Chanel Particulière Re-Visited

December 3, 2010

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 1 year since Chanel Particulière 505 Le Vernis was released. I feel that it’s one of those “trendy” shades that has transitioned into a classic. I was never into the taupe nail trend until Chanel released Particulière. What I love about this is how different it looks on everyone depending on skintone. On me it’s a mink-taupe cream with slight cool mauve tones. I love it on the fingers and toes. It’s a color that can do no wrong for me. In the past year, I’ve featured it here, here and here. Here it is again photographed against different colored backgrounds. My DIY manicure is with 2 coats.


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  • I love how it looks on you. I keep picking up this color and putting it back down when I'm at the Chanel counter. I think after my makeup-ban, if there's any left out there, I'll pick one up. ^^

  • Amy

    What a fun post–you're right, this has become a classic. I love a good original!

  • Yay! I love this color so much–it's perfect with everything and it always makes me feel polished without seeming girlish.

    Now if only my manicure could look as lovely as yours!

  • I love the color!

  • I bought this right away last December as a birthday present to myself, haha. I love it, and I love how it looks different on everyone. It really plays off the wearer's skin tone–very unique.

  • Anonymous

    So, do you have magic skin? How can everything look so nice on you, Lina?

    *is slightly irritated*

    I tried to make this polish work for me, but it was not to be. I do think that, for certain people, it can really work. It's just not a shade for everybody.

    It's funny you mention it being a year, 'cause I was just thinking how BB's pewter chrome was the "it" thing from her collection last fall. We're so funny how we get crazy over the latest thing and move on. Good for you for taking a look back.

    Hope everyone is having a great week!


  • I think it looks amazing on your nails

  • It looks fabulous on you. SpaRitual Living In The Moment is my go-to-taupe

  • Gretchen

    That's a great color on you! I tried a similar color at the salon and my nail guy, Kit, said "This looks terrible. How about red?" after painting a few nails.

    PS: CAN I PLEASE HAVE YOUR RINGS?!?! I am having serious ring envy. GORGEOUS.

  • It looks just beautiful! Especially against the taupey-brown sweater 🙂 This is a great shade and I'm so glad I got it, although I waited a while. Now I love it!

  • Amy

    that color is gorgeous! I love how perfect it goes against your sweater too!

  • I love the way this looks on you, especially against the deep wine blouse and taupe sweater! 🙂 Unfortunately this is not a color I can wear easily on my deep skintone. I don't know why it just ends up looking blah and dirty on me! 🙁 But it looks gorgeous on you!

  • I never use chanel nail polish because of the price tag. I saw this color at the chanel counter as a part of their soho collection. The color is like what you said "very taupe" but I think it looks more khaki.

    A shade like this with one of your shimmer shades on top will look great (butter london). I think I read a post where you had like some shimmer shades from paul and joe and butter london. Those shimmer shades will make that chanel pop even more.

    take care.

  • Chanel has free shipping until December 16th! I treated myself to Riva after your wonderful mani/pedi the other day. Happy shopping, all!

  • OMG you mean it's been one year already? Wow it seems like it was just yesterday that it got released! I still love the colour though (as well as all the similar colours), it's such a classic and still looks chic today.

  • Hi, I just found your blog today and love it! I just splurged and bought myself this polish the other day, and plan to give it a try this week. It looks really nice on you, I hope I have as much luck.

  • that polish is PERFECTION! Have to have that color xo

  • That color is fantastic! I love it! I think taht it's perfect with CHANEL "Laque Reflet Immédiat" at the end…Do you know?