NARS Mélusine Eyeshadow Duo & Petit Monstre Lipstick for Holiday 2010

November 4, 2010

The NARS Holiday collection this year is described as “brazenly mesmerizing” on narscosmetics.com and the description is spot on. NARS has never failed to capture my attention even when his collections are clearly not me. No matter what he releases, his collections still manage to turn my head and I’m always drawn to the counter to play. I don’t always leave the counter with something but his collections are always so cutting edge I can’t help but be curious. I loved the little black card I received recently – it brought a smile to my face.

I fell in love with his Mélusine Eyeshadow Duo ($32) because it is truly unique and took my breath away. Just read Josie’s review on Pink Sith and you’ll be in love too. This duo is SO MUCH better than the promotional photos. One side has a complex opalescent grey-purple shimmer. It’s almost duochrome but not quite. The shimmer is so finely mixed together it’s hard to describe. The other side is a matte cool purple. It did not apply well on my arm but goes on much smoother and richer on the eyes. This purple is an enigma to me – you can see that it looks slightly red in some photos while others look more blueish purple. It’s a matte shade so there’s no reflecting particles yet it still looks different depending on what angle you hold the duo at.

I could not resist Petit Monstre Lipstick ($24) because of the name. I have featured my kitty a few times on my blog and many of you have asked his name. I have to confess that we call our kitty Monster. He’s the meanest little furry thing I’ve ever seen yet I love him to death. He was the best birthday present I’ve ever received. I had to have this lipstick for my kitty’s sake. It’s described as a “rich, luscious berry” and that is exactly how I would describe it but with a gold shimmer infused throughout. It’s not quite red in the tube or on the hand but it applies red on my lips.

One last view of Mélusine Eyeshadow Duo and Petit Monstre Lipstick:

Swatched on bare skin:

My thoughts on the other items:
Passed on the nail polishes and glosses. Was slightly interested in the new Sex Appeal Blush but it was simply too pale. Fell in love with the gold Étrusque eyeshadow but thought it would be too warm for my olive-toned skin. The other items were ok but not really my cup of tea. I found these at Nordstrom.

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  • Amy

    The eyeshadow duo looks amazing. NARS has such good color pay off!

  • I got Melusine as well, I found the matte purple required some work, like most mattes, but it's very pretty.
    Petit Monstre looks gorgeous, I'll have to look into it for my next Nars order!

  • Gorgeous shades!!!! Too bad NARS are so so overly overpriced here in Australia… That lipstick looks so nice on you!

  • Melusine is so pretty! I adore the swatch of the lighter shade!
    It's already on my wishlist (along with Etrusque-can't beat a nice gold for the holidays)! 🙂
    Great reviews (as always)!


  • the colors are gorgeous, you make me want them after i pass on this collection… 😛

  • Petit Monstre is such a cute name!!! And the lighter shimmery e/s colour is so beautiful!

  • Glad you finally shared your kitty's name – I actually think Monster is kind of cute! 🙂 We have three cats, and one of them is named Eli, but I usually call him Fluffmonster. He's pretty evil…but he's amazing too. Is your kitty a Ragdoll?

  • That duo is so gorgeous!

  • I took advantage of the last day of the Sephora F/F sale and bought Etrusque last night based on two reviews I read yesterday. I am wearing it now and I love how it makes my dark eyes sparkle. I need to go back and try the lipstick – the Downtown gloss is an interesting Grape color. I don't know if I can pull that off but it's worth a shot. I also would like to try that Melusine duo. I'm not the biggest fan of purple shadows but I do have my moments where I crave color. Also, Joey and you never fail me!

    What did you think of the polishes? I'm almost thinking about picking up one because the price isn't too bad!

  • the silver shadow is gorgeous!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi! I LOVE your blog (I'm a long-time reader, first time commenter). I actually have a question about Petit Monstre, which looks great on you. Is the color similar to Chanel Fabulous? Your description made me wonder…

    Thanks for your thoughts–and for your wonderful blog! 🙂

  • Love the purple! Its so pretty!

  • I was sent Melusine to review and I agree, it's lovely. I know exactly what you mean about it not applying well to the arm. I was so worried when I swatched it but the application is totally different on the eyes. Petite Monstre looks very nice too.
    Jane x