Zoya Sabrina + Rococo Metal Jacket

May 25, 2010
As soon as I found out there was a nail polish with my name, I knew I had to get it since it’s not that often that I find things with my own personal name. Today’s mani + pedi is Zoya Sabrina on fingers + Rococo Nail Apparel Metal Jacket on toes.

Zoya Sabrina is a sheer pale cream off-white-pinkish color. I think it’s a nice classic cream color for the nails. The color is rather sheer, so the manicure has 3 coats for a more opaque look. It actually looked a lot better with a more natural finish with 2 coats, but my manicurist thought it could use one more coat. Next time I’ll just ask for 2 coats for a more natural look. Otherwise, it just feels a tad too contrasted with my skin.

Rococo Metal Jacket is a complex mixture of taupe-brown-silver. This one is an odd one for me. When I tested it at Space NK, it was clearly brown, much like you see on Vampy Varnish’s review. However, the one I received from my online order pulls more silver-taupe on me. If you haven’t read the first article I wrote about Rococo Nail Apparel (here), to recap, I’ve experienced some inconsistencies with the colors – which seem to differ slightly based on which batch the product was made from. Which may explain why Metal Jacket looks brown on others and looked brown from the tester I saw in the store, but looks more silvery taupe in the bottle I received. (More explanation in the original post.) The pigment is amazing though and didn’t really need more than just 1 coat, however 2 coats were applied at the nail salon.

Zoya Sabrina:

Rococo Metal Jacket:

Zoya Sabrina:

Zoya Metal Jacket:

Zoya Sabrina looks really similar to OPI Bubble Bath and Chanel Allegoria in the bottles – but I haven’t swatched them on the nails to see the actual difference. I don’t have a dupe for the Rococo, but then I don’t have many taupey sparkles for nail polishes. Overall, I have to say I’m not completely in love with either shade. My nails look nice and polished, but the colors on me just feel a bit bland.

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  • Your namesake shade looks like it was especially made for you. It's a very lovely sheer pink – I may have to check it out too! Did you change your page? I like the new font.

  • Hi Lexi! TY – Yes, I changed the page a bit. There is a nice blogger format that I have envisioned in my head, but I don't know HTML so this is the best I could do for now to just change the title/colors, lol. I need a Blogger and HTML codes for SUPER dummies.

  • Those are really pretty on you.. I tried Metal Jacket and it was decidedly brown on me, I actually prefer the silver taupe color it is on you… πŸ™‚

  • DSK

    Your TB sandals are so cute! I love the Rococo Metal Jacket, it's a beautiful bronze for summer πŸ™‚

  • I was trying to tilt my laptop screen to get a peek of your TB footwear…How dumb!!!

  • Adorable combo! Sabrina looks like just your kind of color too! I'm still waiting for Zoya to make a Catherine nail polish!

  • Zazie

    I looove your nail-polish posts: your hands always look so great, and these two shades are really nice, especially tour namesake!
    BTW, am I the only one who gets excited when your review the Rococo NAs?