Paul & Joe Autumn Creation 2010: My Picks

August 13, 2010
I tried to resist, but Paul & Joe still has managed to capture my interest despite the odd packaging design for their fall collection. I picked out a few things from their Fall Collection Sparkles: Face & Eye Color CS 068 Paper Moon, Lipstick C in 066 Clair de Lune and 067 Over the Moon.

My favorite item is their Face & Eye Color CS ($35), a multi-purpose powder for eyes and cheeks. The colors are all pigmented with a gold sparkle in 068 Paper Moon. The stripes are similar in size to the Armani Eyes to Kill bulls-eye palettes, but the shape of the Paul & Joe palettes seem to be easier to work with. You will still need a smaller sized brush to keep from mixing the colors. It’s packaged in a cardboard box with an elastic brown strap. The packaging is delicate but simply stunning. I think the lighter shades will make a good highlighter – the trick for me will be to find a brush small enough to pick up only the lighter shades, but big enough for my cheek. I see myself using this for the eyes more than the face.

The Lipstick C ($25) this season seems to be sheerer than most of the Paul & Joe lipsticks I’ve tried. I thought I would be creeped out by the cat head but looking at them in person, the detail is adorable. The lipsticks are a semi-sheer cream with a hint of sparkle. The finish is highly glossy and has a moisturizing feel. It has that signature P&J scent – I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s almost like a soft powder. Note that the glossy finish on these made it difficult to swatch on the arm accurately. 066 is a pink mauve and 067 is a brighter sheer coral pink. I applied 066 on the lips and have to say as much as I love cats, the shape of the lipstick in a cat-head made this difficult to apply on the lips. Innovative and chic, but not very practical for application.


Overall – Paul & Joe still has my heart. I got these from the lovely ladies at Bergdorf Goodman. The collection should be available at most P&J retailers by now – I was a little late with my order this fall.

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  • Haha! After weeks of denying myself anything from this collection I finally caved also. I liked the eyeshadow palettes in person they are much prettier. I didn't get the shadows but I bought 2 lipsticks, the peachy one and the hot pink one. I'm waiting for my order from beauty habit.

  • P&J is one of my favorite brands too! These swatches are fabulous! I thought I like 067 more than 066, but after seeing your lip color, I decided to go for 066, so pretty!
    Thanks for your review. ^_^

  • yay your orders arrived. The lipsticks are indeed sheer. I really wish they would have these at local counters so we can see them in person.

  • Amy

    Thank you so much for for your lovely review! Lovely pictures as always!!

  • Anonymous

    So…I am guessing that trying to look chic while touching up your lipstick in public is out of the question here? Seriously, the cat head on the lippie is so dumb you'd think this was MAC and not P&J.

    I still heart you, though, Lina.

    Leslieal πŸ™‚

  • those cat shaped lipsticks look so cute lol

  • Hey! Lovely pictures, hope you are enjoying your new goodies! I love the Silvery moon palette too, the one with the blues (not the pink one)…
    BG are yet to receive the limited edition face colors though.. I might want one of those.. Hope you are doing well!

  • I've seen the cat lipsticks on so many blogs, but only you have a photo of it next to your lips! It looks even funnier when we're made to remember that it's actually meant to be a lipstick and not just something cute on the dressing table!

  • Love those lipsticks, thank you for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    The eye shades are gorge, but I will have to skip the lipstick b/c I am not a fan of cats.

  • Carrie

    I picked up the same colors you did. I actually find that the cat head fits my lips better than most bullet-ended lipsticks! If I point the top of the cat head at my lips so that I'm basically rubbing its forehead on my lips (not the side of the lipstick or the cat face), the ears help to define the edges of my mouth. So, too bad that the ears will wear down pretty quickly.

    Oh wow, did that sound insane–but anyways, it worked for me!

  • Wow the cat lippies are so different – I wonder how they would hold their shape or if the ears would crumble? Very cute though

  • love the papermoon! the packaging is so pretty!

  • that palette is lovely! the cat heads still kind of creep me out though πŸ˜›

  • Oooh that palette looks gorgeous!! The cat heads still creep me out a bit though.

  • I want my kitty cats! They are so cute!

    Hahaa! Carrie, your comments sounded insane in a good way! Gives me some perspective.

    Sabrina! Thanks for the superb post, as usual!

  • Diane – lol, we're so predictable, aren't we. LMK how the hot pink one looks!

    BeautyOnTheWay – both are really pretty!

    Kristie – i know how it is not having immediate access to these, there are definitely lots of other blogs that have swatches, check rouge deluxe, she usually has good links/reviews

    Amy – you're welcome!

    Leslieal – lol, but I never touch up my makeup in public, never ever. always has to be either in my car or in a bathroom.

    Lakshmi – yes, I'm liking these! I got your e-mail, sorry I haven't replied yet, will get to it soon.

    Beauty Scribbler – I'm anxiously waiting for more bloggers to lip swatch these. I'll try and swatch the other one soon.

    Anonymous – they're not for everyone, but the good thing is that the design will disappear with use, lol.

    Carrie – that's insane that this fits your lips! I'm trying to envision how it does, lol.

    Stefanie – the lipstick is pretty firm for a glossy finish lipstick, the ears don't crumble, so it's just like wearing down a regular lipstick.

    Andee Layne – the packaging is indeed pretty!

    Luc2smilexo and Catherine – lol.

    Lori – did you order any?

  • The eyeshadow swatches are very accurate when compared to the shades in the pan.

    Lippy 066 looks great on you! Poor kitty cat's gonna lose his pointy ears soon! ;-D

  • I am loving this collection so hard. πŸ™‚ Great pictures! I don't know if I'll be able to bring myself to use the kitten lipsticks though. They are SO CUTE.

  • how's the packaging for the lippies? is it the usual paper or is it plastic?

  • I think Clair de Lune looks gorgeous. I can't get passed the cat's head though! lol.

  • Great swatches and photos as usual.
    I have the Paper Moon Face & Eye Color + Over the Moon lipstick too! Love the swans : )