Giorgio Armani Fall 2010 Picks For Me

August 4, 2010

When I saw that the fall collection from Armani had launched online, I knew I had to get the new Eyes to Kill Mascara in #5 Blue Grey Night ($30) and the Powder Blush Duo ($49). I’ve loved every single powder blush released by Armani and the new one for fall is exquisite. The Fall Quad ($59) purchase, I credit to Gaia from The Non-Blonde (see her sneak peek here) who has a way of creating major lemmings for me.
My sales associate called me as soon as they came in, which I highly appreciate (it pays to be a loyal customer). For some reason, Armani has been distributing extremely limited quantities of stock to the counters near me. For the past year they have received extremely limited stock and usually don’t get testers until months after they receive the product to sell. For this collection, she only received 3 blush duos and 3 quads. There were no testers, but being familiar with the quality of their eyeshadow quads and blushes, I didn’t need to test these before purchasing.

My thoughts on each item:

Eyes to Kill Mascara #5 (not swatched) – For this one they had a brand new tester so I eagerly tried this one out with a tester mascara wand. In the tube it’s a metallic smokey blue-grey. It goes on darker than it appears in the tube and looks lovely on the eyes. This is my first non-black mascara purchase. There are a number of gorgeous shades by Chanel (plum, bronze, aubergine, etc.) however, the formulas cannot compare to Armani’s Eyes to Kill (my all time favorite mascara). The Eyes to Kill Mascaras defines the lashes, thickens, lengthens and holds the curl. All without flaking or smudging or making the lashes feel brittle. It’s pure love and worth every single penny.

Maestro Eyeshadow Quad Fall 2010 – The pigment on this is incredible. The colors however are definitely out of my personal comfort zone. I think the combination of colors are odd for use all at one time. I really have no idea how I will be able to pull off all shades at once. I’m not sure that I think “fall” when I see it. The blue and navy makes me thing “nautical” which is not something I really associate with fall. Still the colors in the palette are stunning and unique to Armani (see comparisons to Maestro Singles 6, 21 and 33 below). In it there is a denim-colored shimmery bright navy, smokey deep brown with plum, pale silvery blue, shimmery olive almost khaki colored brown. The artist suggested mixing the navy and dark brown together for a smokey eye.

Blush Duo Fall 2010 – Lovely fresh hot pink with a soft pale pink. In typical Armani Blush style, soft texture/finish, natural semi-sheer finish, makes the cheeks just glow. The pale side has more color and is more pink than Blush #12. I used this blush duo as soon as I got home mixed together. It’s just so pretty. I’ve compared it below to some other pinks from D&G, Bobbi Brown, Paul & Joe and Armani. No swatch comparisons as blush shades are extremely hard for me to swatch accurately. *Note* someone mentioned this is $80+ on the armani website and is also listed under the cream-blush duo, I think this an error but I’m not certain. Mine was $49 US (before tax) and it’s definitely powder on both sides. The price can be confirmed on Nordstrom.com.

More photos.

I passed on the new Purple Eyes to Kill #7 (simply too purple for me, just as Gaia described). I didn’t see the new lipsticks, but they seem a bit dark for my taste.

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  • Omgosh…
    The fall eyeshadows are beautiful!
    I'm defo gonna try and get me some of them when I have some pennies.

    Much Love,



  • I really need to try that mascara!

  • The blusher looks gorgeous!!!

  • I am in LOVE with that blue shade in the quad. Very nice! πŸ™‚

  • I so agree with you about Eyes To Kill, it's definitely my most used mascara and well-worth the price. I will most definitely try this new colour. The khaki and the navy in the palette look stunning, right up my street as well…but tell me, how similar is the darker pink to D&G Provocative? Thanks! x

  • The blush is really cute. I am not really sure about the eye shadows though. I always think GA's eye shadows are a little too intense for me, but maybe I'm just weird, haha!^0^

  • That blush is perfect. So so perfect.


  • wow those all look gorgeous! armani always comes out with winners

  • Lovely! I especially love the blush duo. I'm definitely getting that! So beautiful. πŸ™‚


  • Hi πŸ™‚
    The products look amazing. When I saw the quad, I thought it kind of reminded me of Xteeener's navy smokey eye look with a brownish colour in the crease. Not something I can personally pull off, but she looks fabulous with it. Just wanted to let you know πŸ˜›


  • OMG! When i saw the promo pick I didn't think this was anything special. But this has definitely changed my mind. I know everyone is talking about EL Blue Dahlia but this Quad is even better.

  • That blush is gorgeous!!!

  • Anonymous

    The blush looks great! How much is it? Is it really $85? (I saw that price on the GA site)

  • Anna – For D&G Provocative v GA: Swatched on my finger, the GA pink looks darker than the D&G Provocative. But on the face they look almost the same, the difference is very slight. I'd say the D&G is more pigmented.

    Cherry – You're not weird! As I mentioned, I think the combination is odd too and the colors they chose are indeed very intense. I'm a bigger fan of their other quads. They have some pretty softer neutrals. Definitely out of my comfort zone but I wanted to try something new.

    Anonymous – OMG, I just checked the GA website. I don't know what is going on with the it! I just checked my receipt and updated the blog post with the prices I paid. It was $49 for the blush, $59 for the quad, $30 for the mascara. I'm not sure which one is correct.

  • The blue shade in the quad is not something I would normally look at twice, but your swatches made me do a double take. The blush looks divine!!

  • I agree, I love Eyes to Kill mascara! The new color sounds gorgeous. I have almost every other eye quad too. The new palette seems like a combo of the #1 and #3 quads – but of course I'm still tempted :). By the way, just tried my new Edward Bess lipsticks from the Oprah sale. They are just as you have said – the best! Thank you for opening my eyes to this line.

  • love the intensity of the eye palette. the duos are OK. but overall, i think the colours are very common though they should all work really well.

    good score and great comparison pictures! you will save lots people's money if they don't have such a vast beauty budget. LOVE you as always. πŸ™‚

  • Eileen

    Hmmm…has anyone else noticed that just lately Armani seems to be cranking out copies of other lines? First, Chanel came out with the Bird of Paradise quad for Holiday 2009 featuring shadows in aqua, golden green, light copper, and light yellow as a highlighter. Consensus was that it was better suited to summer. So, come summer, Armani brings out the Bronze Mediterranean palette that includes shadows in turquoise, golden green, medium copper, and pale green (as opposed to Chanel's light yellow) as a highlighter.

    Next, Guerlain introduces their fabulous Place VendΓ΄me with its beautiful selection of sophisticated and complex neutrals punctuated by a true sapphire. What do we get from Armani? A Night Viper quad featuring neutrals with sapphire. DΓ©jΓ  vu!

    Although I thought the burnished Bronze Mediterranean palette was more successful than the rather pallid Bird of Paradise, I don't think Night Viper comes anywhere near
    the beauty of Place Vendome. The lovely and astute Gaia from The Non Blond has promised us some comparison
    swatches of the two, but my money's on Guerlain.

    In closing, let me say that I love Armani for its beauty and the excellent quality of its products, but I'd really like to see more innovation and fewer imitations.

  • That blue-grey eyes to kill mascara looks gorgeous!

    can you think of an eyeliner that would match that steely blue color?

    I'd love to find a matching eyeliner and really make my eyes pop – while keeping everything else neutral.

    That blue looks stunning and sophisticated – instead of the electric cobalt blues that colored mascaras see to always be.

    I'd love to see a picture of your lashes with it on! πŸ™‚

  • This quad is simply amazing! Completely *my* colors! πŸ˜€
    I would really love to try this brand but unfortunately it's not available in my country. :/


  • The colours in the quad are beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    i just got the blush too, it looks bright in the pan, but applied with a light hand, it makes me look very glowy and pretty!! love love love it!!

    i held back from the shadow quad, as im not usually a blue shadow girl…

  • Thank you for the pics and for the comparation with the singel e/s! I am happy I finally received the Quad, the dark brwon stand out for me.
    The blue works out, I would not belive it, but it is quite outstanding. I wear a lot of black and then blue e/s with a nude lip is very fresh.
    Love this. But why is it more expensive, just because of the packaging?!