Recent Bargain Beauty Finds

January 8, 2010
Yes, I am a high-end beauty snob for so many reasons, but finding good products at a bargain or cheap price is always good! Finding cheaper products that I end up keeping and liking is another story.

I ventured to Walmart and my local outlet to check out what was available and this is the loot over the past couple months:

From the CCO: MAC Flower Mist Dew Beauty Powder, Strada Blush, Gentle Shimmer Slimshine, Warming Trend Eyeshadow, Smoke & Diamonds Eyeshadow, Goldmode Pigment, Silverstuck Nail Polish
NYX Finds: Red Blush, Stone Blush, Nude Eyeshadow, Iced Mocha Eyeshadow, Nutmeg Eyeshadow, Deep Bronze Eyeshadow, Utopia Gold Eyeshadow
Walmart Hard Candy Picks: Envy Nail Polish, Hypnotic Nail Polish, Hula Hula Baked Bronzer

This was my first experience with the NYX brand. I’ve been intrigued by the raves for these products and the fragrance outlet was having a special for certain 5 items at $9.95, so of course I couldn’t resist. The eyeshadows are indeed decently pigmented and soft – along the lines of MAC Starflash eyeshadows but softer but not quite as pigmented in my opinion. They are almost too soft for my taste, but at the cheap price I’m not complaining. I’ve contemplated ordering some more of the taupey shades online, but the problem with lower priced items is that more often than not, I end up neglecting them, so in the end, the fact that I spent $4 on an eyeshadow is $4 wasted.

The Hard Candy nailpolishes are pretty nice for $5. Be warned that Envy needs 2-3 coats since the formula is pretty thin. In natural light, it’s so dark it looks black. You can only see the shimmer in sunlight or with a flash. Hypnotic is a pretty sparkley pink with a foiled finish. The Baked Bronzer in Hula Hula has decent pigment for a drugstore brand. On my MAC NC30ish skin, it doesn’t seem like a bronzer, but gives a pretty nude shimmer blush. I did have to pack it on to get it to show because it’s lighter.

Do you have any recent bargain finds that you like?

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  • All my favorite shades!! I have been liking Hard Candy at Walmart lately. Also the mineral blush by Maybelline, staying power. They were 50% off at CVS!

  • I am so jealous that you have a CCO! I would go crazy in one πŸ™‚ I'm a high-end snob too haha, but I did get some NYX Jumbo Pencils, so I'm excited to try them out! And I'm totally the same with cheaper products- I often neglect them for the more expensive ones! Poor them lol Also, I mention you in my post about that giveaway you had! Thanks girl πŸ˜‰ xx

  • It's so weird (in a good way!) to see low-end products on your blog! If you do decide to keep them and/or buy more I'd love to see comparisons between these and your high end products!

    You've also reminded me that I need to go to my CCO to stock up on the old pigment jars…

  • Those NYX shadows look gorgeous Sabrina!! I've been impressed with the quality of the Nivea "Glossy lip care" range– they have a gorgeous pink one that doubles as gloss and chapstick in a squeezy tube. The other bargain item I always return to is the Neutrogena Norwegian formula hand cream– its the best for my NY winter ravaged hands!! Have a good weekend πŸ™‚

  • I used to be all about the drugstore … now, I've developed the taste for champagne wishes & caviar dreams, cosmetically speaking πŸ˜‰

    However, I can't help but to look at everything anytime I enter a drugstore (no CCO's here, sadly) … they offer instant gratification in an "open 24 hours" sort of way πŸ˜€

    I've taken a liking to Hard Candy's primer, which, for me, performs as well as Smashbox's & Prescriptives, which is a good thing, considering it's one of the few items I tend to use up. $8.00 works for me πŸ™‚

    I also swear by Prestige's l/l in Oak … it goes with every single neutral shade I wear (which is ALL I wear lol), and I haven't deviated from this in YEARS.

    Another hidden treasure I've recently come across is Palladio's line of l/s … they're creamy, opaque, have no offensive scent, and they're just love.

    I could go on, but I'll stop with that. In a nutshell, anything I use up quickly (lipliner, mascara) comes from the drugstore because I can't justify spending $$$ on products that, for me, perform just as well as HE lines, and that I go through like water.

  • Wow…such a good haul! I just found NYX at a store today over here in Melbourne, Australia. I have had some problem trying to find stockists for a while However, this particular shop doesn't stock much. Only 1 palette left. Grr!

    Again, great haul!

  • What a nice haul!
    I now feel the urge to go and order NYX eyeshadows – I tend to forget how nice they are but they're actually quite good and the shade selection is so large!

  • Wish we have anything similar to CCO, here in Brisbane (Australia), but although not much, I still managed to find some awesome bargain be it online or at cosmetics outlets.

    strawberrynet.com is a place I'm beginning to love (recently they had a massive new year/post xmas sale), and I am too starting to convert to the higher end or medium-high ones. Especially when I can still find them at much cheaper prices, I'd say "why not!! even better!" hehe…


    PS: few months back I found a store that carries NYX, and it's great, except that the eyeshadows and blushes colors are still incomplete. =( sad.

  • Why does EVERYTHING look so droolworthy in your pictures, Lina?? I'm sitting here ogling NYX and Gentle Simmer. *lol*

    Companies should ask you to take their product pics.

  • munichjoolz

    I recently decided that low end stuff couldn't be worse than my YSl, Shiseido and Ellis Faas collection and I needed to stop spending 30 euros per item. I was wrong. I've now got a boxful of useless junk that cost as much as a good handful of high end products I'd love and use. That'll teach me to get carried away in the drugstore.. grrrr.

  • Ooooooh, what beautiful finds! I so want to visit a CCO soon, I know there are like two within 35 minutes of me but I've never been since I don't have a car!!!! I can't believe you found Smoke and Diamonds too! I so regret not buying that one when it first came out… LOL.

    Hypnotic looks really pretty! I think I'll have to pick up that one when I'm at a Walmart next (like… in a few months maybe, again, because I can't drive myself LOL. SO makes fun of me for being practically disabled ;_;).

  • I want that pretty pink Hard Candy polish!

    It's weird…my drugstore products don't get used – with the exception of my NYX shadows. Granted, I only have four or five but they're excellent, I think. It's almost strange seeing NYX on your blog though, like it doesn't belong! haha.

  • I actually really like NYX products – their shadows, glosses and black label lippies are all great!