Giorgio Armani Spring 2010: Nude Contrasts

December 30, 2009

My Armani guy at Saks called me to tell me they got the spring collection in so I rushed over to check it all out. It was all very soft, light, airy and spring-y, reminds me of something a fairy would wear. Very pretty, sparkly and eye-catching! They didn’t have testers yet, but they let me play with the eyeshadow palettes since lately they haven’t been sent testers until a few weeks after they receive shipment of the product to sell.

The collection consists of:

* 2 new Silk Lipsticks: #98 is a pale pink shimmer, #99 is a neutral-warm pinky rose (similar to Nars DV but warmer)

* 3 new Lipshimmers: #62 is a pale buttermilk-cream color, #63 is a sparkley beige, #64 is a shimmery pale pink with a hint of peach

* 2 new Nude Contrasts Palette (4 Eye Designing Colors): # 1 has a pale iridescent baby blue, golden sand, matte black, pale sparkly ivory, #2 has a light golden nude sparkle, shimmery soft pink, matte black, and pale warm cream shimmer

* 1 new Eyeliner (didn’t catch the actual name): 01 is a pure black

* Shimmer Powder 5: repromoted from holiday, a sheer pale sparkle powder (very very sheer)

So far, I believe only the eyeshadow palettes are available online at Giorgio Armani. I’m not sure when the rest of the collection will be up online though.

A couple spring previews from the February 2010 issues of Voce & Maquia for more views:

The haul: Nude Contrast Palettes 1 (left), 2 (right), Silk 98 Lipstick,
Lipshimmer 63 (top), Lipshimmer 64 (bottom)

Close Up of Nude Contrasts 1 & 2

Swatch of #1

Swatch of #2

Lipshimmers & Silk Lipstick

Swatches on bare skin, L to R: Lipshimmer 63, 64, Silk Lipstick 98

Here’s a look from Biteki, while I can’t read Japanese, it indicates the MAC Lipglass is 2N, so I’m assuming the lipstick is also from MAC Warm & Cozy collection. Please note my camera washed out the color on her face, so it looks like she is barely wearing anything – I did the best I could, but hopefully it will give you an idea of how to coordinate the #1 palette. Can anyone translate?

Overall thoughts: The shadows are surprisingly pigmented for lighter shades and they are more sparkly than most Armani shadows which typically have finely milled shimmer. The swatches make the colors all look similar, but in real life they are more contrasted with each other. I think these will make a really pretty neutral eye that will go with a lot of different shades.

The lipshimmers are pretty, #64 is the frostiest gloss I’ve ever seen from Armani, but still lovely. It reminds me of MAC Prrr & Bobbi Brown Pink Sugar though, so if you don’t have access to Armani or want to shell out $$$ for the gloss, you can definitely find cheaper alternatives.

Silk 98 is pretty, it’s a more pink version of MAC Plink! but still on the sheer side. I might go back for 99 at some point because it looked like a pretty rosey pink without shimmer.

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  • MW

    the lip shimmers look pretty!!

  • The #2 palette looks beautiful. I love the narrow black stripe–so understated and elegant!

  • em

    the #2 palette- too pretty! it's a different take on neutrals with the sparkle! everything you bought looks fab xo

  • So pretty it hurts! I *need* one of those "fairy"-palettes!

  • Anonymous

    I'm glad you showcased these! I was curious as most spring collections were boring me. These seem seasonless & soft.

  • Wow, lipshimmers are gorgeous! I must check them out asap!

    It's hard to see the actual color on my pc, but here's what Biteki magazine says on #1 palette look: To create this look, use the pale blue as wash color for the entire eye area, beige as the lid color and black as the eyeliner. Then mix beige & black for the outer V, and add some beige on 1/3 of the inner corner on the bottom.

    I love how simple yet polished it looks! Oh, they used MAC Warm Me Up l/s for this look, too. I hope this helps and wish you a wonderful new year!!!

  • Thanks so much for sharing this! πŸ™‚ The palettes look so much prettier than I thought they'd be, I'm definitely going to have to check this collection out. πŸ˜›

  • Pretty swatches!

  • What a very pretty collection! Thanks for the swatches!

    OBTW LINA! I received my first Paul & Joe nail polishes from an international swap and I wanted to thank you for your excellent swatches to help me decide which ones to pick! I ended up asking for 02 and 27! I can't wait to use 27 for a new manicure later today!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • Hi Lina, Happy New Year!

    Just wondering if you feel these palettes are difficult to work with because all the colours are close together? I'm interested in them but not sure if the black will get into the lighter colours? Also, I know you didn't buy it but do you know if the shimmer powder is similar to the Paul & Joe holiday 09 highlighting powder in 002 (the pink one)?

    Keep up the good work, I adore your blog!

  • Beautiful pictures, do you think the middle shade of palette 1 is similar to the top shade of palette 2 ?

  • TY Sophia! That's great, I was wondering what the l/s was πŸ™‚

    Catherine, that's EXCITING! I can't wait to read your NOTDs with these, your nail photos are phenomenal.

    Alice, I haven't used them yet, I'm going to use one of them tonight. They placement of the color is definitely easier to use than those Eyes To Kill (bulls-eye style) b/c the stripe is bigger. I'm not so sure about the colors at the bottom though.

    Replica – the middle shade of #1 is darker and more sandy than the top shade of #2. They are similar though, #1 is paler.

    Happy NY everyone!!!!

  • milkyway from mua

    Hi Lina! Great haul πŸ™‚ I have the steel black Eyes to Kill palette and I'd say it's more sparkly than the e/s palettes from their regular line. Are these new palettes more 'sparkly' than the Eyes to Kill ones?

    Happy New Year! Hope to read more posts from you.

  • Hi milkyway, these are just as sparkly as the Eyes to Kill ones. HTH some!