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Bobbi Brown Tibi Peony & Python Beauty Kit (Neimans Exclusive Preview)

January 31, 2011

There are a few previews of the upcoming Bobbi Brown & Tibi collaboration for the Peony & Python collection floating around the web. We finally have our first glimpse from Neiman Marcus in an exclusive preview set which includes the following ($95):
  • Pink Peony Illuminating Bronzer (new) – a cool pink with gold flecks
  • Pink Lilac Brightening Gloss (repromote) – pink lilac shimmer
  • Black Mauve Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner (repromote) – taupe purple bronze
  • Two Mini Brushes

I bought this mainly because of the new Pink Peony Bronzer & the cute zippered pouch it comes in. Pricey for just 2 things but I am nearly out of my Pink Lilac gloss and can easily re-gift the Black Mauve Shimmer Ink gel liner. To breakdown the cost by full-sized individual product, Illuminating Bronzers $33 + Gel Liner $21 + Brightening Gloss $22 = $76, which means you pay $19 for the pouch and two mini brushes. Unfortunately the two mini brushes are pretty crappy – the blender brush sheds like crazy and the gel liner brush is too small in the handle to get an easy grip with your hand. Pretty disappointing.

As disappointing as the brushes are, the colors are beautiful Pink Peony is a cooler and slightly deeper version of Maui & Antigua Illuminating Bronzers. I thought Antigua/Maui were pinkish, but Pink Peony is more of a true pink while the others are warmer. Pink Peony is also a more pigmented version of Pink Sugar Shimmer Blush (which goes on sheer on me). Here are the comparisons:

Black Mauve Shimmer Wash is a repromote. Bobbi Brown Gel Liners are among my favorite for gel liners. Here it is compared to a few other brownish & purple colors from Bobbi Brown. If you haven’t checked out Black Mauve Shimmer – definitely do!

The Brightening Glosses are sheer but luminous. I love these alone, over liner or over lipstick for a soft sheen. The texture is smooth and semi-thick, but not too sticky. They do have that annoying bristle brush which can get messy from inserting back into the tube. I love everything about Bobbi Brown’s glosses from the small simple packaging and texture and scent but I keep hoping one day she will change the brush tip.

All the comparisons swatched:

Overall lovely! If you don’t have the gloss or gel liner I think it’s a decent deal. As much as I hate the brushes in this set, I find they are usable and ok for touch ups – just far below the quality of her full-sized brushes. Brands need to take lessons from Laura Mercier who produces wonderful mini brushes in her sets & palettes which I find are of excellent quality (not identical to her full size, but still very very good).