Edward Bess Eyeshadow Gorgeousness

December 9, 2009

It was love at first sight for the Intimate & Dusk Eyeshadows from Edward Bess. I had read about the line before but never really paid much attention until I started receiving the Bergdorf Goodman catalog in the mail. I have Leanne (aka Artbabe) to thank for enabling me – she described Intimate as the taupe “you can’t go wrong with.” I was immediately sold!

I’ve since discovered a few other Edward Bess fans, Alexa (aka Nekochama), Robin (aka Applepark) and Leslie (aka LeslieCZ) to name a few. Thanks to their expertise and glowing reviews have pushed me over the edge to collect all the single eyeshadows he has created.

They are pricey at $29 each but I have to say they are worth every penny if you love neutrals. At first glance, the eyeshadows may seem very ordinary, but when you look closer and swipe them with your finger, you will realize how incredibly gorgeous each shade is. I find the mirrored compact design is refreshingly clean and simple. I will do my best to describe each color:

* Nude – pale buttercream with a very slight luster
* Intimate – a light luminescent warm tan/taupe, hard to describe, but LOVE
* Dusk – a gorgeous complex grey-brown-taupe shimmer that has a bit of gold and khaki
* Escape – warm coppery shimmer
* Mystery – complex dusty coffee brown with slight shimmer
* Night – matte charcoal-black with a satin finish







Swatches – these really do not do the colors justice!

With flash:

No flash:

I have to admit at times cannot believe I spent $29 on a single eyeshadow (or all 6 for that matter). But I really love the colors and quality. My favorites are Intimate, Dusk and Mystery. You can see a look I put together using Dusk in A Week of Looks I’m Loving Right Now: Day 1.

While I like Nude and Night, I think they can be easily duplicated with other brands so to me, if I had seen and tested them in person first, I probably wouldn’t have bought these 2.

I like these because they are neutral but not boring. They are timeless and appropriate for any age. There’s just enough sparkle/glow to each shade to give a luminescent glow, but not overly so which will make these work for ladies who avoid shimmer/frost like the plague.

One more view:
* Top Row – Nude, Intimate, Dusk
* Bottom Row – Escape, Mystery, Night

These were all purchased from Bergdorf Goodman. Krista the Brand Manager there for the line has been super helpful in describing colors to me. Love that she is friendly, knowledgeable, and not at all pushy. She actually tried to talk me out of Nude since I was getting the Jet Set (more on this set soon) and told me that the pale shade in the palette was similar to Nude. Also great there with Edward Bess is Susan – super friendly and helpful as well.

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  • What a great post, this is so so helpful πŸ™‚

  • I have Dusk and Intimate, but I can see that I now need Mystery and Nude. These are sooo gorgeous and such perfect textures. Thanks, Lina! Oh hey, did you get Jet Set yet? Thoughts?
    ~HusbandStillWontBeHappy on MUA

  • LOL don't forget you also converted me! I have all but Nude and Night and I'll be getting them very shortly =)

    *squishes* they really are fantastic shadows.

  • those are gorgeous! how big are they compared to NARS e/s?

  • WOW…the colors are soo me….but the price tag is so not me…

    i will have to wait for some deals/discounts…:)

  • Thank you for posting these lovely eyeshadows. Can you describe the texture difference between "slight shimmer" and "satin"? I have a few black shadows already (Shu's ME Black, Chanel's Coromandel palette, and a few others) and I'm trying to understand how Night might be worth the splurge? I don't live near NYC. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  • Hi Estelle – I did get the Jet Set! More on that to come very soon!

    Joey – lol πŸ™‚

    Sooshi – EB Eyeshadows are .07 oz/2g. My Nars Single Shadows are either .07oz/2g or .12oz/3.5g depending on what shade it is.

    Resham – I agree, the price isn't something I'm in love with. They just had their $25 off $100 event. I think they have these 2-3 times per year.

    Amy – My terminology just refers to the finish. Nude and Mystery have a luster finish – not full shimmer but not full matte. On the eyes you see a pretty sheen. Night is what I'd call a "satin" because it's primarily matte but not flat. It has some depth to it.

    I wouldn't say Night is worth the splurge if you already have other black shadows. It's pretty dupeable. I think his other colors are better – but that's just my opinion.

  • Nell

    Thank you for this post. I always like to hear that is it indeed worth to spend 29$ on a single e/s and that I am not alone in wanting to do just that πŸ˜‰
    I also got the Jet Set, but it is still on itΒ΄s way so I canΒ΄t wait for your take on it!!!
    Thanks for the great work you do on this blog, itΒ΄s one of my favorites.

  • your blog covers so many brands that i can't catch up. but i have to come here every day just because i miss out anything. again, this is a brand i have been reading about on MUA and some other places and again, you HAVE THEM NAILED!

    i wish i could play with your stash. it would be so much fun!

    i think i need to move to NYC someday then i won't be so anvious anymore… *_*

  • Loverly. Just loverly. I love your pictures. and the swatches look wonderful! Thanks for the great post. I think I NEED Dusk

  • Lina: Since I discovered your blog about a month ago, I have spent quite a bit on Edward Bess and YSL. I have jet set and love it. I will need to get some more eye shadows. Although the price is steep, these shadows are much much better than MAC and even Armani for that matter, so they are worth it for anyone on the fence.

  • i am loving intimate and dusk for sure!!

  • OMFG, those are perfection. Thank you so much for bringing NYC a little closer!!

  • sant508@aol.com

    Yea!!! I'm glad you bought them all!! I haven't ordered Jet Set YET! Thanks for another AWESOME post!

  • Wow. These EB shadows are stunning (especially dusk and mystery). I love that it's not overly shimmery but that price point… =X Eyeshadow is the one thing I try not to splurge on but these are too tempting…

    Thanks a lot… =P

  • I have all of these apart from Escape and Nude. I love them; the textures are amazing. They're worth every cent in my opinion, beautiful beautiful neutrals.

  • Gorgeous! I think a possible dupe for EB "intimate" would be Benefit Velvet eyeshadow "fawn over me"…they look very similar to me and it's such a lovely shade!

  • i was looking at this at bergdorf the other day and really liked the texture!

  • Hi Sabrina,
    Love your blog! Although it creates a lot of temptation for me, it's still the most succinct and in depth i've found (not to mention great photos). My question for you is, if you had to start with Burberry eyeshadows or Edward Bess, which one would invest in? I'm about to do some damage based on your reviews but really want to keep it simple, in line with my new MU philosophies. Thanks a lot for your help!
    Yael, Paris