Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2010 Sneak Peek

March 17, 2010

Hi ladies, I just received some of the new Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2010 items from Saks! I’m swamped this week so I don’t have much time to write a full review or answer questions in depth, I will get back to you as soon as I have time – hopefully sometime this weekend.

In the meantime, here are the items I picked out from the spring collection. More details on The Spring 2010 Collection, The Roses Lipstick Collection and a few Saks Exclusives to come in the next few days.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

I will say – for those of you thinking Apricot Blush looks orangey-brown, it is indeed brownish. It looks like the color of a dried apricot. I’m not going to be touching it until I decide whether or not I can pull it off. It’s way out of my comfort zone!

Please do not republish photos. All work is copyrighted. Thanks!

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for taking these pics and giving us readers a sneak peak. I don't live near a Saks, but I'll definitely check out D&G when I get a chance, thanks to your posts. I wish I had gotten a jump on the Neiman Marcus Rouge Coco exclusive. I snoozed and I lost. I can't wait to see the Saks exclusives!

  • i never seen D & G mu. it's a brand for fashion for me. the products look interesting but not appealing to me enough. i still hope to see some one day.

    thanks for the sneak peak.

  • Aww, Apricot looks so pretty! I bet you could pull it off with a light hand.

    That Innocence gloss looks gorgeous too!!

    Good luck with your week – hope you get some time to relax! =)

  • MW

    i love the apricot blush very pretty !!
    xo mw

  • This looks lovely! I am pretty sure this blush would look great on you if you apply it with a skunk brush.
    I am NC15 and I can pull off Nars Exhibit A and nars Taj Mahal, so I'm sure this isn't too dark for you!

  • Mystery looks gorgeous, I can't wait to see more of that one! Did you see the 2 new nail polishes? How did those look?

  • I have never bought any D&G makeup let alone see it in person, but I am oddly attracted to that Apricot blush. Interested enough to go see it in person. Good luck girl – the weekend is not to far from reach!!

  • I wish these babys were available where I live