Take a new clean soft eyeshadow brush and apply the warm brown shimmer all over the plum and all over the lid and blend together
  • Step 4: Apply the upper right cocoa color in outer corners and under the eyes for extra definition
  • Step 5: Line with a black liner along upper lashes
  • Step 6: Take the light cream shell color and dip another clean detail brush and swipe from brow bone downwards for a soft highlight
Blending the golden brown shade over the darker plum was pure genius. The cheeks and lips went perfectly with Kaska Beige.

*Update* Several of my readers have asked for more thoughts on Tweed Corail – I personally love all the tweed blushes. I’ve linked prior features here and here. It gives a lovely soft peach glow that brightens the face with a refined slight shimmer.

For the lips, Rouge Coco Shine in Deauville is a lovely mauve-brown with pink. It’s a complex color in the tube with different shimmers but applies with a lovely glow. It looks different depending on the light angles. I thought it might be too brown from what I saw in the tube but on the lips it looked more pinky-mauve. Another view below, see how it’s more pinkish compared to the views the above photos (because of the lighting/angle). The texture is sheer and glossy. More thoughts on Rouge Coco Shines soon.

As a promotion, the counter gave out mini pink notebooks, a mini mascara and mini skincare item (shown in the first photo at the beginning of this post). For additional Chanel Makeover Features, click on the MAKEOVER tag at the bottom.

Have you attended any Chanel events? What Rouge Coco Shines have you tried? If you went to an event this weekend, please share the details! I’d love to hear what they used on you or what kind of look they put together for you 🙂

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  • I like this lipstick color , what number is it?

  • Jess

    Can you please post a pic of the eye look? Being another Asian with creaseless eyelids, I'd love to see the finished look to see if I can recreate it!

  • I'm absolutely loving the Rouge Coco shines – actually the only lipsticks from Chanel that I love.

    I picked 46 Liberté, 48 Évasion and 56 Chance.

  • I have never attended, but I would like:) It sounds so interesting!

  • Rushing Stream – it's #67

    Jess – I took pics but they never turn out so, no sorry, I won't be posting any eye looks in the near future

    Jess – Great RCS picks!

    Supergirl – you should definitely try to attend one, they always make you look great 🙂

  • No Chanel events right now at my Nordies. I have to give a second look at the Kaska Beige. When it came out, my hair was auburn and clashed with the colors. I'm blonde again and think those neutrals would work . . .

    I purchased Bonheur and, surprise for me, Rebelle! I tried it on as a joke, and the color looked stunning. It really made my blue eyes pop. I also tried Deauville, thinking it would look great, but it somehow brought out the dark berry undertone in my lips. Not flattering at all on me, and it's such a pretty shade. On you Deauville is beautiful.

    The Rouge Coco Shines definitely need to be applied to determine the truest shade. It makes it hard for gals without access to the Chanel counters to make a choice, but blogs help!

  • I haven't attended any events yet, but would like to do so in the future. I have the Kaska quad as well and look forward to trying out this look! Thanks for posting 🙂

  • I absolutely adore my Chanel SA! She is by far the best makeup artist I have ever encountered & she is so highly skilled with makeup 🙂 They had a Moulin Rouge themed event recently where I picked up quite a bit!

  • That lipstick is gorgeous on you. I've been interested in the Tweed Corail blush. Do you like it?

  • I picked up coco shine in monto carlo and the two of the new eyeliner so I have a backup.. I also purchased the miami peach polish after your review! so pretty!

    for coco shine, I hate that it doesn't last very long but it's fun for now. I was thinking of picking up a pinker shade too… Let me know what your thoughts are on the blush!

  • I have Boy and Monte-Carlo and I am obsessed with both. Monte-Carlo is such a lovely color too!

  • I agree that most makeup artists don't know how to handle Asian eyes; Bobbi Brown, for example, shows an awful thick streak of black liner, no other options. They seem lost without a crease to navigate by. This article from My Tiger Lily, while not exactly makeup advice (her tutorials are inventive but not wearable), is an interesting read on whether makeup for monolids should be viewed differently from double lids. Plus, her basic smoky eye resembles your face chart somewhat.

  • Kaska beige is limited edition or permanent? Nice lip color…:)

  • Do you happen to have the Maybelline Color Whisper in "Made it Mauve"? I am looking for the closest color in the Rouge Coco Shine. Would Deauville be a dupe for the Made it Mauve?