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Estee Lauder Sensuous Gold Fall 2009

June 20, 2009

Estee Lauder just released a gorgeous fall collection with a two different color themes: Rose Gold and Rose Amethyst. I’m normally not an Estee Lauder fan, but the new Rose Amethyst Eyeshadow quad was absolutely gorgeous! The look featured on the model was breathtaking, but I cannot find a picture online as of yet. These items were purchased at Saks, but it appears they are available for sale online at!

Pictured below includes:
* Rose Amethyst Eyeshadow Quad $35 – has a slight overspray, but you can see the true color through the patterned gold veins
* Rose Gold Pure Color Multi Gloss $18
* Bronze Double Wear Eye Pencil $19 (this really does stay in place!)
* Gilded Rose Shimmer Powder $36

Close up of the Bronze Eye Liner and Rose Gold Gloss:

Also in the collection:

* Black Plum Double Wear Eyeliner (shimmering violet plum)
* Rose Gold Signature Eyeshadow Quad (warmer and more rosy than the Amethyst)
* Pure Color Gloss in Amethyst (similar to the rosey one I got, just with purples)
* 4 Signature Lipsticks in Cinnamon, Rose Amethyst, Plum Amethyst, Terracotta
* 2 Pure Color Nail Lacquers in Black Amethyst (gorgeous vibrant plum) and Rose Gold (warm rosey gold, think Bobbi Brown’s Rose Gold Shimmerwash Eyeshadow – just happened to be a tad too warm for me)