Chanel Spring 2011 Continued – The Lips

December 23, 2010
For Chanel Spring 2011, I’ve reviewed my eye-makeup picks (here), the nail polishes (here) and featured a detailed review on Black Pearl (here). Up next are my lip picks, top to bottom: Peregrina Rouge Coco, Jersey Rose Rouge Coco, Cristal Rose Rouge Double Intensité, Aragonite Glossimer and Nakkar Glossimer.

*UPDATE* I’ve once again added more comparisons. See all the way at the bottom.

The colors are fresh and brightening and the options this spring are great for both neutral and bright-color lovers alike. I, of course, picked out the most neutrals. If you’re into brighter colors like Lancome Chris & Tell check out the 2 new Rouge Allures (which I passed on).

Swatched on bare skin:

The Rouge Cocos at first glance seemed like your basic and unoriginal pink and peach. Swatched on the hands they were pretty, but didn’t have that wow factor. Let me tell you – you MUST try these on the lips! They are just beautiful for spring. Jersey Rose is a bright healthy pink on the lips. Peregrina is a healthy but neutral coral. Both are neutral enough for my comfort yet have enough color to brighten the face. If you look at the tube close up you see the slightest sheen, almost shimmer! But on the lips, I don’t see any shimmer at all. I like them both layered with the sparkly glossimer, Aragonite, for a glistening shine. Here are close ups of both colors, plus lip swatches.

The glossimers are fun this spring. Nakkar is a warm reddish pinky-peachy color with gold flecks. For once Chanel has released a nice warm reddish color that isn’t orange or deep red. Yay! It sheers out so a bit but definitely shows color. On the lips I don’t really see the shimmer. Aragonite is a pretty sparkly clear multi-colored gloss. The micro sparkles are highly visible in this one, similar to MAC Dazzleglasses. It’s different from Galactic in the sense that Galactic flashes blue-opal, Aragonite is more neutral and less blue. There’s a new Rouge Double Intensite this spring in a color different than anything they’ve done before. Those familiar with Chanel’s Rouge Double probably expect a rich opaque thick flat color. Cristal Rose goes against all Rouge Double traditions in the sense that it’s light, shimmery and sheer. I’m not sure how I feel about this one, it’s so sheer it barely shows up on me, but it’s gorgeous in the tube.

I couldn’t get good lip swatches of the glossimers tonight, so the arm swatches will have to suffice.

Overall: LOVE! Healthy colors that are fresh and flattering to the skin in a natural way that brightens the complexion. Aragonite is an unexpected favorite because of it’s versatility. It’s great for layering over lipsticks without altering the color like some multi-colored sparkly glosses can do.

FYI, check out Amy’s reviews of the Chanel Spring lips on Café Makeup. She’s my Chanel twin but lighter in skintone! If you see my swatches and think “what?! they look off” check out her blog, she has amazing pics and great lip swatches on her daughter there, who is also lighter in complexion.


Here are more comparisons to other Rouge Cocos and one other Glossimer. Note the differences are very subtle and hard to capture. The difference you see is mainly on the lips. The Spring 2011 colors are warmer in undertone.

Jersey Rose & Peregrina from Spring 2011
Chintz & Rose Dentelle from Fall 2010
Magnolia from Holiday 2010

* On the nails: Chanel Rouge Fatal (reviewed here & here)

In the tubes, Aragonite & Galactic look identical. On the hand/lips, the difference is subtle. Galactic flashes blue while Aragonite flashes more pink.

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  • Anonymous

    Do you think the new Rouge Cocos are similar to Chintz and Rose Dentelle?

  • I love Jersey Rose!

  • Is it me, or is Jersey Rose almost identical to Rose Dentelle? Either way, lovely swatches 🙂 x

  • Great post! I love your blog. I just ordered Black Pearl, the eyeshadow quad and the nakkar. Which of the lipsticks would work better with a cool complexion?

  • Trying to talk myself down from buying Aragonite. I already have Dior Diorkiss in Sorbert. Must fight it! lol!

  • I think I might need Jersey Rose in my life! What a nice pink.

  • Eileen

    After seeing your pictures and Amy's I was wondering the same thing as Anonymous (1st comment). Chintz and Rose Dentelle were my favorites picks from the fall lip colors. It looks like Chanel is giving us the same type of option again only warmer and with that sheen and slightly sheerer formula that was introduced when Magnolia came out. Because many lipsticks have the unfortunate habit of "turning" on me, I'm waiting to actually try these out at the counter. They look like cheerful spring colors: light and sunny without being overly bright. Either one would look amazing with the new blush and quad.

  • love the pinks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    big hugs.

    it goes to show what a great, superb, quality chanel is because everytime I have tried colors like aragonite from other companies, the color does not show. your much lighter than I am, but the colors really pop on your skin.

    thanks for the swatches

  • Bella

    Thank you for the gorgeous swatches! I am loving these lipsticks and glossimers. I agree with Eileen that these are sunny and cheerful without being overly bright.

    I also wanted to add that Jersey Rose reminded me a lot of Rose Dentelle when I first saw swatches but I can tell a definite difference when I apply it. On me, Jersey Rose is a warmed up, peachy pink that is very flattering to my light olive complexion and it is just enough of a pop of color to brighten my face. Although Rose Dentelle is a pretty color, I passed on it because it looked quite cool and sort of blah on me. Chintz also didn't look quite right. So, I think Jersey Rose is worth checking out particularly if the fall Rouge Cocos didn't work for you. I am still trying to decide whether I need Peregrina or not!

  • Oh goodness, Peregrina and Nekkar look like must haves for me.

  • Eileen

    Hi Anonymous,
    I just got back from the Chanel counter where I tried out the new Rouge Coco colors. I took Chintz and Rose Dentelle with me for comparison purposes. The difference in color was imperceptible on my lips so I did not purchase the new ones. I agree with Bella. If you liked the colors of the fall release but found them a bit too cool for you, these new colors will probably be perfect. They're just warmer versions.

    Hi DeeDee,
    Argonite in a word: Wow! It is clear and loaded with a whole rainbow's worth of sparkles that add a depth and dimension that makes the lips look smooth and luscious. In truth, I haven't seen any pictures on-line yet that do this gorgeous gloss justice. Don't try to talk yourself out of this one. It's too beautiful to pass up 🙂

  • I can't wait to pick up Jersey Rose 🙂

  • abl

    I also love the Jersey Rose…perfect shade of pink! Also, what nailpolish color do you have on?

  • I swatched chanel spring in nordstrom today and the shimmer in Aragonite is TDF!! so complex and amazing!

  • Thank you so much for the comparison swatches! Very helpful. I don't feel that I need Jersey Rose, but I think I have to have Peregrina 🙂 xxx

  • Sophia1105

    Those are lovely! I've been on a cream blush kick lately that's similar to the colors of l/s you swatched…

    The swatch you have of your hand at a distance really helps to see/"grasp" the color better.

    Thanks again as always for your meticulous work!

    Happy holidays to you!

  • Beautiful swatches as always, Sabrina. Thanks so much for your review on Cristal Rose. I agree it is a bit sheer compared to the lipsticks. Happy Holidays.

  • Peregrina is stunning, can't wait to get my hands on it… as well as Espiegle and the eyeshadow quad! *Sigh*! 🙂

  • Z

    I might have to buy Aragonite as a backup to my Galactic. I love Galactic and it was already gone when I tried to buy a 2nd one. Thanks for the great review and have a happy New Year!