Why Do You Love Makeup & What Do You Look For in a Brand?

December 23, 2009

I want to get to know more about my readers so I thought it would be fun to ask why you love makeup & what you look for in a brand. My love for high-priced beauty products is a constant mystery to my husband as he has asked me on several occasions “how many makeup brushes does a girl need?” To that, I cannot give an definite answer, I only know that I have accumulated way too many and that it didn’t happen overnight.

I’d also love to hear what you look for in a brand. Are you brand loyal? Or is there something else you look for in buying beauty products? As consumers, we are constantly bombarded with advertising coming at us from all angles. With the millions of products out there promising us luminous skin, luscious full lips, dramatic eyes and silky hair – how do you sort through all the information to decide what to buy and try out? Sometimes it’s easier to just stick with a few familiar brands because you know you can rely on them for consistency.

Here are my answers:

1) Why Do I Love Makeup? I can’t exactly explain why I love makeup so much, but for me it’s fun, addictive, pretty and I have little willpower to resist a sparkly eyeshadow, light pink lipstick, or soft fluffy eyeshadow brush. I like makeup because it makes me feel like a better version of myself when I have even skintone from a bit of foundation and powder. Part of it is that it makes me feel better about the areas I am insecure about, while it doesn’t cure a bad mood or depression all the time, it usually makes me feel better when I at least feel that I look good.

2) What Do I Look For in a Brand? This is a bit more complicated for me. There are a lot of things I look for in a brand. I’m not the type to be loyal to one brand, although there are definitely brands I feel like I can rely on for consistency and quality. I like products that give a classic timeless look, but I also like new things. So what else do I look for?

  • High quality, good pigment, nice textures at a decent price
  • Natural wearable feminine colors but I love unique shades too
  • Packaging needs to be sturdy, design needs to be cute or classic or simple
  • Decent incentives (GWPs or samples) to show appreciation for business
  • Products that are timeless and classic, but modern and new at the same time

Last but definitely not least, I think the whole experience of buying something makes or breaks a brand. There have been a few brands I have fallen completely in love with because of the GREAT customer service I have received. Likewise, there have been a couple occasions with some brands that have totally killed my desire to try any more products or shop at a particular store.

Am I too demanding as a customer? After all, how much can companies innovate? Can they keep bringing us new things that fit our needs/wants/likes? Many times I feel like certain brands repeatedly release the same types of colors year after year – but perhaps that just means I have maxed out on my product capacity and should focus on using things up rather than focus on looking for new things.

3) What are my top favorite brands? I have to admit this has changed over the years and is still changing.

  • In my early 20’s it was Stila, Nars, Trish and Bobbi Brown.
  • In my mid 20’s it was Chanel, MAC, Dior and Armani.
  • I’m now in my late 20’s and today, my list of favorite brands has expanded to include a wider variety Chanel, Armani, Bobbi Brown, Paul & Joe, Edward Bess, Dolce & Gabbana.

So, beauty addicts unite! I’d love to hear your reasons for why you love makeup and about your favorite brands.

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  • 1) Why do I love makeup? It's a long story, but the basic answer is that I had major non-cosmetic surgery on my face when I was 10, which left me with awful scarring. My mom let me wear foundation to cover up the scars…I started off with Dermablend and as the scars faded I graduated to less heavy foundations. I had always had a thing for makeup – I had play makeup as a child and my favorite Sunday chore was to dust and reorganize Mom's makeup and fragrance collection. It wasn't until my scars started to fade that I realized that makeup wasn't a necessity but an art form.

    I was always into color and art and the human canvas became very interesting to me. I was in a completely full face of makeup by 13, and when I discovered Nars' "Makeup Your Mind" at 14, I was sunk. I never looked back! It also probably didn't help that my mom started me off with Lancome, Clinique, Estee Lauder, and Bobbi Brown! So yeah, makeup is just a creative outlet for me…the colors and textures of products appeal to me on their own as much as their appearance on my face appeals to me.

    2) What do I look for in a brand? Oh that's easy – rich pigmentation, luxurious textures, an eye for detail, a luxe label (because I was and always will be a high-end girl), and impeccable customer service. I appreciate a line that goes for extremes (like NARS) as much as a line that goes for basics (like Edward Bess), and packaging always appeals to my eye too. I think that's what drew me to Paul and Joe, for example. I am incredibly discerning when it comes to what I purchase, as although I lean to the more expensive, niche cosmetics lines, I am not rich and thus must spend my money wisely.

    What are my top favorite brands? This is probably the easiest to answer: NARS, Paul and Joe, Edward Bess, and Bobbi Brown.

    Former brand loves have fallen out of favor with me due to either: subpar quality, a lack of creative new releases, or terrible customer service.

    Also, there are lines that I keep falling in and out of love with, but cannot say are favorites. These lines are good but boring and steady. Once in awhile a new product will come out that really WOWs me, but that's it.

  • Anonymous

    1) Why Do I Love Makeup?
    It's fun, and wearing makeup helps me take care of myself.

    2) What Do I Look For in a Brand?

    I like nice textures, unique color combinations and colors. I'm a fan of modern, easy packaging.

    3) What are my top favorite brands?

    I'll find something to like in most lines, but I gravitate towards Nars, Illamasqua,RMK, MUFE, Shu, Givenchy. I like cutting edge formulas, and companies that make me think about layering different textures & colors. I don't believe in looking groomed or made up from head to toe. When I wear color, it's still about enhancing different features & fun, not show. I don't necessarily look better with makeup.

  • 1) Why Do I Love Makeup? Make up lets me draw attention to my attractive features while smoothing out my imperfections. I also love playing with colors and subtle shading/contouring that can be done on my face is an outlet for my creativity.

    2) What do I look for in a brand? I am a bit of a snob when it comes to make-up, I feel that high end products usually give better results and are well worth the money spent. I also am very swayed by customer service and look for make-up artists/sales people who know what they are talking about and give good advice and product & application suggestions. I usually do a lot of reading online about a particular product/brand and get a sense of what the brand embodies and if this essence appeals to me I become an avid follower of that brand. That being said, I need variety and often like to follow multiple brands, each satisfying a different need.
    3) What are my top favorite brands?
    I started my collection with MAC and find that a lot of my staples come from their permanent line, and on rare occasion from their limited edition launches. I have also found favorites from brands like Stila, NARS, Benefit and Smashbox. Shiseido and especially Chanel, to me, embody luxury and sophistication. The finish and texture of their products are truly refined and enjoyable. I have recently discovered the wonders of Paul & Joe and the superior quality/pigmentation of NARS eyeshadows!
    All in all I enjoy the whole process of pampering myself with makeup and skincare products (I actually enjoy the thorough process of removing my makeup at night as much as I enjoy putting it on in the morning!!!) I am a creature of habit and look forward to these daily rituals as a hobby and as a passion!

  • 1) Why do I love makeup? Well, I come from a line of makeup divas. My grandma, her sisters and my mother are all women who love(d) to powder and paint, and I remember sitting watching my grandma at her vanity table and being fascinated. I love the ritual of it, and the way that I can express how I'm feeling and change who I am with makeup. I do feel sorry for boys who have to wake up everyday, look in the mirror and think "Yes, this is as good as it's going to get today."

    2) I look for rich colours and textures, and I do love the ritual of buying high end products too; I love the packaging and the chi-chi bags and the anticipation of a new collection. I'm very like Joey – sometimes I'm after beautiful classics, and sometimes I like the unexpected.

    3) Favourite lines include Edward Bess, RMS Beauty, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Suqqu, Beaute and NARS.

  • 1) Why Do I Love Makeup?
    Im just a hopeless addict. Its like art for the face and im an arty person. Love the colors and textures of the products!

    2) What Do I Look For in a Brand?
    Good quality packaging, not too chemical smelling products, finely milled powders, unique colors and good quality textures. Love pretty limited edition items too.

    3) What are my top favor
    Nars, RBR, Korres and Shu Uemura

    I started with Maybelline, Jane and Neutrogena (which i still love) till I got more used to applying it. Then i moved on to Givenchy (the old school stuff from 10yrs ago) and Clinique.

    Now i like everything!!

  • Anonymous

    1. I've loved makeup since I was a child – I remember trying to put makeup on the dog and cat!
    2. I look for quality – very finely milled, or creamy/blendable, finishes in flattering shades. I really want the makeup to blend sheerly and appear invisible.
    Simple, chic, portable packaging gets my vote – I don't like cutesy (Benefit), edgy (Urban Decay), or clunky ((Lauder).
    3. My favorites are Chantecaille in first place, then Chanel. I would prefer to have a few reliably flattering pieces from these lines than dozens from others. (Good thing, too, since they're so expensive.)

  • 1) Why do I love makeup?
    It is colorful and fun. It is, for me, a big girls' Barbie. I used to collect Barbies now i collect makeup.

    2) What do I look for in a brand?
    Quality and ease of use. I hate spending a lot of time trying to make a product work for me. A concealer should cover easily, an eyeshadow should blend easily and a foundation stay on from morning till evening. Any product that doesn't live up to it's own promises is a miss for me.

    3) What are my top favorite brands?
    MAC and NARS will always be two of my favorite brands. I love their e/s, blushes and their overall quality. I'm also a fan of Dior, Bobbi Brown, Giorgio Armani, Chanel. Recently i got into more natural and organic brands like Korres and Fresh.

  • Great post, I love what you said "Products that are timeless and classic, but modern and new at the same time" omg that's EXACTLY how I feel.

    1) Why do I love makeup?
    That's a hard question, for me it's about being creative and artistic. I love being able to improve and inhance my natural features.

    2) What do I look for in a brand? Useable colors, good texture, great packaging, consistant quality.

    3. What are my top favorite brands?
    Paul & Joe, Guerlain, Jill Stuart, and Chanel.

  • 1) Why do I love makeup?
    I love colours. Before I knew the existence of makeup, I collected various brands of oil pastel because I was really into paintings and art competitions. Once I knew the art of face painting (literally), I quickly fell in love with it.

    2) What do I look for in a brand?Definitely quality.

    3) What are my top favorite brands?
    At the moment I love Shiseido. But I'm also loving Jill Stuart, Anna Sui and Shu Uemura. My preference is more towards Asian brands, because I am an Asian.

  • 1.) I love makeup because it's never constant. There are always new products, brands, and limited edition items to try out. It's just fun and I love being able to choose a new look each day πŸ™‚

    2.) I look for good quality packaging, pigmentation, smooth texture, and good reviews on MUA! LOL

    3.) Stila, Armani, NARS, MAC

  • 1)Why do you love makeup?

    There are so many reasons for that! I love that you can be different by usuing different products. Also I love to give a makeover to women of different age. I love to see them happy and more confident.

    2)What do I look for in a brand?
    Your answer is so great that I have nothing to add really πŸ™‚

    3)What are my top favorite brands? Right now I love Chanel and Illamasqua the best. They are very different and I like them both so much.

    But I like trying different brands. Right now I want to try Beaute because I never tried it before.

  • Great site! I just clicked over from Makeup and Beauty Blog.

    1. Why do I love makeup? It makes me feel put together and polished. Gives me more confidence. And I just have so much fun playing with colors and textures.
    2. I used to buy only drugstore brands, thinking I was saving money. But I've learned that with certain items you get a much better quality with high-priced brands. Most powders (eyeshadow, blush, setting powder) are significantly higher quality in high-priced brands. Drugstore brands are a lot of filler. I think the best mascaras and lipsticks are Loreal. Lip glosses I'll try anything, drug store or Sephora. Foundation is the trickiest one. I need full coverage, oil-control and a very light shade. That's almost impossible to find in a drugstore brand. Right now I'm using Revlon Colorstay and it's working. We'll see how long the love affair lasts.
    3. I guess I answered #3 in #2. I am loving Lorac's eyeshadows right now. And Two Faced Shadow Insurance changed my life. My shadow would crease in about 4 hours w/o eyeshadow primer – now it goes all day looking as good as when I put it on.

  • For me, the biggest reason for keeping exploring the fantastic make-up world is that I can find different versions of myself and explore new possibilities hidden behind my natural appearance.
    The second one is simply universal. Look at those beautiful and gorgeous products and styles! How can a woman resist those?! :p