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A Few Hard-To-Find Chanel Exclusives

December 16, 2010

I wanted to share a few hard-to-find Chanel exclusives I recently discovered.

  • From Saks – Liberté (#54) Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss
  • From – Baroque (#30) Rouge Coco & Berry (#58) Precision Eye Definer

As far as I know, in the US, the items are exclusive to each category listed above. I did not have in person access to any of these, but thanks to the blogs Café Makeup, Makeup Magpie and The Stash Archives, I was able to find out more about these colors and make a purchasing decision.

Up first: Chanel Liberté Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss #54 is a soft peachy-pink with subtle shimmer. The texture is creamy and thick yet smooth with medium coverage. The color is gorgeous but close to my natural lip color so it looks sheerish on my lips. (No lip swatches yet, it’s been cloudy and dark so I can’t get good lip photos.) I called up Nikki from Dolce & Gabbana at Saks Houston as soon as I spotted the Liberté gloss online and luckily she located a few for me. I can’t rave enough about how awesome and helpful she is (more D&G reviews to come soon). Definitely check out Makeup Magpie and The Stash Archives for more amazing swatches/reviews from different points of view.

Compared to a few other RAEs, #55 Confidence and #56 Imaginaire, the exclusive Liberte is more peachy pinky, similar to Candy Glow Aqualumiere Gloss (scroll down for swatches):

Up second: Baroque Rouge Coco #30 is a hard one to describe and extremely difficult to photograph accurately. In the tube, it’s a browned plum, leaning more towards brown, but depending on the angle you hold it, you will see it flash plum. On the lips, it’s a deep brownish-red-brick type color. I don’t own anything like it, but Sycamore Rouge Coco seems to be in a similar color family. I like it for holiday/fall but it will probably be too dark and dramatic once spring (the real spring season that is) arrives.

Finally: Berry Precision Eye Definer #58 is a beautiful taupe-plum frost. Hard to envision, but it’s like a silvery purple. (Scroll down below to see swatches.) I love how different this is from anything I’ve ever seen. Not a straight plum, not quite brownish, not taupe – but rather a mix of all three. The application on these pencils is smooth with rich pigment. Staying power is average. It doesn’t fade or disappear fast, but it definitely won’t last from morning to night.

On the nails, OPI Holiday Glow (from 2009) over Dior Aztec Chocolate


Liberte – I love this color, it’s right up my alley, but it’s better when layered over a lipstick. By itself I find it too sheer. I think it will complement colors like MAC Ramblin Rose or Chanel Muse Rouge Coco well. For some reason, peachy colors blend in more naturally for me. The other pinks like Confidence (reviewed here) and Imaginaire, although similar in intensity (or lightness) show up significantly more because they are pinkish rather than peachish. Weird, right?

Baroque – Beautiful rich dark, but not too dark. Like Amy from Cafe Makeup says, it’s good for right now.

Berry – Love. Definitely check out Amy’s review (linked here). Her photos are better than mine and capture that beautiful silvery quality that is hard to photograph.

Swatches below (detail can be viewed better if you click on these images for larger viewing):