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Friday Window Shopping

May 14, 2011
I took the day off work to go to South Coast Plaza. Two-day weekends simply don’t allow enough time to goof off and have fun. I just finished a series of presentations at work so I decided a day off was in order. There were so many beautiful window displays. How fun would it be to have a job in visuals? Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of all the pretty ones because my iPhone died while I was there. Most of these are from today’s mini shopping trip. There are a couple that are from earlier in the year.

Miu Miu

Tiffany & Co.



Louis Vuitton (from earlier this year, can’t believe it’s already mid-May)

Jo Malone – lovely Cherry Blossom displays

Chanel Boutique {swoon}

I missed out on Dior which always has beautiful displays, but you can see Dior’s reflection:

SpaceNK inside Bloomingdales (in the back corner of the beauty department) featuring Rococo Nail Apparel

Have a happy Friday! It appears Blogger is still working out a few kinks with their maintenance. I noticed a number of comments have mysteriously disappeared. If they aren’t restored in the next day or two, I will restore them myself from my emails.

For those wondering, all pics in this particular post were taken with my iPhone which I believe is the very first generation of iPhones. I’m one you would call a “late adopter” of technology and rarely upgrade on new gadgets unless pushed (my regular Sony camera is after all more than 5 years old). Although, when I do, I have to say, I love to oooh and aahhh at all the fancy features and often wonder why I didn’t change sooner.

Back on topic – who makes your favorite window displays?


New Paul & Joe Boutique in Los Angeles

June 7, 2010

Paul & Joe has opened up its first flagship store in the US on Robertson Boulevard and I was thrilled to be able to take a mini road trip to Beverly Hills/West Hollywood this past weekend to visit the boutique! The staff was lovely and I was absolutely smitten with the store design and layout. Being enamored (borderline obsessed) with the beauty line, I was hoping to see the entire cosmetic line at the boutique, but I found that right now, the store’s main focus is on clothing and accessories. They do however carry a few select cosmetic items including the new Summer Sahara collection (photos included below). Will they carry the full beauty line? I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will eventually!

It was my first time seeing Paul & Joe apparel in person. I thought the children’s line was to die for and I was enamored with their sunglasses and display cases. The store carries all the Paul & Joe lines which includes the following:
  • Paul & Joe Men’s (Homme)
  • Paul & Joe Women’s (Femme)
  • Paul & Joe Sister (Contemporary)
  • Little Paul & Joe (children’s line)
  • Paul & Joe Accesories (which includes jewelry, bags, shoes and sunglasses)

I checked out the other summer items and left with Oasis Nail Polish (review + more photos to come soon). There were a few glosses I had my eye on but decided to wait. The summer powders were matte and as I am expecting to get more color this summer, decided to wait and stick with my current Chanel, Laura Mercier and D&G powders. The new shimmer oil is very interesting – it has a jelly like texture and doesn’t feel oily like most body oils. The scent is divine and left my arm feeling hydrated and fresh, like I had just misted it with a water spray. I’m not a fan of body shimmer (although I have been intrigued by this one, NARS Body Glow and the new one from MAC) so I passed.

I hope my photos give you a taste of the store! Words or photos cannot describe how chic it is inside. It’s a small location, but the layout gives it that quaint, special and intimate feel. If you are in LA or visit soon, definitely check out their boutique!