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More Paul & Joe Lip Lacquers & Nail Polishes

October 23, 2009

Another package arrived from Bergdorfs from Paul & Joe with the new holiday catalog and a swatch card from the Paul & Joe counter of a few lacquers and nail polishes.

I got the nail enamels in #1 Secret of Gold, #3 Lampshade, #4 Provence and #20 Manhattan. I haven’t been able to swatch these, because I just got a manicure. From looking at them in the bottles, I have a feeling these will be on the sheer side which will require at least 3 coats. But at least they are pretty to look at!

Here are the lip lacquers lined up (except for #9 and #10 which I didn’t get), several views:

To reiterate from yesterday’s post, I think I found my new holy grail tube glosses. The pigment is medium – better than MAC Lipgelees (which I found too slick/sheer) and not as highly-fragranced like Lancome Juicy Tubes. If you remember back in the day when Armani had the tube glosses, the Paul & Joe are similar to the Armani with a bit more pigment and not quite as sticky, but still thick enough to feel on the lips. They have a pretty glossy finish.

Swatch card of a few nail polishes and the 2 lip lacquers I didn’t get (thanks Caroline!):