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Paul & Joe Alice In Wonderland Fantasy & Daydream Sets

February 10, 2010

The Paul & Joe Alice in Wonderland Sets have arrived in-store! They won’t be available for sale online officially until the launch of the upcoming movie release, but you can call various boutiques to do a phone order or put yourself on the waitlist for a presale.

So far, I know Bergdorf Goodman & Beautyhabit both received the sets instore, but in very limited quantities. I know other boutiques will be getting these in as well, so check out the Paul & Joe website for store locations and info.

Each set retails for $48 and comes with a blotting paper compact, blotting paper refill, lip treatment stick and a cute tin. There are 2 versions:

* Fantasy (001) is the pink set with the White Rabbit & Cheshire Cat on the tin
* Daydream (002) is the blue set with a daydreaming Alice & teapot

Both tins opened:

Close up of 001 Fantasy tin with the box:

Close up of 002 Daydream tin with the box:

Close up of Lip Treatments, 001 & 002:

When I found out Paul & Joe would be doing an Alice theme, I didn’t think I would be all that excited. Alice in Wonderland is actually one of my least favorite classic Disney movies, mainly because I found it extremely frightening when I was little. But, after seeing the preview photos from my Paul & Joe resource and also on Rouge Deluxe (my ultimate source for Paul & Joe beauty news and coverage) I knew I had to have these. Of course my dear friend Josie and I have been enabling each other with nonstop chatter about these upcoming sets too. I am anxious to hear what she thinks of them when she picks hers up!

The Lip Treatments are tinted but it looks like they will be going on clear on the lips. No swatches since I ordered these from Beautyhabit so I could get these in time for a Valentine’s Day Gift for my sister (I hope she’s not reading this blog today). I am waiting for my own personal order from Bergdorf Goodman which probably won’t be here for another week which I am really excited about.

So are these sets really worth $48? While $48 may seem pricey for blotting paper and lip balm, I personally think these are well worth the price. Beauty Moogle Zone broke down the prices if you were to purchase some items individually. These are more of a novelty collectors item but I love them. Even though I’m not a huge Alice fan, I still think these are really cute. The packaging and layout and promotional photos are phenomenal! Great job Paul & Joe!!!

Want other resources or previews from other people? Check out the Paul & Joe Facebook Fan Page for the latest news, coverage and photos. My blog is actually featured on there several times!