Day 5 of Beauty Essentials: Natural Lipliner

July 31, 2009

I’m one of those people who always uses lipliner with lipstick & gloss. I find that it can enhance certain tones and define the lips nicely especially with natural or nude looking shades. Therefore I find it’s one of my beauty essentials. I’ve swatched (on bare arm, equivalent of MAC NC30) all my natural lipliners, hopefully this will help you make a list of what to check out and try in stores!

1. MAC Oak
2. MAC Honey B.
3. MAC Whirl
4. MAC Gingerroot
5. MAC Subculture
6. MAC Sublime Culture
7. Giorgio Armani #1
8. Giorgio Armani #10
9. Giorgio Armani #13


1. Bobbi Brown Beige
2. Bobbi Brown Heather Beige
3. Bobbi Brown Blush
4. Bobbi Brown Ballet Pink
5. Bobbi Brown Pale Pink
6. Bobbi Brown Naked
7. Bobbi Brown Cocoa
8. Bobbi Brown Blondie Pink
9. Bobbi Brown Sandwash Pink
10. Bobbi Brown Brownie Pink
11. Bobbi Brown Mauve (now named Pink Mauve)
12. Bobbi Brown Slopes

* Note that Bobbi Brown has reformulated her lipliners at least 3 times, the shades swatched are from her current collection of lipliners


1. Dior Natural Beige #213
2. NARS Tonga
3. NARS Morocco
4. NARS Papua
5. NARS Rosebud
6. Trish McEvoy Bare
7. Shiseido Soft Sepia #15
8. Make Up Forever 1C
9. Chanel Natural
10. Chanel Praline D’or
11. Laura Mercier Natural Lips

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  • Wow – thanks for the swatches! This is a pretty incredible collection. =)

  • Anonymous

    The best nude lipliner I've ever found is Sephora's Slim Lip Pencil in #114 (Nude). Girls who aren't deathly pale might prefer #115 (Neutral) or #110 (Natural), though.

    And they're only $5!

  • Anonymous

    FABULOUS SWATCHES!!!!!!!! HUGE help!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!

  • Ere

    I'm one of those people who always use lip liner with lipstick & gloss. I always very confuse to choose any lip liner. It will be very helpful. Thanks again.
    best natural mascara

  • Wow this is great!! Thanks so much for swatching various brands of lipliners. I love natural colors.