Lancome Pop N’ Cheeks in Coral Flirt from Spring 2010

January 3, 2010

I haven’t tried much from Lancome with the exception of their blushes and Bifacil makeup remover, so I’m not really familiar with the line. I assume their product launches are similar to Dior where they release different items in different countries. I know for holiday, Asia got that pretty pink cherub highlighter while the US only got the golden bronzey one. It appears there are 2 versions of the Pop N’Cheeks Gentle & Lasting Color Powder Blush as well, I only saw 01 Coral Flirt at Nordstrom, but the Asian catalogs show another pretty peach/pink blush 02. I believe I saw a few different glosses that are not shown in these previews as well (the ones in the round tubes).

Someone please correct me if I’m am wrong. I would be THRILLED to know if the 02 blush is available in the US anywhere! (There’s one more scan a few posts down from January 1.)

The new tester unit caught my eye as I was browsing through Nordstrom. I am sorry to say I can’t remember anything else I saw, although I wish I had paid more attention. I only remember looking at the glosses thinking they were too sparkley for my taste and then moved on.

The Coral Flirt Blush is designed in an abstract rose pattern. The gold is only an overspray. The tester I saw had no gold left on the product, so I got to swirl it with my fingers. It gives a very sheer soft peach blush. If you’re familiar with Benefit Coralista & Georgia, I would say the new Lancome is in between those 2 shades once brushed on your cheeks.

Close up with flash

Close up in natural sunlight
Since I know many of you insist on swatches, even though I hate mine, here it is swatched on three fingers. The first finger has the gold sparkle, the second and third have progressively less overspray-sparkle, but it’s a bit hard to see. I highly recommend testing in person.

Overall a nice soft and sheer peach. You’d probably get more pigment with MAC Pinch O Peach (also more pink) or Laura Mercier Orange Blossom blush. It’s good for a natural cheek and the bonus for me is that there is no detectable scent on the product.

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  • This is such a beautiful product. I already have Laura Mercier Orange Blossom though (and love it!) so I think it will be safe for me to skip this.

  • wow this is a really great summer color! the sparkles will make your cheeks pop!

    i love how the japanese beauty magazines layout the new products in such an organized and stylish layout spreads πŸ™‚

  • I think I could stare at the pretty, shimmery pattern of the product without ever using it. It's mesmerizing!

  • Eileen

    Lina, please don't ever apologize for your swatches! You do such an amazing job of pulling colors together, describing them, and swatching them. Here's wishing you a Happy New Year and I hope to see many more of your beautiful looks πŸ™‚

  • Gosh, I'd never be able to use it because of its resemblance to a Picasso (I'm a huge Picasso fan). It looks like it'd be so pretty on, though.

  • Ok I officially MUST have that!

  • Do you know if they will be released world wide? Cause in other posts I saw different nail polish colors and I think the 003 and 015 are so beautiful I need to have them but your scans are the only place I ever saw them πŸ™

  • I wonder if they'll release this in Canada! This looks like a lovely blush. I like peach-coloured coral shades so this would be perfect to add to my stash πŸ™‚ I'm gonna cross my fingers they'll release it here in the future.. thanks for sharing πŸ˜€ xx