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First Look at Paul & Joe Holiday from Guest Writer Joey

October 11, 2009

Paul & Joe has released some really cute items for the holiday including new pearl powders, face colors, eyeliners, eyeshadow palettes, lip lacquers and some new body items. Check out the collection details on their 2009 Smoke & Mirrors Winter Creation Collection on the Paul & Joe Beaute Website or on the Paul & Joe Facebook Fan Page. Joey was sweet enough to bring us a first look at the collection and share her makeover from the Bergdorf Goodman event she attended this weekend!

Left to right: Lip Gloss #10, Lip Lacquer #10, Lipstick #002

Top to bottom: Pearl Powder #002 and Eye Gloss #5

Left to right: Eye Gloss #5 and Pearl Powder #002

I am so thrilled to be writing a guest review for The Beauty Look Book, so I thought it’d be wonderful to feature a brand that both Lina and I have an obsession over: Paul and Joe Beaute!

I (un)luckily live and work nearby Bergdorf Goodman in NYC and today the Paul and Joe counter was having a makeover event to debut the Holiday collection. Of course, I booked myself an appointment with one of the global artists (Jocelyn from L.A.), and since I had already placed my Holiday order, all I had to do was sit and relax.

Jocelyn started by giving me a mini facial, removing my makeup with the Light Cleansing Milk and Refreshing Skin Toner (which I know Lina loves, as do I!). She then massaged my face with the Moisturizing Facial Mask, this luxurious wipe off mask. My skin was finished with a light application of the Moisture Lotion N and Moisture Gel for my undereyes. While I was being treated to that lovely mini-facial, another artist demoed the new Treatment Peel-Off Mask on my left hand. There was a significant different in the texture and feel of my left hand, but I have a sample of the mask at home to try on my face before I buy a full-size.

What I really appreciated about Jocelyn was that she incorporated products I already owned into my look, and did not pressure me to buy anything (it already helped that I had my order placed previous to my makeover). Also, she stopped after every step to show me her progress and obtain my approval before moving on.

For my face, she used the Creamy Powder Compact foundation (my HG!) in shade #40, the new Under Eye Concealer in shade #02, the Holiday Highlighting Powder (the pinker shade) under my eyes and across my cheekbones, and Face Colour #12 (which I have and love) on the apples of my cheeks.

My eyes had a simple gold-brown look. The new warm-brown toned Holiday trio was used (lightest shade allover, middle shade in crease, and darkest in outer corner). Also, Eye Gloss #4 (a pale pink) was used in the center of my lid, and Pearl Powder #002 from the Holiday collection (a reddish taupe) was placed on top of that. The purple-gray eyeliner pencil from Holiday was used to line my lids, and over that went an application of the other Holiday Pearl Powder (a sooty gray) mixed with Fluid Eye Liner (a black) for a sparkly effect. My lashes were Mascara Duo N #1 (black) mixed with that gray Pearl Powder for a sparkly effect.

My lips were Lip Liner #06 (a brick red), topped with Lipstick #063 from the Spring collection (which is what I was wearing when I went for the makeover – Jocelyn loved it and refused to remove it) and the new Lip Lacquer #10, a reddish-plum-brown shade.

To say I was pleased was an understatement! I looked dramatic but sophisticated. I ended up purchasing Pearl Powder #002 and Lip Lacquer #10 from Holiday, Lipstick L #002 from the Summer collection (a sheer vivid hot pink), Lip Gloss N #10 (a pretty sparkly rust shade that I thought would be perfect with NARS Toundra Velvet Matte Pencil), and Eye Gloss N #5, a gorgeous shimmery taupe. Also, I received a gorgeous GWP that included a notebook, a little soap dish, and four generous skincare samples! All in all, it was a wonderful experience; Paul and Joe is a makeup and skincare line to fall deeply in love with, right Lina?


Guerlain Holiday 2009 Bal de Nuit Eyeshadow Quad

October 11, 2009

Guerlain has a lovely collection for this holiday and I picked up the Bal de Nuit quad from Neiman Marcus. I only have 1 other quad from their Fall Collection since most of their eyeshadows have so-so pigment. This one seems to have decent pigmentation, but you will be suprised to hear that the colors didn’t wow me this time.

It’s definitely a great neutral quad with pretty shades, but I found that I had a lot of dupes in my collection. The most unique shade is probably the bottom right chocolately color because it has just the right enough darkness to make it a gorgeous smokey unique brown, but there are definitely similar colors.

Comparisons to the following shades:

* White shimmer is very similar to Bobbi Brown Navajo Metallic
* Pink shimmer is similar to MAC Shimmertime Pigment
* Taupe shimmer is very similar to Nars Ashes to Ashes and Chanel Vega (discontinued, but very similar to Chanel Safari, see TAUPE SHADES HERE)
* Dark chocolate shimmer is similar to Bobbi Brown Java Metallic and Urban Decay Twice Baked

Holiday vs Fall Quads (two views – the flash makes these hard to photograph):

Overall thoughts: It’s nice to have if you’re looking for the convenience of an all-in-one neutral palette. It’s wearable for year round, but not a must have for me. The collection is definitely worth checking out since there are some pretty lipsticks and the holiday ball-highlighter is really pretty too!


Bobbi Brown Holiday Chrome Palette for Eyes & Cheeks

October 8, 2009

More and more of the holiday collections are trickling in and the Chrome Palette arrived at Neiman Marcus today.

Retails for $75 and the shadow pigment seems a lot better than Earth Metal. I don’t have swatches of this as I am undecided about keeping it. It’s very cool-toned. I do feel it’s a better buy than Earth Metal even though I usually don’t wear cool tones.

Top row has: White Eyeshadow, Polar Ice Shimmer Wash, Storm Cloud Sparkle Eyeshadow, Iron Eyeshadow, Thunder Metallic Eyeshadow

Second row has: Moonlight Sparkle Eyeshadow, Cyber Grey Shimmer Wash, Foil Metallic Eyeshadow, Chrome Metallic Eyeshadow, Charcoal Haze Eyeshadow

Lips: Pink Mist Shimmer Gloss, Winter Bronze Glitter Gloss, Berry Shimmer Glitter Gloss, Chrome Pink Shimmer Gloss


Bobbi Brown Pewter Chrome Eyeshadow & Earth Metal Palette

October 1, 2009

These were found at Neimans yesterday – they had all the first round of holiday sets out for Bobbi Brown including the full-size tube tint set, full-size lip gloss set, velvet plum eyeshadow palette etc. They also had the rich color glosses (I passed on all of these because I couldn’t find a single color I unique enough or pretty enough). They also had their exclusive Black Plum Deluxe Brush Collection with the full size brushes. No sightings of those cute mini shimmer bricks yet – I believe the ship date for those was in November.

Came home with the Chrome Eyeshadow in Pewter $22 ( and Earth Metal Palette $60 (on and even though there are several events I should have waited for happening on the 15th of this month (my local Nordies is having their fall event at all the counters with GWPs, Saks has their friends and family starting around that time, and Neimans will have their Incircle event with GWPs too).

Hopefully these pictures will help! In response to the request for “more picture views without flash” I’ve tried to include a lot more different shots this time. So be warned this is picture heavy!

Size comparisons:

Top close up:

Swatches of the Pewter Eyeshadows and Earth Metal Palette over bare skin, no base:

L to R: Pewter Metallic, Pewter Chrome, Autumn SW, Earth Metal Metallic, Zinc Metallic, Black Spruce Metallic, Sunset Gold Metallic, Antique Gold Metallic, Paisley Rose Creamy, Rose Garden Creamy, Rose Bud Creamy, Barefoot Shimmer Creamy

Pewter Metallic (left) and Pewter Chrome (right):

Pewter Metallic (left) and Pewter Chrome (right) in natural sunlight:

I posted about the exclusive Pewter Metallic Eye Set at Nordstrom in August and many of you have inquired “is the Pewter Metallic going to be the same as Pewter Chrome?” My answer is that they are very similar but not the same. I prefer the metallic version, the chrome is slightly harder in formula, more shiny (hence the chrome aspect), and more silver-cool.

Overall thoughts about the Earth Metal Palette – feelings are mixed. For $60 the palette is pretty tiny and not worth the price. Products should have been larger and the brushes in the set are the worst I have ever seen. Pigmentation of the eyeshadows is also mixed, some are less pigmented than others.

I really liked her format of her most recent Nudes Eyeshadow Palette and felt it was worth the $60 price tag. If she had released an eyeshadow palette like this with the Earth Metal Colors I would have felt it a better buy.


Chanel Holiday 2009 Glossimer Duo: Les Deux Levres Scintillantes

September 26, 2009

US girls who have been eyeing or wishing for that elusive Euro/Canada Praline Glossimer – you are in luck because it is one of the glosses in the Chanel holiday sets! I went back to check on a few things and found out more details about this set which has:
* Glossimers in Spark & Praline (not Giggle like the SA had assumed and told me)
* Mini Nude Lipliner
* Retails for $50 (US)

The three sets I have seen were spotted at two local Nordstroms in Southern California but I have not seen the product is not yet online. As of yesterday, no spottings of the Noirs Obscurs or the Paris-New York Palette although I have seen the palette pop up online at a few places.

Close up of Spark (red gloss), Praline (nude pink gloss), and Nude Lipliner:

Praline comparisons:

Left to right: Chanel Giggle Glossimer, Chanel Praline #46 Glossimer, Chanel Bel Air #147 Glossimer, Chanel Glass Quartz Aqualumiere Gloss #69, Laura Mercier Blush, Laura Mercier Rose Flush, Bobbi Brown Pink Beige, MAC Full on Lust

Same order, different view:

Same order for swatches:

For the Chanel Glossimers, Giggle is the most nude, Bel Air is the most pink, Praline has slight brownish tones compared to both. Check out some more natural pink lipgloss swatch comparisons here Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives Haul Part 1.

I have a few reddish glosses but will have to dig them up. Check back for this post to be updated shortly.


First Look at the Chanel Holiday 2009 Gift Sets: Trio Exclusif de Vernis

September 25, 2009

I was surprised to see three different holiday sets out at my local Chanel counter at Nordstrom yesterday when the Noirs Obscurs collection hadn’t even arrived yet.

I saw three different sets, although I am not sure if these are the only sets coming out:
* Mini Brush Set $125 for 6 brushes, large face, small blush, eyeshadow, angled brow and a few others
* Lips Set $50 with Praline & Spark Glossimers and a mini Nude Lipliner
* Nail Colour Trio $65 with Allegoria, Tulip Noire (repromote) and Trapeze

I immediately snagged the Nail Set which contains my holy grail plummy-gold nail polish Tulip Noire and the new Trapeze nail polish that is coming out this holiday individually.

Antilope (from Spring 2008) versus Trapeze (holiday 2009): they are very similar, the only difference is Antilope is more frosty and has a slight gold base where Trapeze is a bit darker and more pewter/taupe/silver-cool

Golden Sand, Antilope, Trapeze:

Trapeze Nail Polish, as seen in the October 2009 Issue of Elle, page 275 “Face Time by April Long” – Philips says of Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Trapeze “it’s an accessory you can wear with everything.”

For some more tidbits of information on the upcoming holiday collections from Chanel, check out these awesome resources:

Makeup4All – Golden Cage Makeup Collection by Chanel, Holiday 2009 – Chanel Holiday Beauty Guide 2009
A Blogger that falls in love with Makeup – Holiday ’09 – ’10, Chanel Birds of Paradise

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