Guest Post: Le Metier de Beaute Eyeshadows

September 14, 2010
I’m thrilled that one of my favorite brands Le Metier de Beaute has really taken off in the past year. When I first discovered the brand there were virtually no reviews or photos of the line except from a few lucky New Yorkers. The line was very exclusive to a few select locations around the US. Everyone else (myself included) had to order products over the phone or online sight unseen. For me it was a bit of a risk spending so much on lipglosses and eyeshadows that I had never seen or tested – but I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful colors and high quality. I’m glad the brand is expanding and making itself more accessible. It’s definitely a splurge but the items are indeed lovely.

Today, I have a lovely guest post from a NYer who goes by the screen name Panties on Makeupalley. She took a number of photos from the Le Metier de Beaute counter and was kind enough to e-mail me with a set to share. Check out her profile on MUA for additional photos of Le Metier products among other wonderful things (EB, MAC, Shu Uemura to name a few). These eyeshadows come in a round mirrored black compact and currently retail for $30 each.

I think she’s sparked a few more lemmings for me. I asked her what her thoughts were overall or if she had any favorites? Her response:

“Their eyeshadows are their best products aside from their lip cremes. I’m in love with Chameleon because it really is a unique shade. I actually use Canvas a lot more often than expected because it evens out my eyelids.”

I have to agree with her on Canvas. For me it’s more of a contour color but it does even out the lids. Chameleon does indeed look intriguing – it’s not one that I recall seeing while in San Francisco or Beverly Hills. It definitely looks very unique.

I am still dreaming of the day when I can get to the East Coast! But for now, I am grateful for all the NY makeup aficionados that bring a bit of the city to the rest of us πŸ™‚

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  • A

    Thanks for this post! I was thinking of ordering a few eyeshadows but was wary of doing it sight unseen.

    BTW, if you have time, would you be able to swatch all the LMdB eyeshadows that you own?


  • Anonymous

    oh my goodness, they look lovely. I've been eyeing this brand for a while. Only if someone will post complete swatches (especially before BG's GC event)…

  • Adele – as you can see from the comment note, I just started a new job, so my swatching time is limited at the moment while it's still light outside (the best condition to swatch in). I'll see what I can do but can't make any promises. I have a number of scheduled posts that I worked on over the weekend – but am not sure I will have time to do anymore swatching until this Saturday.

    I do have swatches of Alexandrite, Clay, Rose Champagne, Sequoia here:

    Corinthian, Mulberry, Jojo here:

    I also own Spicy, Sugar, Innocence (original version), Water Sapphire, Milan, and have Bordeaux coming soon. But no swatches yet.

    Check out Visionary Beauty – she has some good LMdB swatches. Joeybunny has a swatch of Corinthian and Plum on Pink Sith.

    That's the best I can do for now.

  • I live near Fashion Island and I walk up there w/ my little one almost daily, so if you need a quick swatch, please let me know. The Metier rep at Neimans is real nice. We talked during the FNO event on Friday and I picked up a few more pieces and I got their wonderful gift w/purchase, the nice eye lash curler. Thank you for your blog.

  • panties

    There's no need to swatch these colors because they're true to life on your hand as they look in the pot. I was in the process of searching and realized that there's no need.

    Another favorite of mine is China Beach lipstick. Their formula is amazing as well.

  • I am in total love with LMDB and they aren't just exclusive to NY area anymore!
    I am not affiliated with the brand…just an FYI πŸ™‚

    When we were in Vegas 3 weeks ago they even sell it at the spa at Treasure Island!

    I went to the IL location this weekend and bought a few things too!

    Plus I will be calling BG today on luch to place an order for the gift card event. I seriously own every gloss and lip creme except for coco, chocolate and caramel!

    I am a hopeless addict!

  • panties

    but if everyone wants swatches, I'll do them on Thursday (my day off). I can't do them all at once since i have short, skinny arms and post it in my makeupalley gallery. If you want swatches, PM me on makeupalley.


  • This is a great guest post – this makes me even more excited for NYC trip this Friday. Looks like I will be playing with these shadows at the BG counter. I'm so excited to catch their beauty event. Just when I thought I was going to lose it at the EB and P&J counter – I read this!

    Thanks again I will check out chameleon and definitely corinthian based on Joey's review. Canvas looks like it would be a perfect match for my eyelids.

  • Eileen

    Those of us who are fans of LMdB, just can't say enough good things about the brand's incredible eyeshadows. Texture, pigmentation, finish, blendability, and wear time are all exceptional. As was pointed out by "panties", the colors are true to pan, but what you see is only a fraction of what you get. These shadows can be applied to achieve looks from sheer to opaque. They can be layered and blended to create looks that are uniquely your own. They respond to different types of lighting so various nuances in the colors are played up or down. In short, a collection of these shadows will unleash the artist in you!

  • Eileen used the words I wish I had! Beautifully done Eileen.