Lancome Mini Vernis in 020 Le Rouge L’Wren

October 23, 2010

Lancome and stylist L’Wren Scott have released two mini nail polishes for the holiday collection in Le Rouge L’Wren 020 (deep sparkling red) and Le Gris L’Wren 021 (shimmery steel blue-grey). Both are indeed swoon-worthy and I opted for the red one today since there’s nothing like a good red nail polish to make a woman feel like a woman.

Le Rouge L’Wren is a deep wine red with tiny red micro-sparkles that are slightly brighter than the base. From arm’s length you can’t really see the shimmer but the finish is glossy and the red is uber sophisticated. It has just the right amount of red to prevent it from being too vampy. I know I have similar shades in my nail polish stash – I just haven’t pulled any to compare. Off the top of my head I don’t think any have the same red sparkle quality. Now if I could only find a lipgloss the same color …

The holiday nail polishes ($14.50 for 6 ml) come in a mini version of the full size ($18 for 10 ml). It has the same style packaging but comes with a black twist off cap instead of silver. They are too cute!

Here is Le Rouge L’Wren in action:

Applying Bobbi Brown’s Kir Sugar Lipgloss over MAC’s VGVI Lipstick:

Getting ready to go out:

Just posing:

I did get the blue-grey one too. That color will be reviewed soon.

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  • Gorgeous! It makes me think of the holidays.

  • Oh my goodness I think I need this nail polish! Looks great on you and it's so perfect for the holidays

  • Sabrina, this red looks great on you. I am REALLY looking forward to your review of the other L'Wren polish, I almost ordered it online the other day but held off bc I had not yet seen a swatch!

  • such a stunning one! x

  • Wow, I MUST have this one! I've been looking for a red varnish and this one is it! Thanks Sabrina =D, now off to call the Lancome counter!

  • Gorgeous shade of red 🙂

  • Eileen

    Now that's a holiday red if ever there was one. It's a cheerful color that looks lovely with your skin tone. You're right about it stopping just short of vampy and yet it is quite sophisticated. Good choice!

  • I like this kind of red, classy but not too vampy…a matching gloss would be nice too!

  • Gorgeous colour! Love your blog <3

  • Anonymous

    "There's nothing like a good red nail polish to make a woman feel like a woman"


    Well…a red lippie will do that, too, but it must be fabulous red.

    Looks great on you (as does everything you post about)!


  • omg, its so pretty! it looks lovely on you! (:

  • Totally off the subject Sabrina, but where did you get that adorable polka-dotted blouse??? Love it!!!
    valhoff 3 at yahoo dot com

  • Sabrina, I fell for both these polishes too! I love the whole collection–I picked up the lipstick and gloss and will review soon. I'm anxious to see the gray polish on you, it's such an unusual shade. Thanks for the reviews!

  • Thanks ladies! Lancome surprised me this holiday – at least with their nail polishes.

    I'll try and review the blue one this week.

    Mamavalveeta03 – The top is from J.Crew I believe it went on sale online and sold out. You might want to check in-store though. They might still have it.

  • I like the rich, jewel-toned color. Plus, a little sparkle goes a long way.

  • So pretty! I love how your nail posts influence my next manicure color choices!

  • I want the other one so much but it is sold out almost everywhere 🙁

  • lovely color! and your ring is stunning xo

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sabrina, great post, love the colour, unfortunately this is completely sold out in my town, are there any dupes you could recommend that is close to this colour?
    many thanks!

  • It's so gorgeous!