Bobbi Brown Beach Shimmer Brick + Shore Cream Eyeshadow

May 15, 2010
I’ve been eagerly anticipating the summer Beach Collection by Bobbi Brown for months ever since I saw the preview sheets at my local counter and it’s finally arrived instore at Nordstrom! The collection also features a few new cream shadows in the metallic and regular formulas. I picked up Beach Shimmer Brick and Shore Cream Shadow.

Beach Shimmer Brick ($38) and Shore Long-Wear Cream Shadow ($22)

The Beach Shimmer Brick is a stunning neutral like many of her other highlighters. It’s a bronzey beige with slight peach tones. The shimmer factor is high in my opinion, so if you like subtle, this may have too much shimmer for your liking.

I compared it to a few other shimmer brick shades when I got home and they all seemed extremely similar. Even after swatching them, I could barely tell the difference – so note, these swatches may indeed be worthless in giving you a good comparison, so I’ll try and compensate by description.
  • Beach is the most peachy with no pink tones (at least on me)
  • Sandstone is the most neutral and tan
  • Beige is the lightest color
  • Nude is very similar to Beach, just more pink, less brown

Shore Long-Wear Cream Shadow is the perfect nude skin-toned cream eyeshadow I have been searching for. I have quite a few other nude cream shadows, but those who are around Chanel Shell/NC30ish understand the challenge of finding a good nude. Painterly can be a bit pastey looking, Groundwork is a good contour but not quite nude, Layin’ Low can come off orangey if applied too heavily, and Malted can look a bit greyish on our skin.

Shore has a very slight sheen to it, it’s not a full on shimmer like Galaxy, but not a full on matte like Malted. I love it. I would say it’s one step up (darker) than MAC Soft Ochre.

One last view without flash:

Overall thoughts: I really like both, but if you already have Nude or Sandstone Shimmer Bricks, then Beach isn’t really a must have. I do like the shades in the Beach Shimmer Brick individually though – I think they’ll suit darker tan skintones a lot better than her previous shimmer bricks because they have more color.

I personally love Shore, in the container it looks very bland, but I like it on the skin/eyes blended out. I’m a fan of her regular cream shadows because they just melt onto my skin and look very natural.

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  • It looks gorgeous. I think I need to pop on by Nordies and sample it. I wonder if Bobbi is going to offer the 25% discount this year. Fingers crossed…

  • Eileen

    The shimmer brick is really lovely. I especially like golden peaches and apricots for summer. (I bet this would look good with Rouge Allure in Delicious) An easy way to mitigate the high shimmer factor is to use a fan brush to lightly brush over the cheek bones and any other area you want to highlight. It gives a much more subtle look than you'd get using a conventional blusher brush.

  • The Shimmer Bricks are all so beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the reviews and swatches. Yours is the best beauty blog out there. I so appreciate all of your Bobbi Brown swatches====keep them coming, please. Did you see the other long wear cream shadows? I am interested in Surf, and Opal, especially. Is Opal opalescent or just pearlized? What shade blue is the Surf? Thank you so much again. I am def. getting both Shore and the shimmer brick.

  • Hi ladies, thank you for your comments!

    Anonymous – TY, that is very sweet. The other long wear cream shadows are the metallic formula which looked very glittery, so I passed. I tested Opal and it was lovely, just not for me.

  • Hi Lina:

    Thank you for the great comparisons! Since I don't have any of Bobbi brown's cream e/s can they be used as a base like Mac paint pots? This one looks perfect for my skin tone:)

    Thank you!

  • Hi Cristina! Yes, the BB cream shadows can be worn as a base which is how I like to use them (rather than just by themselves). HTH!

  • I was hoping Beach wouldn't be so similar to Nude, but I might get it anyway since I have every other BB shimmer brick and it wouldn't be right not to get it. πŸ˜‰

  • That's a lovely shimmerbrick. Sabrina, thanks so much for your review which compares this to Nude–I'll probably pass on Beach because I don't pull out Nude enough. I'm excited to see the eyeshadows now that I've read your post! Thank you again!!!

  • Thank you so much for reviewing and swatching the Beach SB! I kinda figured I would have to have it, but you confirmed it. I loooove the Nude SB and this will be my summer version. Of course, I didn't know I would need Shore cream shadow. But now maybe I do. πŸ™‚
    I simply adore your blog. Keep up the great work!!

  • the beach shimmer brick looks lovely…i might have to get it!

  • Hi there! I think this is a bit too frosty for me…thanks for the review! πŸ™‚
    Sorry to ask this here, but I wanted to ask you about the texture of D&G lipglosses…Are they sticky?

  • Debra

    Thanks Sabrina for your opinion on BB Shore cream e/s. I'm NW 20 but have a yellow t-zone with eyelids that are the exact color of BB Burnished cream e/s, so finding "my" nude has been a challenge. (Navajo is great though for dimming down allergy eyelids.) I purchased Shore this past weekend and used it today as a base for a Dior taupe and BB Bahama Brown shimmer blush (works great in crease). The look is fab!

    Thanks again!

  • Hello love …nice blog glad to be a follower πŸ™‚


  • Wow… Your swatches are beautful. I think Bobbi brown shimmerbricks are all beautiful colors. The sheen in them are just amazing and thank you for sharing with us.

  • Ere

    You’re my favourite blogger, all your posts are so well-written and very informative!!
    natural eyeshadows

  • swatches are beautiful, specially the beach.