Paul & Joe Creamy Cheek Powder

February 18, 2010

Paul & Joe has expanded their blush line with a new product called Creamy Cheek Color. There are currently 5 shades: 01 Marionette, 02 Kitten, 03 Peaches, 04 Butterfly, 05 Dusk. Each come in a mirrored compact the same size as the Face Color Blushes. The shades are all beautiful and have a subtle shimmer infused for a pretty glow. These retail for $24 each USD.

Swatches on bare skin:

Comparisons to other brands/similar colors:

Initial thoughts: I haven’t worn any of these for a full day yet, but I did test out 01 Marionette on my face as soon as I got it. It has an easily blendable texture and slightly powdery finish. The pigment is medium-sheer which is about the same as NARS Multiples, just less shimmery and less dewey looking on the skin.

Being the P&J fan that I am, I love these. I think everyone can find at least 1 flattering color. I know a few of my tan olive-toned friends love 05 πŸ™‚

For those who are wondering about the finish – the shimmer is very subtle. Not overly frosty like NARS Multiples or even MAC Blushcremes Sweet William/Blossoming. They give a pretty natural glow and the shimmer makes it so it doesn’t look too heavy or flat on the skin.

These were purchased from Bergdorf Goodman and should also be available soon at other Paul & Joe retailers.

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  • muluver

    Oh my gosh!! These are gorgeous!
    Thanks for the pics Sabrina. I have my eyes on 1, 2 and 3!

  • I absolutely love them! They look so beautiful!!

  • em

    these look incredibly pretty! esy blendable finish sounds perfect, anything creamy that's too difficult to blend irritates my skin. looking forward to hearing more about these xo

  • I love how you do color comparisons! Keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

  • Oh yay!!! Your Bergdorf stuff came!! Enjoy! I'm totally in love with these blushes πŸ™‚ Lovely comparison pictures, although Marionette looks less vibrant than in real life in these pictures… at least on my screen..?

  • Dang it – this too will be on my P&J wish list!!

  • Paul & Joe featured your blog (this entry) on facebook (and tweeted about it too)!!!! =)

  • Love the blushes!! How shimmery is it? Can it be worn by a person with big/visible pores?

  • Hi Ladies! I love these blushes. They are really easy to work with and build on the skin.

    Em – compared to other cream blushes like Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges and MAC Cream Blushes, the Paul & Joe goes on like a dream. I love cream blush, but find the BB harder in texture which takes more work to blend (tugs the skin a bit when I blend out) and MAC is so tacky-feeling it pulls my skin too when I blend it out.

    I do LOVE both the BB/MAC – they just take a bit more work to get on the face evenly and naturally.

    The P&J go on like Nars multiples for blendability/ease.

    SweetTea – thanks! Glad they helped someone πŸ™‚

    Hi Lakshmi! The Marionette that came in the mail is pretty bright. But everything varies from screen to screen. Hope it's not too off on your end!

    Jeweled Thumb – just saw it too!

    Esther – The shimmer is very subtle. It's more of a glow on the skin versus a visible shimmer. I'm not sure about the pore-factor though. If you can get NARS multiples or cream blushes to work for your skin, then the Paul & Joe should work for you too.

  • FairyRebel

    I MUST have Butterfly and Marionette immediately if not sooner!!

  • Sabrina,
    How much do they run?

  • #01 and #02 are my colors! And I love when you do this color comparisons! :)s

  • Those are so cute! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on how they wear.

  • I wonder what Butterfly and Marionette look like mixed together!

  • So they are Cream-to-Powder blushes? I don't know if I'd like them if they have a powdery finish; I'd much rather have it blend into my skin almost completely…

  • I noticed these blushes on their website and didn't know you already posted this on your blog πŸ™‚

    I'm new to creme blushes and curious which would you rec for NC30?

    thanks so much in advance and thanks for posting about p&j products