Becca Fall 2010: Prairie Moon Palette & Fig Beach Tint

September 10, 2010
Ordering online has both pros and cons. While it can often times be more convenient, it can be frustrating to get something different than what you see online. I was in San Francisco when I received the e-mail for a 15% off promotion. Being a huge fan of their shimmer powders (both pressed and loose) I ordered a few fall items online from my iPhone because the promotional photos were stunning, but the items that arrived were not quite what I expected.

Below: Prairie Moon Palette ($65) & Fig Beach Tint ($25)

Prairie Moon Palette comes in a sleek brown mirrored compact (same size and style as all previous Becca palettes). The shades in the palette left to right are:
  • Macchiato Gloss – sheer light chocolate red
  • Voile (Demi Matte) – matte ivory
  • Nappa (Demi Matte) – matte dusty grey-tan-brown
  • Chenille (Shimmer) – shimmery forest green with grey and gold shimmers
  • Sagebrush (Compact Eyeliner) – deep forest green shimmer

Here you can see it’s not quite like the promotional photo:

The Macchiato gloss was surprisingly sheer from what I saw in the compact. It has a super sheer tint similar to the Black Chocolate lipgloss from Bobbi Brown’s Black Velvet Collection. I don’t have the new BB to compare to directly, but from what I tested at the counters, the Becca gloss seems to have slightly more pigment.

The eyeshadows have medium pigment and are very easy to blend. In typical Becca style, they layer with each other beautifully. Voile and Nappa seem more of a true matte rather than a demi-matte like other Becca shadows of the same formula. Other “demi-mattes” like Doeskin, Boucle, Tweed, Chantilly etc. all have a soft semi-matte base with the slightest bit of glimmer. I don’t see any glimmer in the Voile/Nappa shades. Chenille is stunning for a sage green-grey sparkle. It’s making me reconsider checking out other khaki greens for eyes. Sagebrush is also beautiful – I’ve swatched it both dry and wet to show you both methods of application. I think these are meant to be applied with a damp brush.

Swatches of Prairie Moon, each photo has the same order:

The color palette goes well with this season’s military theme, especially Chanel’s Khaki Vert:

Fig Beach Tint is also new for fall, online it looked like a pretty mauve pink with a hint of plum:

The actual product is a nude pink. It has a strong artificial cherry scent and the finish is very sheer when blended out. This was also very different from what I expected. When I applied it on my cheeks I could barely see anything. I’ll need to experiment more to see if it will show up better with more layering.

Prairie Moon is not the first Becca palette I’ve purchased that looked completely different from the promotional photo, so this order wasn’t a complete surprise. The palette is still very wearable and the colors are very well suited for the fall season. I think it’s a great palette to keep in your purse for touch ups on-the-go or for a quick look that is easy to pull together. While the eyeshadows have a green/khaki theme they do appear very versatile and I see them going well with most of the colors I have in my closet. However, had it not been for the promotional discount or if I had been able to see or test this in person first I probably would not have purchased these items.

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  • Becca's palette promotional pictures are often really off – I don't know why they don't take a picture of the actual palette, or at the very least employ a photoshopper without colour-blindness πŸ˜‰

    It does look pretty though, I am liking those khaki shades for the eye this season.

  • Thank you for review! The colours in the palette look beautiful! As for the tint, I was also hoping that it's a fig shade, but luckily read at zuneta.com that it's a "tea rose nude". So the name fig is a strange choice. Not sure if I am going to get it now.

  • Honor

    we definetely have similar tastes..agree with you that colors in this palette are slightly different that what you can see online, but i love the color assortment, very automny and chic. for me the surprise was more on how sheer the eye shadows are…. not neccessarily a bad thing, but surprising..I am very light handy and had to layer and layer in order for the color to have some depth….
    I am about the same skintone as you and I gave up on using the beach tint on my cheeks, at least now taht I am tanned, maybe later in the season. But i do like it very much on my lips under the palette gloss, a very nice complement to the eye shadows…

  • I love the shades here. Especially the khaki.

    I've not got much from this range but i'm defo considering this palette!

    em x

  • Thank you so much for the swatches, Sabrina! I had my eye on this palette but hadn't seen any pics other than promos. Like you, I seldom wear greens but these do look wearable. I agree that the beach tint is very misleading but it is a pretty color and I bet it looks nice on you. I'm waiting for a discount code, have a whole list of Becca itemsI want!

  • loving that Becca palette! great colors for fall! xo

  • yippee, you have got your Prairie Moon palette as well. That saves me a review because your review is quite accurate.

    It is my very first Becca palette, and I do think that the pigmentation is not really fantastic for the price. Perhaps I am used to more buttery shades that I prefer.

    Nevertheless, it has some colours in it I did not have in my closet yet (the matte cream and the eyeliner dark-olive), and it is really good to create that "I-have-no makeup-on because-I-am-naturally-pretty-look, a look I really covet at this moment…

    So, I might not have bought it either if I knew how the quality would have been (it is quite an expensive palette) but I am quite happy with it for the time being…

  • Connie

    Great pictures! I'm sorry it wasn't what you were expecting. I don't understand why companies cant provide more accurate swatches or pictures. Before placing any orders online, I try to wait for swatches and reviews on blogs such as yours, karla's and cafemakeup so I don't end up surprised/disappointed.

    I'm not a big fan of the palette but the lip tint is my kinda shade! Have you tried it as a lip tint yet?

  • The palette still looks quite stunning though. I love this brand.

  • I like the shades in your photo/swatches better than the promotional photo, actually. What color blush would you coordinate with this palette?

  • LuckyRedLisa

    After a few disappointing palettes, this one has restored my faith in Becca!! I am sad that the shadows are not as soft and glowy as they used to be, but Chenille is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Although I may have to search for a glowier version of it.
    I am so looking forward to wearing with my Chanel Khakis!
    And I'm so glad I skipped Fig. The pictures were sooooo off. I then got a chance to try it in store and it didn't show up on me at all. Even the SA said nooooo, don't get that one!