Chanel Le Blanc Continued: Rose Envolée Quadra Eye Shadow 31

March 12, 2011
Chanel Rose Envolée Quadra Eye Shadow 31 is a beautiful palette of ivory, pink-gold (that flashes mostly gold), candy pink and plum-brown shimmers. The finish ranges from a satiny shimmer to a high-sparkle frost. I typically find the square-pan quads superior in quality and texture to the round-pan versions, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. The pigment in Rose Envolée is a lot better than most Chanel quads with the round-pans (this one is Made in France), but the texture is still not as finely milled as the US square-pan version.

I played with it a bit this evening, applying MAC’s Paint Pot in Bare Study as a base, then I layered the ivory, from lash to 3/4 up and blended the pink-gold on top. I then applied Bobbi Brown’s Cocoa Mauve Gel liner and applied the dark chocolate-plum shade on top for a smudged liner. I have yet to figure out how to pull of that bright pink shade.

I couldn’t find a quad dupe, but here it is compared to my other Euro/Asia Baked Version Chanel Quads: Tentation Cuivrée and White Whisper. Note that the round-pan Chanel Quads come with tiny white-tipped applicators that are made of a soft squishy material (softer than the typical sponge-tip we have in the US quads). I find they are not very good at applying the colors, I prefer actual brushes.

Overall love. I still prefer the square pans, but this makes a lovely quad for spring that I think will transition nicely into summer.

As a recap, the Chanel Le Blanc Collection is an Asia Exclusive (like their Think Pink and Beige Collections from years past). I’ve scoured the web and called a couple Chanel Beaute Studios in the US. These beauty studios are just like the Chanel counters you see in department stores, but they also carry a few select pieces from various Imported Collections and the Boutique Exclusives. As of now, I think there are about 5, one at South Coast Plaza Bloomingdales, one in Seattle’s Nordstrom, one in Hawaii, a couple more perhaps. None of the locations I called said they would receive the Le Blanc items and they have no idea of what to expect next for their Imports collection.

Like many of my fellow Chanel fans in the USA – I think it would be amazing if Chanel would carry their Asia, Europe, Canada and other various country exclusive collections online via Chanel.com, even if it is in limited quantities. It would thrill me to no end!

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  • Eileen

    Your pictures and swatches of this collection just keep getting lovelier and lovelier. The quad is absolutely exquisite and brings to mind words like elegant, sophisticated, delicate, and refined. Your are lucky, indeed, to have all these beauties.

    I inderstand the rational for tailoring specific collections to specific countries, but since beauty is now so global in scope, I've often thought that cosmetic brands should make everything they manufacture available to everyone via their websites. Wouldn't that be great?

  • The plummy brown color is so beautiful. I don't own any channel quads, they are really expensive. But they seem really nice.

  • Anh

    I blame you for my new found love for makeup – especially for Chanel quadra eyeshadow! 😉

    Thank you for amazing reviews and swatches, as always. <3

  • What a beautiful palette! 🙂 Gee, the shades are just stunning to look at. I can't imagine a more luxurious palette :p

  • Well I guess I will place the order on evilbay 🙂 I was wondering if there is a difference between the tentations quad and this one. I love the plum and the pink! I wonder if the SC Bloomingdales will get the Le Blanc skin care? I'd rather order it all now before the buy now prices increase. One would think with the large Japanese population here in Socal that these products would be offered, at least in the Chanel boutiques.Thank you!

  • Dana

    I hate that companies don't offer their products globally at least on their websites. It doesn't make sense nowadays to slice the world up into different regions. All they achieve with this is putting customers off, because not everyone is happy about ordering from eBay.

  • I lust for roses, golds, and browns eyeshadows! This Chanel palette really reminds me of MAC's Chocolate Spice Quad from a few seasons ago. <3 Love, love, love!

    Happy weekend S!

  • Thank you so much for reviewing this quad and posting comparison swatches.
    Rose Envolée is definitely very beautiful and different enough from Tentations Cuivrée to be worth buying. In fact, that's exactly what I did.
    Bought my own Rose Envolée as soon as I finished reading your post. 🙂

  • So pretty! That plummy brown looks gorgeous 🙂 Thanks for the swatches 🙂

  • Wow, those quads are beautiful~~ thanks for sharing the photos and swatches!