Tocca Bianca Eau de Parfum

January 14, 2011

Every now and then I receive a special request to write about fragrances. This is an area I have not explored very much so I must refer you to two fragrance connoisseurs (my go-to resources) for exquisite perfume photographs and beautiful detailed descriptions: The Non-Blonde and Nathan Branch. Both have lists of fragrance and perfume resources on their sidebars which I find tremendously helpful. I have only reviewed one fragrance before, ChloΓ© Eau de Fleurs in Lavande, but today I bring another review of Tocca’s Eau de Parfum in Bianca (1.7 fl oz/ 50 ml, $68).

For perfumes, I always look at the packaging first. If the scent is bottled in a beautiful container then I am more likely to pick it up and smell it. Tocca’s Eau de Parfums come in the prettiest round vintage-like bottles making them beautiful eye candy for my dresser. The box packaging is just as exquisite and has a beautiful inscription inside. The little details make opening it all the more enjoyable.

According to Tocca, this scent is “inspired by Tea time in Italy” with the following notes:

  • Top notes: Bergamot, Lavender, Mandarin and Lemon Orpur
  • Middle notes: Rose Petals, Jasmine and Green Tea
  • Bottom notes: Musk, Sugar
It’s fascinating how fragrances react with one’s natural body chemistry. On the little spray cards Bianca smells very clean and fresh, while on my wrists it smells like soft roses and jasmine. I normally avoid strong floral scents but this one is soft and subtle.

In case you are wondering what my fragrance preferences are, I am the type of person who prefers scented shower gels like Molton Brown Coco de Mer and Fresh Sugar Lychee rather than perfumes, so when it comes to fragrances I look for ones that are very subtle. All of Tocca’s scents fit the bill for soft and pretty. I have my eye on Giulietta next. For more descriptions, check out Karen’s review at Makeup and Beauty Blog.

My two fragrances:

As a side note, in my last survey I asked readers to share their favorite fragrance picks. I received over 500 recommendations, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have made a list of scents to check out which will keep me busy over the next few months testing a few here and there every time I pass by all the pretty bottles.

I bought my Tocca at Sephora. You can find where Tocca is carried through the Tocca Store Locator on their website (linked for your convenience).

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  • Sabrina,
    I love Bianca, I purchased and reviewed it last summer. I adore the feminine and 'old world' packaging. You'll like Giulietta too! I'd like to try more!

  • Oh my goodness this is GORGEOUS! I think I'll be forced to go smell the Tocca fragrances in Sephora tomorrow while I'm out swatching.

    I think I want to decorate my first home in the style of this bottle, right down to the coloring.

  • the vintage bottle is just coconuts!!! looks like something out of a treasure chest. would love to see more purfume reviews. i'd never come across Tocca's Eau de Parfum until now. thanks for sharing. xo

  • That bottle is gorgeous, and I agree with you, I'm more likely to smell perfumes in cute bottles. I may even justify getting perfumes because of the bottle.. now I want to smell it haha

  • The bottle is beautiful!

  • This bottle look just gogeous!!! I love buying parfume in beautiful bottles. And now I want to smell it, too. Roses and jasmine hmmmm

  • One of my Christmas presents from my husband was the Tocca Eau de Parfum Viaggio set from sephora.

    It comes in a beautiful box that the lid lifts off and inside you have 3 mini (huge for mini sizes I was shocked) Tocca perfumes they are

    *pasted and copied from sephora site*

    Stella attracts your senses with blood orange and spicy lily. A flirtatious combination of white freesia, wild diamond orchids, sheer musk, and sandalwood merge to create a fresh, sensual fragrance. Florence is an alluring combination of gardenia, bergamot, and crushed violet petals. Bottom notes of iris and blonde wood emerge, creating a sophisticated and feminine scent that calls to mind old world Paris. Cleopatra, the Mediterranean seductress, inspired Tocca's eau de parfum of the same name. A fragrance that captivates the senses, it opens with fresh and sparkling grapefruit and lush greens. These accords fade into notes of sensual, white jasmine and tuberose, leaving an exotic, rich trail of warm patchouli, golden amber, and vanilla musk.

    I liked the notes all three have in them, but buying online is always a risk, and thankfully I am very happy with these. I cannot wait to purchase Bianca now. If it is anything like the trio I have I know I will love it.

  • i love the bottles Tocca makes! i plan to try their 'Cleopatra'

  • Tocca has such lovely packaging! Your photos are so pretty. I am dying to try the candles as well…

  • Wait, wha? Huh? Those are GORGEOUS photographs!

    I am literally knocked back on my heels — it's rare to see such an obvious passion in photographs of bottles and packaging, and what I read in your review and see in these pictures is genuine appreciation and passion.

    I especially liked this line: "For perfumes, I always look at the packaging first. If the scent is bottled in a beautiful container then I am more likely to pick it up and smell it."

    I absolutely agree. If the packaging and bottle doesn't make my heart sing and my brain dance in little shivers of pleasure, then I have difficulty with the rest of it. It's been one of the most difficult hurdles I've had to leap in order to appreciate indie fragrances, because the independent house's packaging is often less than lovely due to unfortunate financial constraints, even though the fragrances themselves may be stellar.

    I think this is what I've always connected with in your cosmetics reviews — that you appreciate beautiful packaging as much as a quality product, and that the perfect marriage of the two is what you're ideally looking for.

    Fragrance photographs and reviews are obviously an untapped talent of yours. By all means, don't be shy about more.

  • Connie

    I love the scent of Bianca and Stella and the beautiful bottles as well! It's definitely the first thing I notice when it comes to fragrances and it's actually how I stumbled upon these at Anthropologie.

    If you are considering another one, there is a luckybreak promo for 35% off on Tocca's website!