Dior Peach Lace Poudrier Dentelle from Spring 2010

February 25, 2010

Why does the UK and Asia get the prettier Dior product releases? When I saw the preview for Dior Spring, the Peach Lace highlighter was the first thing that jumped out to me. Of course the US only received the Pink Lace highlighter. Luckily, I was able to find Peach Lace 002 from a wonderful UK blogger (thank you again!!!). I just about died when I opened the compact. It’s even prettier than the pink one.

Here is the Pink Lace 001 that I purchased back in January compared to the Peach Lace 002 which I believe is exclusive to Asia and Europe.

Without flash:

Note that the swatches don’t photograph well, but this is the best I could get:

Here is the Peach Lace compared to a few other peachy highlighters including Dior Amber Diamond, Bobbi Brown Champagne Color Options (from a gazillion years ago), and MAC Drizzlegold Beauty Powder.

The Peach Lace Highlighter is gorgeous. I think it would have sold well in the US if it were released here. The swatch photos don’t do the product justice, but it has a lovely light beige-peach shimmer finish and glow that I find rare in many highlighters. Most lighter colored highlighters are too pale giving a whitish-cast on the skin because of the silvery pearl shimmers.

I love the Pink Lace Highlighter, but the Peach Lace is definitely the winner!

In case you missed it, I wrote about my Spring Picks from the Dior Collection back in January here.

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  • Oh man… that's sooooo gorgeous!

  • ACK! I thought I'd talked myself out of wanting the Pink one, but your swatch is gorgeous!

  • Simi

    Peach Lace looks gorgeous! Thanks for your great posts! Can you please tell me how this compares to Amber Diamond Highlighter? Thanks.

  • Great, now I'm lemming! lol

  • I was wondering why I hadn't seen the peach lace one around. I would have prefered it over the pink lace too.

    Thanks for the pics!

  • Oh great – another reason to be envious of cosmetic lovers across the seas!

  • Hi Girls – I updated the post with a few more comparison.

    Simi – Amber Diamond is definitely amber and warmer in shimmer. The Peach Lace is paler. I couldn't capture the true color or shimmer in the swatch, but Peach Lace has a light beige iridescence like MAC Hush Eyeshadow. Amber Diamond has more color and is less frosty.

    HTH some!

  • Simi

    Thanks so much for your comparison pics! Really appreciated – I LOVE your blog!!!!

  • You can actually get the Dior Peach Lace Highlighter at izzysbeautyshoppe.com for $60 which includes tax. Shipping is expensive but if you spend over $100 it's free. I just purchased mine today, can't wait to get it. Thanks so much Sabrina! I couldn't help myself to get it!

  • Ooh, the shimmer in Peach Lace is so much finer and less glittery than the other 3! Now I really want it!

  • Eileen

    I bought the pink lace and have been very happy with it. Because I'm 61, I can't use full on shimmer, so I mix it with a bit of my Chanel loose powder and it gives my winter pale skin a lovely glow. I would love to get the peach lace for spring as my skin takes on a bit more color compliments of the California sun. I don't know why Dior didn't promote it in the US. The average skin tone of a person here is warm rather than cool. Had the peach been an option, I bet it would have flown off the shelves. What a missed opportunity!

    Thanks Imnmakeup for the on-line tip.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to ask which highlighter powders do you prefer most in term of quality between Dior Laces, Bobbi Brown Shimmerbricks, Dior Shimmer powder and Mac mineralize?

    Thank you.