Paul & Joe Beaute: Absolutely Adorable!

June 28, 2009

I’ve been eyeing some Paul & Joe Beaute items ever since I first spotted some pics from the holiday sets and finally broke down and ordered some things from Bergdorfs for their Smart Beauty Event (see one post below on their fabulous gift).

I have yet to see the whole line in person, but was totally smitten with their website which is super cute, unique, and absolutely adorable with their downloads and product design. I’m normally not a huge fan of pink-packaging, but have to saw these items are really cute and take me back to the days when I was little and when Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars were cute girly.

Again, I have to rave for Bergdorf’s Customer Service – friendly, easy going, patient, and generous with samples and goodies! In addition to the beauty event gift, I also received a cute tote, skincare samples, and a mini container of their #2 Pearl Powder (looks scary orange/gold in the pot, but blends out to a pretty iridescent peach).

The extra goodies:

Eye Shadows are soft and blendable with high pigment. I ordered based on online swatches and descriptions and various blogs. The packaging/boxes only had numbers to identify the product shade, but websites also associate names with them.

Left to right: 003 Fortune, 04 Sepia, 23 Boulevard, 24 Centre Stage, 92 Tapestry

Close ups of each shade:

Pearl Powders are soft loose powders full of shimmer and finely milled. These are in between a MAC Loose Beauty Powder and Becca Loose Shimmer Powder as far as weight/texture go. If you remember those Stila All Over Shimmer Loose Powders – these have a similar texture and feel, but are easier to blend.

Left to right: 01 Secret of Gold, 03 Silhouette

Cute packaging:

Swatches, left to right: 01 Secret of Gold, 02 Blaze, 03 Silhouette
(NOTE: 02 blends out a lot so it doesn’t go on as intense or as orange as this swatch)

Face Colors are exquisite! These remind me of MAC’s Mineralized Blushes, minus the extreme frost. The face colors are still quite shimmery, but gorgeous on.

Left to right: 11 Rhapsody (pinks), 12 Chic (more beigey)

If you are a Paul & Joe collector or have any items you love, please share them! I’m new to this line and need some more details on products and colors!

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  • oh i like the look of 01 Secret of Gold, 03 Silhouette. do i need to start a paul & joe habbit???!!! i haven't owned a thing from this brand.

  • Hi Lina! Do you remember the name of the SA who helped you? You just convinced me I need to take the train to Bergdorf =) I think I need both of those loose powders and #23 eyeshadow!


  • Hi! I actually ordered from the Le Metier counter, but one of the girls from Paul & Joe included her card. The artist from P&J at Bergdorfs is Caroline. E-mail me if you want the counter number.

    I also relied heavily on Rouge Deluxe's Blog, and Yuki's Lazy Channel Blog, http://www.dermstore.com and http://www.beautyhabit.com for photos and descriptions!

    I believe Bergdorfs/P&J is having an event in July so you might want to call and ask them for details!

    (FYI – I have one P&J dermstore order coming tomorrow and will post more photos soon.)

  • evie

    my goodness the e/s are pretty πŸ˜€ are boulevard, centre stage and tapestry part of the regular paul and joe e/s line?

    are the pearl powders messy, or similar to pigments? and do you need to foil them? πŸ˜€

    they have gorgeous lipsticks πŸ™‚ that's the first thing i fell in love with the line for; but for those with pigmented lips it barely shows up.

  • I LOVE your P&J haul! All the eyeshadows look adorable… I have had some lipsticks, lipglosses and blushes from P&J, but I sold them.

    I'm not a big fan of the glosses and lipsticks for some reason, and as to the blush I think I just picked the wrong colors.

    I just got my hands on a Eyegloss, which I really love. Now, you have enabled me to get the face color #12 Chic, hehe…