Estée Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood Collection Spring 2010

December 26, 2009

This spring Michael Kors has designed a collection for Estée Lauder “Inspired by iconic Hollywood glamour for everyday life.” I’ve been looking forward to the release ever since preview pictures were posted on BeautyEditor.ca back in early November which featured a fresh and modern looking collection. I was excited to see that Nordstrom put out their tester unit a few days ago. The collection is divided into two categories: beige/peach and pink/rose.

What I picked up:

* Blushes in Sunset Coral (a soft healthy coral) & Sunset Pink (a vibrant powdery pink)
* Eyeshadow Duo Blonde Mink (dusty beige shimmer and dusty-brown)
* Lip Gloss in Starlet Rose (pale light cream) & Starlet Peach (soft milky baby peach)
* Lip Sheen in Hollywood Gold (pale beige-gold), Starlet Peach (soft coral peach), Honey Blonde (medium beige shimmer)
* Shimmering Loose Powder (a soft medium pink shimmer powder)

L to R: Sunset Coral & Sunset Pink

Sunset Coral Blush

Sunset Pink Blush

Blonde Mink

L to R: Blonde Mink Eyeshadow Duo,
Starlet Peach Lipgloss, Starlet Rose Lipgloss

L to R: Starlet Peach Lipgloss, Starlet Rose Lipgloss,
Hollywood Gold Lip Sheen, Starlet Peach Lip Sheen, Honey Blonde Lip Sheen

Loose Shimmer Powder

Beige packaging & cute coral boxes

Overall thoughts: I think the colors are great for a fresh and simplistic look. Standouts for me are the lip sheens which are a semi-sheer creamy lipstick. I picked out the most natural beige and peach colors for the lip sheens (there were 2 other colors, a powder pink and bright rose). Most of the lipglosses seemed on the sheer side and have that distinct EL gloss scent (which I’m not sure my nose will be able to stand). The blushes are nice for a healthy glow.

Overall, stunning for Estee Lauder, and definitely great for everyday and extremely wearable, but the colors seem pretty dupeable. In the near future, I will need to think over my purchases more carefully before being sucked in by pushy sales associates. However, the colors are well coordinated and the nude lipsticks are very flattering and wearable where I find most other brand’s “nudes” and “beiges” look like death on my face.

Very pretty and suitable for spring. I think it will be flattering for all ages.

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  • Some of the lipsticks are so pretty…

  • What a gorgeous looking collection!! I can't wait til this one hits Australia, I NEED those glosses and lippies ♥

  • Wow, what a gorgeous collection! I wasn't impressed when I saw the promo pictures but now I feel like I should go swatch a few things in stores. =)

  • Omg these colors are gorgeous remind me a lil bit of the chanel collection i totally love the peachy beige color !!!! =)

  • i have becoming such a fan of EL stuff of late. i guess i am getting old, eh?


    this collection is BEYOND gorgeous!!! i love that sunset coral blush the best from your pictures. i

  • that looks gorgeous! can't wait to check these out. 🙂

  • This collection looks great, I'm not normally a huge EL fan but this makes me want to go check it out.

  • Oh. Mah. GAWD. I looove these shades! DYING ovah heah!

    Lina, have you swatched the e/s duo yet? If so, how's the pigmentation of the shadows?

    And how about the l/s, as well? I love the colors you picked up (my shades, totally!), but want to know if they're too sheer to show up on my pigmented lips.

    LOVE you for posting these!

  • Connie

    I've never really paid attention to EL products but the shades in this collection are pretty nice! I prefer lipsticks that are more on the sheer side so I'm interested in trying those out. Thanks for sharing!
    This is one of the reasons I love your blog…I love finding out about new brands/products or ones that I just wouldn't have paid attention to.

    BTW, will you be posting swatches? 🙂

  • I love Michael Kors! Lovin' the lipsticks!

  • R

    So pretty! I like the look of the eyeshadow the most.

  • Those are all so pretty!! I will need to go swatch these in person now 🙂

  • Lovely items but you're right – very dupeable. I do love the looks of that Honey Blonde lipstick though! =)

  • ah this is such a wearable spring collection! very pretty lippie colors 🙂

  • Lana

    Lovely! I want those lipsticks. Do the lipsticks have the EL fig scent as well?

  • i loved the preview pictures for this collection as well, must go have a lookie when its not so darn cold outside

  • Butting in (politely, of course) …

    For Lana — they do NOT 🙂 They actually smell very similar to the EL/Tom Ford l/s that came out a few years ago, like a vanilla/caramel blend. Very pleasant, not overbearing, and these feel different from the typical EL lipsticks, more like a lipbalm/lipstick hybrid.

    HTH a bit!

  • Anonymous

    Peachy lipstick is great!!!

  • MC

    Lovely! Thanks for the pictures.

  • Elina

    I got the colour starlet peach, are there any dupes? :)) I love this lipstick but no lipsticks lasts forever:(