NARS Illuminators Copacabana, Laguna & the Original O

February 28, 2011

The new illuminators in Copacabana, Laguna and Super Orgasm arrived online at narscosmetics.com last week and I decided to order Copacabana and Laguna to compare them to the original release of Orgasm from last February (see my post The Neverending NARS “O” Series). I was also anxious to see how these compared to the other NARS products with similar names, mainly the Copacabana Multiple & Laguna Bronzing Powder.

I have not tried the newly packaged Orgasm to compare to the new one, but I can provide some initial thoughts on the original O versus the two new shades I bought in Laguna and Copacabana. Both the old and new versions are similar in product amount and texture. Both retail for $29 USD. What are the differences? First I’ll compare the difference in packaging:

  • Original packaging is skinnier, taller and has slightly less product inside
  • New packaging is shorter, wider and comes with a flip open lid

Another difference I noticed is that the first version of Orgasm Illuminator is sheerer in finish compared to the new Copacabana and Laguna. Here is Copacabana swatched close up on the skin. The left is heavily swatched, the right is sheered out. Perhaps it’s just contrasted with my skintone because Copacabana is more white, while Orgasm is more peach.

NARS Laguna Illuminator is a warmer almost orangey bronze with gold micro glitter. It also shows up more visible on my face in a warm golden bronze shade.

NARS Illuminators old and new in Orgasm, Copacabana & Laguna all swatched together:

Heavily swatched and sheered out:

Comparisons: Edward Bess Sunlight, NARS Copacabana Multiple, NARS Copacabana Illuminator

NARS Laguna Bronzer, NARS South Beach Multiple, NARS Laguna Illuminator

The comparisons swatched plus some thoughts. The Copacabana Illuminator is whiter and brighter than the Multiple version. The Illuminator is more contrasted with my skin in color but less sparkly and more glowy. I think Edward Bess’s Sunlight Cream Highlighter works better for a natural glow on my skin.

The NARS Laguna Illuminator is warmer and almost orangey next to the original Laguna Bronzing Powder but blends out beautifully on the skin. I swatched it next to South Beach Multiple for your reference.

I haven’t had time to experiment with the new Illuminators much, but so far I’ve used Laguna Illuminator on the cheeks by itself and then also layered under a bright pink blush. It works just like a regular liquid highlighter but dries quickly so I recommend blending quickly. I tested Copacabana Illuminator on the eyes near the browbone to highlight and it gave a lovely glow without the greasy feeling that Multiples can sometimes have when applied on the eyes. So far after a few uses, no irritations or break outs. I find them to be relatively long lasting, but natural in finish.

I assume you can mix these with foundation for a glow but haven’t tried it with Laguna or Copacabana. Overall thumbs up – I wasn’t too keen on the gold glitter in Laguna at first but when blended with a foundation brush the result is subtle enough.

A special thanks to Karlasugar who posted an awesome online discount code for us last week!

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  • I tried the Copacabana luminator today – happily snagged a sample over the weekend at Sephora. At first, I thought it just disappeared completely into my skin till I saw my face in the bathroom at work. It was a lovely glow. I think this is the first work bathroom I have ever been in that had such lovely lighting. I think I'll test it out blended with my LM Tinted Moisturizer.

    Have you tried the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, yet?

  • Comments were accidentally deleted. Here they are republished from my e-mail records:

    the redhead crafts Feb 28
    I really love how Copacabana looks like! I think it would be perfect for my skin tone. Too bad we don't have NARS over here. :/

    Copacabana and Orgasm look gorgeous! Sadly, Laguna looks a bit too orange for my taste. Great swatches and comparisons <3

    the original o (nicely put lol) I bough in a set at sephora for $45 (also came with soft touch jumbo eye pencil and a mini deep throat). the set is called forever yours a current exclusive at sephora. the illuminator came in the old packaging.

    here is how I wore mine: I used laura mercier mineralized powder first, then I applied the original "o" as a blush which worked beautifully. if applied just a little on clean skin, "o" can also be worn as a sheer foundation. I would also assume that laguna can be applied all over the skin and act as a little tint?

    I only have two things from the original o series- illuminator and gloss hehe. thank for the help on knowing what to call the o series lol.

    I think the illuminator, club mix and stylo will go down as my monthly favorites.

    even though the packaging changed, is the formula still the same?

    Copacabana seems like the best highlighter. I have the orgasm highlighter & barely use it. Thanks for the swatches!

  • Set two – republished:

    Old Cow
    I very nearly got the Copacabana but was influenced by a fellow blogger to try the RBR Sea of Tranquility instead and it is ever soooooo goooooood. I will probably try this too just coz I am a greedy lady!

    Definitely agree that Copacabana looks best.
    I think you have just created another lemming for me πŸ™

  • This post has been really helpful. I just bought the new Orgasm illuminator and i'm infatuated. Thanks for the tip about mixing it with foundation for an all-over glow. I don`t have a multiple yet… If you were to choose a single multiple which would it be. I'm blond and I have blues eyes if that helps.