MAC Pro Store Picks: Sculpt & Shape Powders

January 24, 2010

I had a girls-day-out last weekend at South Coast Plaza and stop #1 was the MAC Pro Store where I decided to pick up some of the Sculpting & Shaping Powders. I already had the Accentuate/Sculpt Duo that was released back in December of 2007. I’ve actually neglected this duo because I normally don’t like split-colored powders – but I pulled this out recently and really like it for natural contouring and highlighting the eyes.

The Shaping Powders are the lighter colors with subtle pearl powders for a very subtle glow. The shimmer is very soft which is nice and is more natural than the MSF highlighter powder I’ve tried. Think along the lines of Chanel’s Poudre Douces but not quite as subtle and I wouldn’t recommend them for the entire face.

The Sculpting Powders are the matte darker colors that come in various shades of beige and brown. These are meant to be used for contouring to create shadow-like effects.

MAC has repromoted their Sculpt/Shape Duos for several collections since the original release, so if you missed out on the previous releases, there’s a chance they might repromote it again in the future. If you’re near a Pro Store and like natural beige/brown/flesh toned powders, I recommend you try and check these out!

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  • Ooh, Shadowy would make a great eyeshadow! as would Lightsweep! Thanks for this post =) I don't use my Accentuate/Sculpt duo enough.

  • Thanks for reminding me to break out the sculpt/shape duo! It has been languishing..

    Also, Lina, have you seen the new eye palette from Chanel? I was wondering if you had seen it yet? In person or otherwise. If so, do you have an opinion? I saw it in an email I received. It looks covet worthy from the photo, but I am a sucker for Chanel!

  • Thanks for the swatch! I think I need to pick up Lightsweep to use as highlighter! Great blog btw-very informative

  • Hi Joey! I need to use my duo more often too. I think since it's in a duo-form, I use it less often for the face b/c I don't like the shades being mixed. It's easier for eyes. The individual pans/compacts make it easier for face contouring.

    Lori – I've only seen the Chanel Eye Palette in Japanese magazines and online from that Chanel email. I was initially *very* interested, but when I found out 2 of the shades were for brows, my lemming died. I'm hoping I can see it in person eventually.

  • so pretty and natural, i've been into this look too lately πŸ™‚ check out some L'Oreal HIP colors, they've come out with new more natural ones (personal fave: Foxy – a baby pink and matte deep brown)


  • I thought you might have the palette, already. lol! You're the girl who has all the cool stuff first! I felt the same way about the eyebrow powders initially, but it didn't quite kill it for me. I think I'll just wait to see it in store, too..

  • Lina, how do you use the duo powder on your eyes to naturally contour and highlight? Where do you put each powder? Thanks.

  • em

    These all look so good on your skin! A lot of them didn't work on my skintone. I have the accentuate/sculpt duo too. What I love about sculpt is that if I overapply it's no problem since it doesn't have any orange tones. I love accentuate, it's so soft and subtle. I love using them on my eyes too, you can contour subtly or softly which I love! Clearly I need to use mine more!

  • Academic Girl – love your screen name πŸ™‚ I am asian and have those mono lids, so I apply the darker shade first (sculpt) with a fluffy white brush like MAC #217 from the lash line to about 1/2 way up the lid with a medium-hand. I don't worry about accuracy/even-ness at first. I then take the same brush and swipe the lighter side and I start from the middle of the lid, over-lapping part of the brown shade and blend the light color over the darker color so it forms a soft gradient. I typically blend down.

    I then take a slightly denser brush and use the lighter shade and apply it more heavily on the brow bone area for a highlight.

    I'm not exactly sure how other girls use it, especially those with the eye crease. It just gives my no-lid eyes a bit more depth without giving me that horrid fake crease look.

  • that accentuate reminds me of my MUFE Sculpting Kit which I never bothered to use and tried to swap away but unfortunately didn't manage to do so before I left…

    oh well… i like to see your collection as they are all in perfect condition and excellent positions. πŸ™‚