Sneak Peek: Chanel Noirs Obscurs Makeup Collection

August 24, 2009

I just picked up the October 2009 Issues of Voce, Maquia & Biteki yesterday from my local Mitsuwa Marketplace and saw some preview pictures and a couple ads for the new Chanel Noirs Obscurs collection. (Huge thanks to Haru at Rouge Deluxe for introducing me to these awesome beauty/fashion magazines. Luckily I don’t need to be in Asia to get these since I have a Japanese bookstore near me.)

I’m keeping my fingers crossed hoping these will be released in time for the Saks and Neimans Beauty Events (mid September), but since they just released a new skincare line and the rouge allure laques in the US, I have a feeling the release date might not be as soon as I hope.

From Biteki Magazine, scan of the Chanel ad (the scan just couldn’t capture the true color or intensity/depth of the eyeshadow, the actual photo shows a bit of iridescence to the eyes but when scanned, just looks flat):

Article featuring Peter Philips from Voce:

Scan from Maquia:

I’ve found some more details on the product names on these two blogs:

British Beauty Beauty Blogger (Chanel: Noirs Obscurs Collection)
Ladies Beauty (Noirs Obscurs Dark Black Collection . . .)

If you have anymore details, please share!!!

For those unfamiliar with these Japanese magazines, they run about $8 to $12 USD each issue which is fairly pricey. However, they have beautiful layouts, pictures on real women, tons of how-to tutorials, and lots of great ideas (both fashion and beauty related) which make these well worth the price in my opinion and a better deal than most US beauty/fashion magazines. That being said, since these are Japanese publications, they do follow Asian Trends (which do not always coincide with other countries) and most of the models are fair-medium in skintone.

Check to see if your city has a Japanese supermarket or bookstore!

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  • This collection looks stunning, as well as the make-up on the model! I wish we could all pull of those dark lips! Thanks for sharing all the images πŸ™‚
    Come visit me at my blog, you're more than welcome!

  • SLee

    haha and you should check out korean magazines !

    pretty similar but we koreans vary from the japaneses's style, beauty, and trends so you should try checking them out!

    so magazines like… idk
    ceci, vogue korea, elle korea, are particularly great !

    these are just random ones i'm remembering:
    high cut, allure korea, singles, nylon korea, etc. haha (:

    ……and they're similar to japanese magazines– like ceci, with a bajillion pages but lots of cool insightful fashionista/beauty addict stuff <3

  • Marce – I will definitely check out your blog soon!

    SLee – thanks so much for the Korean Magazine recommendations!!!! Now I need to find out if there is a Korea-town near me.

  • I can't wait to see swatches of that black palette, seen some okeish palette pics, I'm not sure if I need it though, has to be something to wear by day.