Tarte Discoveries: Cheek Tint & Cheek Stains

February 15, 2010

I found some beauty buzz online about a new Flower Child palette and went to the Tarte website to investigate. I didn’t end up getting the palette, but a few other things caught my eye so I took advantage of the recent 40% code and got:

The Perfect Pink Cheek Tint – sheer baby pink cream
Dollface Cheek Stain – sheer cool baby pink shimmer
Flower Child Cheek Stain – rosy reddish brown shimmer

The Cheek Tint comes in one shade called “The Perfect Pink” and retails for $30. It comes in a mirrored compact and is supposed to contain a wrinkle-reverse technology. Even though I don’t have wrinkles or fine lines on my cheeks, the color looked pretty online so I decided to give it a try.

The texture is very creamy and easily blendable and non-sticky. The finish is a sheer natural pink which is great for a no-blush but natural pink look on the cheeks. If you’re looking for a lot of pigment – then this probably isn’t the blush for you. I wouldn’t recommend this for oily skin since this is more on the moist side. I have normal skin and I can definitely feel it on the face after it’s applied.

For the Cheek Stains, both are easily blendable and have a sweet scent. Both are on the moist side, but not too sticky. It does feel moist and slightly dewy on the face. I’ve been wearing one on each side of my face all day alone, over powder/foundation and I didn’t get oily or greasy – but today’s activity level was on the low side so I’ll have to play around with these more to see how long they last etc. Like the Cheek Tint, I can also feel this on the face after I apply/blend it.

Dollface is a pretty cool-toned light pink shimmer that gives a natural pink glow. It’s not too light for me right now and I think it will definitely be wearable in summer months for slightly tanned skin.

Flower Child is described as a “deep golden rose” – to me it’s a deeper rosey brownish shade. It’s different from what I normally pick, but it’s a pretty warm rosey color. When I swatched it I was worried it would be too warm, but on the cheeks, it gives a natural rosey flush.

Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day!

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  • Hey Lina,
    We seem to always be thinking of the same products! I was just searching the internet high and low for reviews of the Flower Child Cheek Stain and yours just popped up on my Google Reader! No other blog has reviewed it, zip in Makeupalley too. Thanks for the detailed review! Still debating whether to use my 50% off code (got it for filling out a Tarte survey. The code is ECSURVEY)

  • Love this post!

    I have the Doll Face blush, and now i want 'perfect pink'

    I also have it in Blissful, Eco-Cheek and Cloud 9. I havent tried cloud 9 yet (cause it is a purple blush so it makes me nervous) but i will gladly make swatches of them if you would like.

    Also, i find the blushes work if you put them under a powder of some sort (not nessesarily blush, i for example put them under a setting powder) cause it gets rid of the 'sticky' feeling. by that i mean it does not feel heavy on my face but i hate having my fingers feel sticky if i happened to touch my cheeks.

  • I've always been interested in the Tarte cheek stains but I'm still wary of wearing non-powder blush on my face since I'm on the oilier side. Very cute colors though. =)

  • The Dollface cheek tint looks amazing.

  • All the colors look so cute, I want to buy a cream cheek color, but so far I actually like how my Dior lipstick (in 459 rose energie) looks on my cheeks) πŸ™‚

  • Hi Haru! LOL, I searched everywhere for this too and was too impatient to wait for Sephora to get this instore. It was surprisingly warm swatched on the hand, but I kinda like it on the face. Not really what I expected, but still nice.

    Jayme – I'll have to try powder on top. I wish I didn't have to add anything because I like the colors. Adding powder typically changes the color of the cream.

  • Dollface looks so lovely! πŸ™‚