True Nude: Edward Bess Sundown Lipstick

August 18, 2010
Everyone has a different definition of “nude.” Even each brand has their own interpretation of what they envision as nude (see various products with the word nude in their name in this article, What’s Your Definition of Nude?) I have been on the quest for the perfect true nude, but now that I have found it, I’m not sure how I feel about it.

Edward Bess Sundown Lipstick ($32) is a true nude in the sense that it is flesh toned beige. It’s more of a slightly greyed beige brown in the tube, but when combined with the pink in my lip, it wears to a straight flesh color. If you like MAC Siss, then you’ll probably like this one too (although Siss was like death on me). Sundown is creamy with full coverage. Makes a good base for glosses whether it’s a sheer sparkle or a bright cherry and it definitely tones down the lip better than concealer (which can sometimes be too dry for the lips). I’m not brave enough to wear it by itself – I think it definitely needs some layering with other colors for me.

For nudes, I prefer Pure Impulse on me which almost looks pink next to Sundown. One of my darker skinned friends bought this recently (Filipino, probably around NC45ish) and it was the perfect nude on her. I wish I could have gotten a picture, it was a perfect contrast to her tanned skin. The other nude Edward Bess has is Nude Lotus which I have not tried yet, although it looks absolutely gorgeous on Jennifer from Edward Bess at Bergdorf Goodman (see it on her on their Facebook page).

Here is Sundown compared to Pure Impulse (see the lip-swatch of Pure Impulse here):

Have you tried any of the nudes from Edward Bess? What are your thoughts?

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  • I like this shade a lot, although I did like Pure Impulse a little bit better πŸ™‚ I actually got Nude Lotus after seeing the 40% off post on your blog and I LOVE it! I was using MAC Creme d' Nude before as my go-to nude but Nude Lotus is a shade darker and warmer than Creme d' Nude…much more wearable for me!

  • I like both of them nice colors. The nude looks nice on you. I have to check it out…

  • I am really wanting to try Edward Bess every time I read you reviews. Lovely color!

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I think the P&J Clair de Lune looks like the perfect nude for you, very your lips but better, and extremely flattering. This nude, while a true nude, is harder to wear. I have coloring similar to yours and would love to replicate the Clair de Lune look with a MAC lipstick/gloss. Are you aware of any dupes? Thanks!

  • I'm laughing because for me, Pure Impulse is a corpse-y grey nude color. I think I might have to try Sundown, then because Pure Impulse wasn't the true nude I was hoping for (although that doesn't mean I don't adore it, because I do!). Thanks for this post, Sab! xoxo

  • I think Sundown looks great on your lips! Do you find that it emphasizes lines or dryness at all? I haven't found a nice true nude yet, and I know what you mean about MAC Siss..it made me look green for some reason lol.

  • Sabrina, you enable me like you would NOT believe! I bought 4 EB lippies when you posted about the discount (the Oprah one). Thanks for introducing me to such an amazing brand. The lipsticks smell good and feel great on my lips!

  • Gorgeous on you!

    I have to see if I own this! Haha! I don't even know. Is this new or is it in the Lip wardrobe? I have the lip wardrobe, but I haven't even tried them all! Yikes! I hope I have this already!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to your awesome blog, I discovered Edward Bess lippies. I have 2 Pure Impulses (bought a backup during the Oprah promo) and love that color. I also bought Secret Desire during the promo and am crazy about it for summer. When I hit the counter at BG in NYC this summer, the saleslady talked me into the LE Animal Attraction, which is the only one I'm not nuts about (a little too dark for me). Love EB!


  • This shade is is very pretty! I like the Pure Impulse! I definitely agree with you that every company has their own version of 'nude'!

  • LuckyRedLisa

    You know I am obsessed with Edward Bess! His lippies are what showed me I really could wear nudes without looking like death. I don't think I've tried Sundown, though. I think I always thought it would be too light. But maybe I'll add it to my September order.
    Do you have any news on the Foundation???
    I just bought the Burberry one, but I'm sure by next month I'll be ready for something new. πŸ™‚

  • Hot damn. That looks awesome on you. I'm jealous. Most "nudes" turn orange on me. I really should get another EB lipstick. I only have one. Now you are making me thing I might need Pure Impulse….GAH

  • Sundown looks very pretty on you. You're lucky I have yet to find a single nude lipstick that looks good on me, maybe it's my skintone that's the problem.

    I bought Pure Impulse during the EB promotion because of you. I LOVE Pure Impulse! Thank you for being a great enabler! Can't wait for EB to hit the US, I will drive down to Beverly Hills on the 1st to see everything in person. =)

  • Eileen

    It's interesting how different colors play out on different complexions. Although my complexion is much lighter than Joey's, I had the same result with Pure Impulse–grayish lips πŸ™

    I think the key to finding the perfect nude is not to match your overall skin tone exactly because that is what makes most people look washed out. Rather, it's a question of finding a light color that, while looking neutral, picks up one of the tones in the skin and adds a bit of warmth. I have a light complexion with pink/peach undertones. My perfect nude? Secret Desire.

  • It was not THAT busy, the our sales person was… just slow?

  • I think Sundown looks quite lovely on you – you could definitely pull it off without any other colors added! Love reading your blog.

  • A beige (nude) lipstick on me washes me out and I look like death. I read an article by a makeup artist (forgot who) that said your best nude lip shade is one that matches your lips. Everyones nude is completely different. Just as all our complexions are so different. I found a shade by Marilyn Miglin years ago that looked terrific. Don't know whatever happened to it. I have to continue my search. First time reading your blog.

  • I will make note of that being Filipina and NC42ish and all hahahaha! Great Review once again!!