YSL Rouge Volupté Perle 104 Stellar Pink

September 21, 2010
When YSL Fall arrived instores during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I fell in love with the Rouge Volupté Perle in Beige Caress #101. I had swatched the other shades and initially thought 103 and 104 resembled MAC Lame/Sequin, but on another occasion swatched them again and looked at the colors in natural light and was surprised how wearable #104 Stellar Pink was and ran right back in to get it.

I would describe it as a soft mauve pink rose with a slight (very slight) blue iridescent quality. I normally can’t wear any lip items with a blueish sheen but this one is just beautiful. These have a super soft texture and feel like a lip balm on the lips but show up quite well. I like that these have a glossy sheen for the finish and they taste like candy. The scent isn’t too noticeable but does smell like other Rouge Voluptés.

You can read my review of these on Beige Caress, but to recap – the Perles have a more forgiving finish than the regular Rouge Voluptés which due to their opaqueness can look a bit fake and thick if not applied carefully. The Perle formula is more natural but still shows up pretty well on the lips.

If you already have MAC Lame and don’t mind the frosty quality, then I’d say it’s pretty similar in color. I find adding a bit of clear gloss or lip balm to MAC frost finish lipsticks can tone down the frost quality. (Lame is one of the few shades I have gone through a full tube of, although I always find I need to tweak it a bit with gloss to keep it from looking too metallic on the lips.) Here is the YSL compared to MAC Lame and Chanel Legende (mini size):

Pricey at $34 but I like that this lipstick does not require any additional work (liner or gloss) to make it work on me. It’s an easy swipe and go type of shade. I found mine at Nordstrom. I’m not all that familiar with YSL so I can’t say whether or not this is limited edition or not.

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  • thanks for sharing, it looks great !!!

  • Gorgeous!! What a perfect spring pink, looks great on you

  • Beautiful. I think this color looks lovely on you!

  • i love ysl rouge voluptes! stellar pink is lovely 🙂

  • Really beautiful color! But I'm obsessing on your nail color…what is it??? hahaha

  • rachel

    that is a beautiful color but i am most LOVING Steel on your nails! i made a huge mistake by choosing Strong and skipping Steel. Strong dries really flat and boring.

    this is my first time commenting and i don't usually leave comments on blogs just for general praise, but i want to express how much i love what you do. your writing is very clear, neat, articulate and professional and i also appreciate the products you choose for review. while your high-end choices may not be accessible to everyone, they reflect the makeup that i love, and mean i don't have to spend a page scrolling through reviews of the interminable MAC launches. also, your product comparison shots are FANTASTIC and i love that you get to the comparison pics before i even get a chance to wonder. keep up the wonderful work!

  • you have such an amazing blog! thanks for sharing 🙂

  • that's a gorgeous shade on you…for some reason i thought that shade would be much warmer than it actually looks. 🙂 im glad you got it because it's so flattering.

  • Sometimes it's worth paying a little extra for a great lipstick. The color is creamy and pretty.

  • Cristina

    Hello! this color is amazing on you! However I'm really loving how Steel looks…I'm soooo glad I got it. Btw…if you don't mind me asking…do you do professional manicures on a weekly basis or do you do them yourself? If you do them yourself you do an awesome job! Thanks again for your blog and beautiful swatches:)

  • Eileen

    The consensus seems to be that the YSL is a lovely and very flattering color on you, Sabrina. I'd also like to add that it looks utterly work appropriate whereas the frosty MAC does not. When you consider the fact that you can just swipe and go without all the hoopla of liners and glosses, it sounds more and more like a bargain 🙂

  • Goya

    First of all, your blog is amazing, it's an absolute pleasure to read it.

    Second-this color is stunning on you.

  • mmm love the color <3
    I prefer the YSL over the other two

  • Perfect swatches, Sabrina! I love Stellar Pink so much, I returned to Saks to purchase a second one. When I purchase the third, I guess we can officially call me a Stellar Pink hoarder.

    I think it's the best of YSL's new shades.

  • excellent post! I love this colour in YSL. very me! On a side note, I was trying out some beige neutral tone clothes recently but nothing neutral looked right on me. Then I remembered your beautifully chosen outfit posts so I came back to have a look. Still, I think neutrals are made for certain people. Apparently, I am not one. I can wear neutral makeup (and absolutely love it!) But when it comes ot fashion, black and white seem to be more me. I am going to have a big trouble now that spring is loaded with neutral here!

    anyway, just thought to let you know I thought of you when shopping for clothes! 🙂

  • Hi Ladies, I'm short on time so I'll address the questions.

    Thanks for all the feedback!

    Dye-A-Graham, it's Chanel Steel Le Vernis on my nails.

    Rachel – I think Chanel Strong is still gorgeous, it will definitely grow on you. My high end picks aren't accessible to me either – so I hope it reduces the risks others have to take by having no idea what certain brands look like.

    Jojoba – Yes, beige is hard for girls like us to wear. Same with khaki colors. Sometimes beige clothing makes me look aged. I think finding the right shade is a challenge! Hope all is well with you!

  • thanks! I really and greatly appreciate the tips for blogging. I own a blog and a wordpress, and it is true that its hard to get it noticed. As for my writing, it still needs work like with grammar and punctuation but its coming. I was already doing most of them such as not putting a profile pic, personal information, and such. there is no need for that in my opinion. Even though your blog is opinion based, they are all very helpfull. Here is another tip just my opinion: open a youtube channel to get the blog noticed. it actually worked with mine. you can discretely do makeup tutorials without showing your whole face.

    THANK you for the blog and tips

  • Stellar Pink is so incredibly GORGEOUS! Looks beautiful on your lips! I just picked-up Sparkling Pink #103 and it's so pretty. Now after seeing Stellar Pink, I have to put that on my list too! Oh my!

  • Jamie J

    I went to the MAC Counter today to buy Lame… and they told me its dicontinued!!!… I been wearing this color since i was 16… it's my fav!… Lame was the main color i wore everyday but i do wear other colors for different occassions… but i was honestly heartbroken… i wish i used my last Lame lipstick wisely!!…

    Anyhow… THANK YOU!! i will defi look into the YSL#104 lipstick…
    i been on the internet looking for the last Lame lipstick out there… but no luck… and then i saw your blog! again thank you for your help! your a lifesaver!
    x x x